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I had a busy week cross-stitching trying to finish my Anniversaries of the Heart project so not as much sewing got done.  On several mornings I stitched instead of sewed.  When I did sew, this is what I worked on…

It grew row by row over the week and then…

I decided to just power through and finish it.

Here is my Frolic leftover quilt.  I actually got the whole thing together.  I really like it.  The colors are more like the photo above.

It was super windy when I tried to take pictures.

I’m super happy with the quilt.   Who would know this is from leftovers??

The wind finally calmed enough for me to get a picture…

I told you all that I was going to submit it to American Patchwork and Quilting.  I did.  They didn’t accept it for their magazine.

Some of you suggested I write it up as a pattern.  I don’t think I will.  Remember how much I hate writing patterns.  Instead, I will probably write up a tutorial that shows how to make the blocks in the quilt and give you a layout and you can go from there.

I really had a fun time putting the quilt together.

I have more of the Frolic blocks to deal with but I didn’t have time to sit down with EQ and put another design together.  So they are stalled out too.

I put a bobbin’s worth of thread into my Bitcoin quilt.  I completely stalled out on this quilt.  UGH.  I need to get going and finish the longarming.

I am making a goal to get this one finished this week…well maybe not bound but definitely get the longarming done.  I think it stalled out as I picked a thread that blends in too much and I can’t see it to do the longarming.  UGH.  It will look good in the end but I need to get from here to there.

While I have you here and looking at my longarm, I had a blog reader ask why I have a tape measure on it and what the purpose was.

I had this roll-up tape measure.  I was always wondering how wide backing fabric was as I sewed it together.  I never had a space decent for measuring so one day I decided to pin my 60″ tape measure to the bar that can hold the quilt top.

I always “float” my tops and don’t roll them up on this bar so the bar was never used.  By pinning the tape measure to it, I can quickly measure quilt tops of backings.  I love it and use it all the time like this.

I did pull this…book.  I’ve said I am making 2022 the year of cleaning up my scraps and strips.  I have some of the best books to inspire me.  This is one of them, No Scrap Left Behind by Amanda Jean Nyberg.  Find the book HERE.

I’ve always loved this quilt.  I know it’s simple but what an awesome way to use up bonus triangles.

I have a ton of bonus triangles…they need attention and making this quilt with them is a great option.

Here is a closer picture.  An added bonus to making this quilt is that this is a great project to work on so I have something to do over nap time.  There is ironing and trimming that I’ll need to do.  So this project jumped on my list of quilts to make.

I went through my drawer with bonus triangles and tried to find enough in a similar color family.  I liked these…all counted out in piles of 10

This is mostly a fabric line but I did find some brown half square triangles that I can add into the mix too.

I found these bigger ones at the top of the picture too.

I was so proud of all that I had but then I looked at the pattern and learned I need 720 and that’s only if I was to make a quilt that is twin-sized.  Hmm.

I found these…Nope.  These are bright the others aren’t a bright color.

I found these…they wouldn’t match the first batch but might match the second batch.  Hmm.

I found some in red but didn’t love those as the white part is heavily printed and the others aren’t.

So…being I want to use up strip buckets anyway I’ll pull some strips and will cut triangles.

I’m all about using up what I have but I don’t want to slap something together and not make a nice quilt.  So…that’s where I am at.  More on this quilt next week.  I’m excited to be sewing this one together.

The Frolic leftovers are a little boring for me right now…so they might get put on the back burner.  We’ll see.  I think I just need some time with EQ.

That’s all for this week…

24 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Have you sent Bonnie a picture of your Frolic leftovers quilt? I think she would enjoy seeing what you made with the leftovers from a few quilters from a mystery quilt!

  2. The Frolic leftover quilt looks fantastic! (As does the Bitcoin quilt – I love the close up photo showing the different fabrics).

  3. I love the finish it up type of quilt and I think the magazine missed out by not picking it up. Every time I see the Bit Coin quilt I think I need to buy that pattern, I lots of pieces that could end up in that quilt. Using all those half squared triangles will make a pretty quilt.

  4. What a beautiful quilt!! It is wonderful. I’m so amazed how quickly this went together for you and what a great size. The colors are so striking together – just beautiful!

  5. I’m quite surprised that the magazine chose not to use your quilt. You have such a gift! You worked wonders with your leftovers. I’d love to make that quilt!

  6. Idea! You could always pass your Frolic leftover blocks to the Cresco ladies or Ray. Bless someone with your leftovers!!

  7. Wouldn’t it be a copyright infringement to produce a quilt pattern for a magazine if most of the quilt is made with leftovers of Bonnie’s Frolic quilt pattern?

  8. Your Frolic leftover quilt is one of my favorites that you have designed! I love all the parts of it from the design to the colors. I am glad you pushed yourself to get it done and would love a tutorial on how you did it. K-

  9. On your frolic quilt it’s so lovely flying in the wind.. says spring to me too..
    Your triangles you could work a past to bright to dark quilt and have Avery nice quilt that uses up your triangles especially if you use one pattern and color for your background/sashing.

  10. Love your new quilt pattern! Can you not try to submit it to another magazine for publication? Looking forward to the tutorial.

  11. Someday, I’ll get my Frolic finished and then maybe I’ll have leftovers, too. I love what you did with them! You are very talented.

  12. I love seeing Bitcoin and FrolicPlus (or More Frolic?) together here—different in feeling and color but both beautiful with great energy. Gorgeous! I liked your creative process of using leftovers from making one quilt to make another totally different quilt. WOW, this is what scrap quilting is all about! I learn so much from you, Jo!

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