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I haven’t had much time in the sewing room.  Between Christmas and not feeling the best, sewing has taken a sideline.  I’m okay but as the days wear on with oral chemo, it gets harder.

I’d like to start today’s post with a little follow-up.  Last week I made this little table topper and made another table runner.

I had several people contact me wanting to know the size of the half-square triangles.  The answer was 2″ UNfinished.

I had someone ask for a pattern.  There really isn’t one.  I already had the half-square triangle and I just started sewing them together.  Once I got it as big as I thought I wanted it, I took it to the place I wanted to display it and laid it out to see if it was big enough.  It wasn’t so I added another row.  Easy-peasy.  No pattern needed.  If you can make half-square triangles, you can make this.

I liked the instant gratification with the table toppers I made so decided to make a couple of other smalls.  This time some pincushions… I wanted something to put in my dough bowls.  I grabbed Carrie Nelson’s book Pin Pals.  Find it HERE on Amazon.

I bought the book when it came out and haven’t made a thing from it.  It was time.  Inspired but by leftover half-square triangles and this page from this book…

I pulled some fall colored pieces and… sewed them together.

I went on a made a wonky star one too.  The fall one is going in the fall box and will be ready for Fall next year.

The wonky star ended up getting a button attached and is hanging out here.   It was finished in time to hang out with the Christmas decor for a couple of days before I take it down…I actually might keep it out and be with the snowmen/winter stuff.

From there is was time to tackle those green blocks.  Do you remember those??

I came up with a quilt design for them…

This design meant adding red triangles to opposite corners and teal triangles to opposite corners.

I started sewing the blocks together and was having trouble getting the blue points to lay side by side. I ended up doing some pinning which I normally never do.

I got part of them sewn together and was then called away.  A few days later I was back and started sewing blocks together again.  Darn.  I was sure I had enough blocks…actually more than I needed.  Where were the other blocks??

I found this note.  Yes, there were enough blocks.  Where were they?

I searched and searched.  I gave up and started doing something else.  Then one of my kids called me.  I turned my phone on speaker and while I talked I looked for the missing blocks.

I ended up finding them behind the open door on top of the diaper box.  Oh my.

Proof I need to clean my sewing room!!

Anyway…I did get the center of the top together…and I ironed it.

I will be adding a pieced outer border that will finish the design off.

Rosie decided to make an appearance…

These are leftovers that blog readers sent me from their Frolic quilt.  When they made theirs, they used red instead of pink.  When the leftovers came in, I sorted the red ones out away from the pinks.  I’m glad I did as I love this quilt.

Notice there is no light background fabric??  That is unusual for a quilt.

My goal this week is to try to get the borders on this finished.  I think that’s a reasonable goal and am excited to get this closer to a finish!

That’s it from the sewing room this week.

20 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Wow absolutely GORGEOUS. Well done Jo, the design is a masterpiece. It makes me want to stitch up HST , but finish the 3 lap quilts first. Stay safe and well, sending prayers to keep you strong.

  2. Jo how do you pull these out of the air? I have watched your videos and know you are fast, however, The Flash, best describes you, illish and all. Thank you for the inspiration. I loved seeing some of my Frolic leftovers in the not Frolic you made, again in a flash, and I believe it was two from the scraps. Is anything left of that mystery? Currently I am on Part 5 of this years mystery. I am loving these colors as well. Looking forward to a retreat with you, if it happens. Mapped it out already from Indiana. Let’s keep looking forward. Your grands are so cute. There are a bunch of cheeks I virtually kiss.

  3. Oh, WOW, Jo! I just love how fresh and energetic these colors are together. Just my kind of colors for sure! I hope this finish brightened up your day, because it really is beautiful. Happy New Year!

  4. I really like this quilt. I love the fact there’s no white in it – so hard to find in quilts these days.
    Praying for you to feel better.
    I’ve been meaning to ask – how did you do on the auctions?
    Love and prayers

  5. Your pin cushions are cute!
    I love the “leftovers ” quilt. You put things together so quickly and seemingly effortlessly, yet they always turn out stunning!
    Thanks for sharing with us, even though you’re feeling bleurgh, but don’t forget to take time off for you!

  6. This past summer I pieced a star-shaped patriotic table topper, backed with a tan-with-deep-red-stars fabric, and bound in deep red. Now is doing double duty–back-side-up– as a Christmas/winter table topper. I don’t know what you’re backing your “smalls” with, but you could make them seasonally reversible, even pieced on both sides. More scraps used with less to put away = win/win in my book!

    With prayers for the best possible outcome with your treatment.

  7. I love what you have done with the frolic leftovers! Both this one and the previous masterpiece. You are a quilt genius!
    The little quilted pin cushions are adorable too.

  8. For someone not feeling her best – you have done an amazing lot! I love every bit what you’ve posted today. Thank you for the inspiration!
    P.S. I’m loving the patterns recently published in APQ from you and Kelli!

  9. Jo, I sure wish you would write a book explaining your skill in color coordination, made-up-as-you-go HST patterns, and how you get so much done!
    You could title it “Magic!” and we’d all buy it!

  10. Jo, we all wish you would write a book explaining how easily you coordinate colors, make up HST patterns as you go and generally are so productive.

    You could title it “Magic” and we’d all buy it!

  11. Wow…you are a quilt master! The quilt and smalls are wonderful! Best wishes for a Happy New Year and sending prayers for good news from the doctor!

  12. I have the same pincushion book. I wanted it because I have several unique pincushions so plan was to add to the collection. (Note I said “plan”). I love all small projects.

  13. For someone who “didn’t get much done,” it sure seems to me that you dd. I couldn’t believe that you have the quilt top made already even though I know you had many of the blocks made. It is a beautiful quilt and I’m anxious to see it with the borders.

  14. I took a quilting class with a teacher from NY many years ago and she was dressed in that lime green. For her, it was her neutral. It really can work. Best wishes to you as you continue through this battle. I’m so pleased that quilting gives you a break from thinking about the possible side effects. You are my hero.

  15. I’m sorry to read that you aren’t feeling the best with the ongoing treatments, prays for healing and strength. Your pin cushions are quite charming and adding the button makes it unique. Wowzer on the quilt with all those left-over blocks, it’s amazing and I really like that it has no light fabrics in it. I look forward to seeing the border when you are up to it. Take care of yourself and rest.

  16. The small projects you made are super cute. I think the Christmasy one would be great to leave out over the Winter. I love the green and red quilt top, Jo! Sorry to hear you ade not feeling well on the oral chemo. Prayers and hugs to you.

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