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I was working on my Remainders quilt from the book No Scrap Left Behind by Amanda Jean Nyberg.  Find the book HERE.

Well…I ran out of muslin for the project.  Darn.  Matching muslin is not an easy thing at all.  I’ve learned in the past to buy a bolt of it so then it lessens the chances of me needing it to match.

Kalissa called and she was going to Walmart.  I decided to ride along and see if I could find some that would work.

When we got into the store, Kalissa took Gannon and went in one direction.  I took Carver and went the other.  As I was waiting for my fabric to get cut, I looked at the fabric in the rack in the center of the asisle.  Look what I saw…they are one clearance for $1 a yard!!

I grabbed the ones that were $1 thinking these would make decent backings for charity quilts.

There were almost… 6 yards of the Spiderman fabric.  5 1/2 yards of the Star Wars and two pieces of Captain American fabric.  That was close to 4 yards worth.  I was so excited.  This should back three twins-sized quilts for sure and was only about $15.

My sewing room has turned into a dumping ground.  I’ve been so busy trying to get other stuff done that things go into my sewing room and just sit.  UGH.  I hate when that happens.  I’ll be honest, it happens about four times a year that I have just focus and get projects cleaned up and out.

One of the things I thought I could do is bind a small quilt that came my way via a blog reader.  All that it needed was the binding so one morning last week in my early morning sewing session, I put the binding on…

The binding was even provided so it made for a super easy job.  I bind by machine.  If you missed my binding tutorial, you can find it HERE.

It only took about half an hour.  It’s a small quilt so it was quick.  Isn’t it cute and festive?

Here is the back.

I’ll be passing this one on for a door prize for an upcoming event.

Besides that, I didn’t get a lot of progress in the sewing room despite not working two days last week.  The stars aligned and I didn’t have kids two of the days…That left me thinking I would get a ton of sewing done.  NOPE.

I’ve been in a big of a cleaning organizing mode so some of that has been happening…sadly, not in the sewing room.

I had Buck’s kids here last weekend and Thanksgiving weekend.  This last weekend I had Carver and Gannon here too plus Kayla and Jasper were here.  It’s been crazy busy with family and I’ve needed every bit of time when I didn’t have company just to keep up with the blog.  It’s been CRAZY busy.

I told you at the opening of this post that I was working on my Remainders quilt.  I did make some progress on that…I have all of these that need to be ironed and trimmed.

I also got some of the machine quilting done on my Bitcoin quilt.  I had hoped I would finish that, but alas,  that didn’t happen either.

So…no goals met, but I guess that makes this week’s goal easier to make.  Right??

I miss my sewing time, but family time can’t be beaten.

10 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. How about the muslin? Could you match it?

    I appreciate that you’re so faithful about blogging twice a day. Most of us don’t have a clue about how much time it takes to add pictures and just do all the writing that goes with it. Thanks for all your efforts.

  2. The quilt you finished is very cute. It will certainly be a good door prize. You found a good deal with fabric at Walmart. I sometimes buy fabric there – I go by the feel. We don’t always need to accomplish all our goals and I appreciate you being honest about it and I like that you put your family first. Why do our sewing rooms become a dumping place?! It seems like I always need to dig out before I can sew.

  3. I think this quilt would be a good place to try and use up all your different muslins, or light colored fabrics. It might add interest to this quilt??

  4. Judith Fairchild

    I know that song about messed up sewing space I currently have stacked projects all over the place. The quilt you bound is so lovely. I think I’ll try to match the pattern in a ufo I have on hand. I couldn’t get it to layout any way I liked. Family always comes 1st. In activities . You’re right on there.

  5. I like to remember that it’s my life and my choices. If I choose to do something else with my time, I am the only one responsible for that change. I do the best I can for others as well, but I do have to remind myself that I get to choose. No one else can live my life. I don’t want “guilt” to be my main focus.
    I think you are doing very well, Jo. I am glad that you are relaxing a bit and letting yourself spend time with family now in November and December. They are the best!

  6. How lucky you are that your Walmart STILL carries bolt yardage in the “fashion fabrics” !! MOST all of the Walmarts around me no longer carry bolts @ all hardly anymore!!

  7. I have the same problem! My kids were here on Nov 28th for our Thanksgiving. SO, I had a whole lot of clutter to get out of the way -live in a mobile home-to get 10-12 people in here isn’t easy. So where did all that clutter end up– major portion is in the sewing room. Groan and of course, have to clean all that up before I can do any sewing. I was ‘ t i r e d’ after the 10 days it took me to get things cleaned-so last week I was lazy as could be. Am not so young anymore, so I tell myself it’s okay to be lazy some. Now it’s Christmas cards to get started on. That quilt you finished, looks so bright! Christmas it says to me. Somebody will be so happy to win that! Am amazed at all that you accomplish, with daycare, the all important family things and the health issues. Enjoyed seeing the pictures from the family times–as well as most recent finished quilts. Beautiful work.

  8. Hi Jo,our Wal-Mart put all their fabric that was on a bolt on sale for $1. Apparently that was to get rid of bolts of fabric. Now all they carry is pre cut fabric. Glad you got some bargains.

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