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When I last left you, I asked what you thought I should work on.  There was such a wide variety of answers.  I loved reading them all.

When I last left you my Remainders quilt was this far along…

My green leftovers quilt needed borders…

…and I was itching to start sewing some strings to make this.

So what did I do???? Probably what none of you expected.  I worked on the Remainders quilt.

The quilt I’m making is Remainders and is from the book No Scrap Left Behind by Amanda Jean Nyberg.  Find the book HERE. I got on a roll with the quilt and I just went with it.

This is so not my typical quilt.  I don’t do lots of white.  I don’t do real basic….but guess what??  I love it.

I kept on going with it.  Here it is all ironed-It’s folded in half.  I made this big…bigger than the original.

I just love the quirkiness of this.  The triangles are all different sizes.  All slightly just slightly different.

I even hunted and found a backing…It’s a thrift store find, thus making this one of the cheapest quilts I’ve ever made.

While I was making one backing, I decided to make two…one for another flimsy quilt top here waiting to be quilted.

I reminded myself that my goal is to not let my flimsy pile get too big, so I loaded it right away.

Not only did I load it right away…

I started quilting it right away.  After coming back from appointments one of the days last week, I finished the longarming.

I am totally in love with this quilt.  When I was making it, my plan was to put it in a pile to be gifted.  I don’t know now.  I really like it and it will currently be hard to gift.

For now, it’s in a pile that needs to be bound.

From there I loaded another quilt right away.  Do you remember my Two-Step quilt?

Here is the picture from the book.  I, of course, made mine bigger.

The quilt is in this book. You can find the book HERE on Amazon.

I debated on what to do for the quilting…Straight line quilting won out.

One of the favorite things for almost everyone who has a longarm is unrolling the quilt after the quilting is done.  I snapped a picture.  It’s the time you start to get a good glimpse of how the quilt is going to look all finished.

I’m super happy with this one.  I’m so glad I made it…just cute.

This one went on the “to be bound” pile with the other one.

Being I still had more flimsies here, I decided to keep going.  One of the hardest things for me to find time for is longarming.  So, being I was off work still, longarming is the job I should work on.  So…on went another.

This one is a charity quilt.  Sadly, I don’t remember who donated it.
I kept it aside because it has pets on it.  I will donate it to the next pet rescue group that asks me for a quilt for their fundrasier.  I always have someone who asks so it will be nice to have one already done.

It’s loaded but I haven’t done anything else.  Sometimes, loading it is half the battle of getting the quilts done.

That’s all I got done last week.  My medical appointments took up much of my time as did my hospital stay.  I’m anticipating a slow couple of days around here trying to get back to myself and then hopefully I can get back at it.

I have a few more quilts that I would love to do some longarming on including my Double Wedding Ring.

19 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Susan from Michigan

    I love your Two Step quilt. I bought the Scrap School book. Does anyone have suggestions for the name of a good selection of low volume prints such as a jelly roll? Congratulations on getting so many projects done.

    1. You might check out fabric line Whispers or Hush Hush. I believe both are Moda. I think also Fabric Essential has a line that are ore neutrals. Hope this helps.
      Rita in Iowa

  2. wow. looking forward to seeing the double wedding ring quilt. just really dazzle me everytime i see one,
    It is so great to hearing all this activity from you on this side of those procedures.

    I am also waiting to see how your thyroid numbers bounce back and stabilize. This is the same regimen I was RX’d for a runaway thyroid when meds were not working. The plastic lined bathroom was a real shock and without having been told my first reaction was that i had gone into the wrong room and that it was somehow under construction. Now what was i going to do ???? ja

  3. I think you have accomplished a lot since you had appointments in Rochester so you spent 4 hours on road at the least. I really like the two you finished, especially Two Steps. Remainders is pretty – just a personal preference. You make beautiful quilts and quilt them beautifully too! You are an inspiration to so many.

  4. Wow you don’t sit still very well, lol. Love that your quilt tops are getting finished, no flimsy laying around for you, Yea! I bet it’s nice to be home and that Rosie is also glad.

  5. Love both the Remainders and the Two Step quilts. Glad you didn’t put borders on either one of them. Wishing you well, don’t overdo it just yet.

  6. Both quilts are pretty. Regarding “Remainders”, I am amazed you got all those triangles going the same way. If I’d done it, I’m sure I would have had at least one turned wrong – probably more. Glad that you are home. Like others have said, take it easy for a while and don’t overdo.

  7. Love both quilts! I can’t believe you drove all that way so early in the morning and then came home and accomplished all this! And your hypothyroid to boot, ! Truly amazing. Beautiful!

  8. Wow, you are on a roll and I’m so happy you feel well enough to work on those quilts. I ordered the book, you had me at the triangles are different sizes. What a quilt to make with all those bonus triangles! And the price is good!

  9. Good going Jo! I agree about losing quilts. It is good to just put another on after you take one off. Its a step closer to just getting it done. My goal (well I have many ) for 2022 is to tackle the laundry basket of scraps! I used to take a day here and there and cut them up into Bonnies saver system. Well if I only made scrap quilts yes that is a good solution but I do like to get new fabric and cut it up for projects. SO I am wondering if I pick a pattern, cut to the sizes needed as I go would that be better and more efficient? I do longarm for hire and my own projects do get stalled in between the jobs. I love the idea of your leftover blocks with the strings!! Thats one thing I need to do is string blocks. Glad you are home.

  10. I’m with you on the very first quilt you shared with us! It is stupendously gorgeous!!! The other quilts are happy and will definitely be nice to gift/donate. I know nothing of longarm quilting as I’ve no room for a longarm machine in our home. I take my quilts to someone that has one here in town. She does a lovely job on them.
    I hope you get good news from your doctor this week regarding your cancer treatment. Upholding you in prayer, dear Lady.

  11. Wohoo! I’m glad you’re getting “back burner” stuff done! I find my Zen in quilting. I love the rhythm of it.

    Cheers to getting some rest and your body finding it’s healing through these next weeks. Hugs to you :-)

  12. Woohoo! I sent you the pet quilt! So glad you’re finishing it and will be donating it to a pet rescue group. From one dog lover to another I knew you’d send it on with love.

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