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I sewed very little last week.  I told myself that I really needed a clean slate with the community quilt project.  I worked super hard. I still need to address my email but at least the physical stuff I see here all of the time is under control.  I have two more mail posts coming up this week but all of the stuff is taken care of and in place.  I still have more quilt tops here looking for a home.  So if anyone needs/wants any to finish for charity, drop me a note and I’ll package some up and send them your way.

I missed the sewing machine but it’s okay.  A fresh slate is what I needed.

Under the mess on the dining room table, I unearthed two little doll quilts I made for the childcare kiddos.  I completely forgot about them.  Kelli made these a long time ago with leftovers she had hanging around.  They sat in my sewing room for a long time.  I kept prioritizing things differently and they never made it to the top of the pile.  I’ve had mostly boys at childcare ever since Carver was born.  Even though the dolls are available they don’t play with them very often.  Now Georgie is here and she loves playing with dolls so when I found them, I put them on the long arm and quilted them.

I did a micro stipple on them.

The fabric was a Moda fabric line but I don’t remember the line.  It was leftover from something Kelli had made.

I’m glad I got the dining room table cleaned off enough to unearth them.

As far as sewing, I got little done during the week.  Then over the weekend the boys, Buck and Karl, worked on Karl’s house.  I’ll tell you more about that in another blog post.  That left me with little sewing time.  I was still up early on most of the days and put in a little time at the machine before my day got busy.

You might remember I was working with some Frolic leftovers that some blog readers had sent my way.  There were MANY flying geese parts.  I ended up making this block with them…

I’ve been able to make 35 blocks so far.  I love the block and love that there is no light color in it.

I have no idea how I’ll lay these out or what I’ll do with them.  At this point, my goal was to get them this far.

I played a little bit…should I put a sashing between them?  If so, what color??

Do I lay them side by side?

I made a couple of star blocks with other leftover Frolic pieces.  I don’t like them mixed with these blocks.


I ended up cutting more pieces and will make more of the blocks with the green background.  I haven’t used up all of the flying geese yet and I want to get all of it used up.  I think I’ve cut enough so that I’ll have 49 blocks when I’m finished using them up.

49 blocks only gives me a 7 x 7 layout.  The blocks are 8″ finished so that would only be a 56″ x 56″ quilt if I don’t come up with a bigger layout.  I’d really like to make something that is at least twin-sized…could be up to full sized or queen.

I love working with something like this.  It just makes my heart happy to be truly playing and not tied to a deadline or pattern.

I’m hoping to get a little extra time and draw this up into the EQ computer program so I can play even more.

That’s all I’ve gotten done in the sewing room.  Hopefully I’ll tackle more next week.

22 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. i like the green blocks next to each other, no sashing.
    I also like the white blocks but i would use them on something else.

  2. Bonnie G. In CT

    I love those blocks! I think that a medium brown sashing with a blue corner stone would be lovely. Isn’t improvising so fun? Have a great day!

  3. Judith Fairchild

    I like the doll quilts. Georgie will be able to put he dollies yo bed for real. The flying geese blocks need a 2 inch sashing and border will give you a 72 inch square. I think if you pick one of the flying geese colors that would make a great sashing. Perhaps if you add more blocks you could reversethe layout of the colors to add a change.

  4. Jo, even though you did not get much machine time, you still accomplished much. The doll quilts are so cute. I really like the blocks you are making – like the green as the prominent color. I will anxiously wait to see the finished quilt.

  5. Your doll quilts are darling.
    I do like both of the blocks but you’re right…not together. Like you, not sure of sashing or not. Sorry I can’t help there.
    Love and prayers

    1. Hi Jo,
      Love the blocks and I happen to recognize some of the FG. When I contemplated keeping them I saw them with a navy sashing, maybe a dot or a stripe with cornerstones. Have fun playing!

  6. The doll quilts are darling and I’m sure Georgie will be busy with them. The Frolic blocks are really pretty. If you put the blocks on point you could stretch the size of the top. I know you don’t like doing that but it is one way to stretch what you have. I’m sure you will come up with a wonderful quilt!

  7. I prefer the blocks separated so would use a sashing. Do you have a blue that would work? Otherwise, use a cream. A 2″ sashing and a 6×8 layout would give you a good center. Use the sashing color for border 1, then the stars with long chunks of contrast for a 2nd border and then if needed, a 3rd final border to get your twin size.

    Cutie patootie doll quilts! Georgie will be thrilled :-)

    Wishing you a terrific week Jo.

  8. Setting your Frolic blocks with a sash would be pretty but they have a lot more punch when they’re set block to block. If you went with a 6×8 layout you’d get it to 48×64 and could add enough borders to bring it to twin size. The 4″ Hourglasses in the center of your Frolic blocks would make a pretty border and tie it together. Whatever you decide to do it’s going to be fabulous and that green scrappy background is luscious!

  9. That is definitely a red color with the blue and lime. My frolic blocks are more purple/fuschia. I would love to send you some of those but wondering if you still need any for the other colorway. I”m sure you will make the best choice for your blocks, sashing or no.

    1. You can send them my way if you’d like. I have two different quilts, maybe three planned with Frolic leftovers. I’m sure I could put them to use.

      1. Love that block. Don’t like the other blocks with them though. I would add a royal blue sashing and border. To get it to twin you could add another border or two.

  10. i haven’t read your blog in a couple days- you’ve been busy! i like the progress you’re making on Karl’s house- can’t wait to see more!
    as for the frolic quilt: blue sashing, red cornerstone. you’re right: those star ones are very out of place.
    or: put the blocks on point. that might work.
    can’t wait to see!

  11. It probably doesn’t matter since it is an older Moda line and probably no longer available, but I believe the fabric in the doll quilt is Fresh Air by Chez Moi. I still have a few small pieces of it.

  12. I have green geese leftovers. I’d be happy to send them if you wish. Just don’t want to overload you with more fabric you don’t need. Just DM me at my email please.

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