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When I last left you with my quilting, I was working my way out of a sewing funk.  I think it happens to all of us.  For me, family, holidays, and my health stuff had taken me away from the sewing room…but happily not to far.

I ended up finishing my baby quilt.  Oh my.  I’m totally in love with this… You can tell by the smile on my face.

It’s not finished-finished.  It’s just a top.

I took it outside and snapped a couple of pictures of it.

No matter what picture I took, it didn’t look as good as the quilt looks in person.

This picture is the best I have to show how the blocks almost look like they glitter…

The bright cheery colors definitely took me out of my sewing funk.

A blog reader left a comment that said sometimes finishing a small project is just what we need to our mojo back, and I’d have to agree.

I started playing with my green leftover blocks.  Right now I’m adding red corners to them.

I ended up putting aqua on the opposite corners.  I’ve been having a lot of fun with these blocks.  Look for more to come with them.

I was still trimming my Remainders blocks when a little helper came.  This is Georgie.  She loves “quilting” with me.  She has the ruler and was measuring all of the pieces.

It took a long time but I finally got all of the blocks for the quilt trimmed.  Here they all are…

There are over 800 of them.  WOW.  So happy to have them all trimmed.

As a reminder, here is the picture of the quilt.  You can find it in THIS book.

This project is moving to the current leader and ender slot.  I can easily assemble these as a leader and ender.  In fact, it’s perfect for that.

I’ve had a couple blog readers mention that they thought about making the quilt but decided against it as the quilt used so much background fabric.  It’s true.  It does.  I think seven yards.  That is a lot.

Here is my tip for you if you are thinking of making the quilt.  Use muslin for your background.  That’s what I did.  I went into my cabinet and saw two different pieces that were almost a perfect match.  I used them up.  Then I bought more muslin.   The quilt is a way to use up some of the small pieces of muslin you might have around.

Muslin is available in different shades of neutral.  There is the bleached version that can be pretty close to white.  Muslin is about half the price of other fabrics so it makes the quilt not so expensive too.  I often use muslin and very much enjoy the way it works up.

That’s about it for this week….

20 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Rose Marie Gersema

    Love the green blocks and red corners.
    But super like the trimmed blocks that are mostly background muslin. I like using .muslin, too, using up some leftover pieces after I made dishtowels to applique butterflies. Is there a name for the quilt. Looks old and loved.

  2. Love your baby quilt. I sewed all my leftovers and put them on the back. It’s a college graduation gift that hopefully I can deliver next month. Have fun in the sewing room this week.

  3. Beautiful baby quilt, Jo! I believe losing crafting mojo happens to all of us Makers no matter the craft(s) we make. I have a few I rotate between which helps keep me going, I’ll just switch and move along then come back to the previous project. Great idea on using muslin for background fabric! I’ve never thought to do that. I hope your week goes well for you with introducing the new nutrition plan in your oral chemo treatment. Do please let us know how that goes for you if you’re up to it later this week. Prayers of healing for you, Luv.

  4. Those blocks are really bright and cheery. Glad these brought you out of your funk. Aren’t these leftover from another quilt or am I thinking of something else?
    Love your helper!
    Love and prayers

  5. YEAH for muslin. As backing, as piecing ( old country look, as trail block, as rags even. Economic, friendly and versatile.

  6. Susan from Michigan

    Your baby quilt shines! It is really beautiful. Love this, and your helper too. Just getting started on a project seems to help me get my mojo back.

  7. I was curious about the scrap quilt. I need to use more scraps and wondered if you could switch the 2 fabrics and how that would look. I do not have a quilt program in order to preview.

  8. WOW! Love the baby quilt and I am sure it will put a smile on a mama’s face too. How fun to have a little helper to quilt with. It doesn’t seem that long ago when Carver was doing similar “help!” I’m amazed how many little blocks you have finished for the Remainder quilt. I don’t think your quilting mojo was gone for too long!

  9. The baby quilt is WONDERFUL! Will you be posting a pattern for this?…selling on your website or sending to a publication? I LOVE it!

  10. Using muslin is a good tip. I used to use a lot of muslin for my quilts then got into the habit of buying quilt shop fabrics. With the prices going up, the quilt shop fabrics are going to be a luxury item. The Remainders quilt is on my to -do list now.

  11. So many fun projects! I love the baby quilt and the other leftover frolic blocks. Also, the quilt with the muslin background is going to be great. Do you think you could do a scrappy neutral background on that one instead? I am thinking of getting that book, was just wondering that. I am anxiously waiting for you to show us your finished Bitcoin quilt. :)

  12. Patricia A Boelens

    I’ve thought about muslin. Do you wash it before you use it? I don’t with quilt shop fabrics being such a tight weave, but muslin maybe needs shrinking first? Love both of your quilts. I just happen to have that book on my shelf, so have pulled it out to look at that quilt. My granddaughter wants a quilt with lavender/aqua but mostly white. I think this would be perfect! Hugs to you Jo.

  13. Wow, I love the baby quilt! I love what you’ve done with the leftover Frolic units. You have motivated me to get mine out and make something with them. A great new project for the new year. I love your blog and thank you for the inspiration, the motivation, and overall goodness. Have a Merry Christmas!

  14. I am doing a similar quilt but using low volume fabrics as background so I can use up instead shop for more.
    I think the pattern I am using is called 1/2 square chaos? the triangles are all different directions.
    Stay safe and sew on !

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