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Very little sewing happened this week…until Sunday.  I had only really sewed in the mornings and even then, I didn’t get to do it every day.

I am still working on the Frolic leftovers.  I’ve had fun playing with these.

I feel so bad that I haven’t had time to work on this…This is my Bitcoin quilt that is still on the quilting frame.

There really hasn’t been a chunk of time to work on it.  All of my sewing time is going into the Frolic quilt.

The scraps are really dwindling down…and my finished block piles are growing.

I started working on some blocks with pink star points too.

It’s getting to the point that I will have to come up with some layouts for these soon as I’m almost out of pieces.

On Sunday as I was sewing Kalissa messaged me and said, “Mom.  Are you sewing?  If you are, film a “Sew with Jo” and I’ll put the video together tonight as we pass out trick or treat candy.”

I thought, great idea! So I did film a “Sew with Jo”.  I feel bad that I haven’t filmed lately.  I’ve had many requests to keep filming.  I actually enjoy doing it.  If I have more uninterrupted time, I’d film more often.  Hopefully, I’ll get my cancer treatment then I can have a few days of isolation and maybe be able to film again…Then I won’t have Kalissa here to edit it.  Hmm.

Anyway…here is the Sew With Jo Video

OOPS.  We got busy with trick or treating and the Sew with Jo video didn’t get loaded and edited before Kalissa had to get the boys to bed because it was a school night.

This in itself is really good news.  Carver has not wanted to go trick or treating ever.  We have tried in years past but he just wouldn’t go…therefore Gannon wouldn’t go.

We compromised that the boys would just hand out candy at my house.  They have done this the last few years.  It’s a way for them to participate without feeling so scared.  They had fun watching out the window to see the kids come coming to my house.

This year two of my older childcare kids came over and visited then they were going to go to my neighbors’ houses.  I asked Carver if he wanted to go with them.  He did.  He didn’t have a costume so I quickly said he could be a fireman, baker or constuction worker as I had all of those things here because of childcare.  Carver quickly said he’d be a farmer.

PERFECT. He was already wearing jeans, cowboy boots and a Carhhart sweatshirt.  That’s exactly what farmers wear around here.  I quickly gave him a grocery sack and he grabbed a plier from the tool kit I have here.  Outfit compete.

Well then Gannon wanted to go so we put some googles on him along with another plastic tool so he was a construction worker.

Kalissa and I both knew it was completely lame but were so happy that the boys finally were participating in Halloween without being scared.  They only went to the five houses that were handing out candy along my street and ended up thinking it was the greatest thing ever.

So…the boys trick of treating won out and the Sew with Jo video didn’t.  Kalissa is going to try to come over later today and see if she can get it to load.  Thanks for your patience.

13 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    Jo, don’t feel bad because your sewing was minimal. It’s hard to have time to do anything when you’re traveling to the Dr,s office twice in one week. You did good to keep your promise to yourself to sew. Every morning at all. Little children joining in the fun is so much fun to see and hear about. Have a great November. Praying for you always.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Don’t feel bad about the small amount of time you had to sew. You had to trips to the Dr’s office last week that’s enough to wear anyone out. Your grandsons are a hoot to hear about. Praying for you always.

  3. I’m so glad the kids were able to trick or treat – some kids never do it for one reason or another, which is fine.
    As or your sewing, any is good as far as I’m concerned. Even if its just a few stitches whether it be cross stitch or quilting or sewing. You should never ever feel bad about not getting enough done.
    Love and prayers

  4. I love your bitcoin quilt and I think its one that I need to buy and do this winter. I hope you share your top quilting design with us all. Seeing all the trick or treaters come and go just makes me smile and so glad that Carver and Gannon felt ready to join in for a few houses.

  5. Family takes precedence. I”m glad Carver and Gannon broke the ice on Halloween! We don’t normally have any kids but had quite a few last night for a change. I think our neighborhood is a good one to bring kids to. We live on a culdesac so they don’t always come our way. Got new outside lights this year so I guess they worked. You are very brave on your treatment. I’m not sure I could go through the holidays with no family contact.

  6. So good to see the progress you have made with those Frolic leftovers. I think you are making great strides with those even though you haven’t had much time to sew. There are certainly weeks when that happens to all of us. Going to Rochester for appointments early in the day takes a lot out of one I would think. So fun to have the boys go trick or treating and I like the way you were able to get costumes so quickly. Your family is so good at making good memories and I love hearing about them!!

  7. It’s not lame and it’s awesome to read about. Tks for sharing. I have a question. Have you heard of using fleece as a substitute for typical quilt batting. If so could you do a post on this. I’m thinking of going that route because it is way cheaper.

  8. Hugs.
    Sewing serves us, not the reverse. I had a dry spell over the summer due to recovering from a couple hard falls. I designed a few quilts during my feet up rests. Without thinking about it, I am doing more this fall. Yesterday I was out in the garden twice and back to dehydrating vegetables as well as quilting.
    Take care of you.

  9. Our youngest didn’t dress up for Halloween until he was in first grade. Peer pressure at school finally convinced him it was fun, not scary. I’ve been pulled so many different directions lately I wish the doctor would tell me I need to isolate. No sickness incolved, just isolation! I’ve gone back and read your post about the treatment a couple of times just trying to grasp what is going to happen. You, your family, and medical team are all in my prayers. Keep going on the Frolic pieces, I know you are going to make a beautiful creation when it’s all together.

    1. Susan the Farm Quilter

      Robin, I’m identifying as your doctor and I recommend a week of isolation, with the possibility of an extension to 10 days, for your health’s sake. Does that work for you? Hope you can get centered without so many tugging at you!

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