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I didn’t really have much sewing time this week.  Had I not gotten up early the few mornings I did, I would not have gotten anything done.

I had a busy weekend that didn’t include sewing but it included family so I was SUPER happy with that.  Georgia stayed over two nights so that meant no early morning sewing on those days either.  Happily, I still got a little bit done.

Frolic leftovers have taken over my sewing life.  I am making four different blocks with my leftovers.  This week I mostly concentrated on these two blocks.  No, they won’t be in the same quilt.  Right now I’m thinking I am working on three different quilts at once.

Ginger contacted me and said she had Frolic leftovers that she would like to send my way.  I said, “YES”!  I was so excited to get them as the amount of blocks I have at this point isn’t enough to make big quilts and you all know me, I make quilts big.

Here are Ginger’s leftovers.  They will fit right in.

Here the pieces are…
all sorted and ready to start being made into blocks.

My sewing area takes a little work logistically to manage making the blocks all at once.  Each type of block has its own spot.  Each morning I sew as far as I can with each type of block and then I flip to the next block.  At naptime, I iron what I have and cut more pieces if needed.  I’m trying to even it all out and use up every single scrap.

This is the green block station but there are a few extras here as I just added Ginger’s goodies.

I have 48 green blocks so far.

I have 19 white and blue blocks.  9 blue and aqua ones.
I don’t have nearly as many of these…but I might mix them with the blocks below.   I think they would mix okay being they all have an aqua background.  We’ll see.

I also have scraps that are white and pink.  I have no idea how many of those blocks there will be.  I might mix them with the white and blue blocks.  Who knows at this point.

I had another blog reader offer to send their Frolic leftovers so…who knows, maybe this all will grow even bigger.  I’m up for the challenge to use them up.  It’s actually been a lot of fun.  I’m hoping for some time at the computer and the EQ program to come up with some layouts for the quilts.

That’s what I’m up to.  I plan to make a few doll clothes for the granddaughters for Christmas so that will eventually interrupt these plans but for now, this is what I’m sewing on.

5 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. I really like the squares especially the ones with the green. I also like the scrappy looking stars. I know you will end up with two beautiful quilts!!

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