What I’m Working On…

I’ve had some sewing time this week…
Never as much as I like.  I think most of us can say that.

You might remember that I pulled the Frolic leftovers.  If you didn’t catch that post, I have a bunch of leftovers from Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery quilt Frolic.  That was the 2019 mystery.  I have saved these and am determined to do something with them.  Then two blog readers sent me their scraps.  I added theirs to mine and not I have more!!

The blocks are going to have to be eclectic as there aren’t pieces that necessarily match.  So I came up with making some blocks like these.  I had to cut a bunch of 2 1/2″ squares for the corners but other than that, I think I can make quite a few blocks with the scraps.  I don’t have a specific plan with them yet, so far, the goal is simply to make blocks as I don’t even know how many all of this will make.

It’s easier to just keep making blocks than it is to stop and try to count it all out.  At this point, this is going to be a donation quilt… baby-sized or twin??  I have no idea at this point.

A kind blog reader, Robin, saw… I was playing with Frolic leftovers and sent me her scraps too.

She said to use them if I could…pass them on if I can’t.  Her scraps don’t quite jam with the other leftovers but I love her leftovers so…I think that I am going to keep her scraps and make them into a baby quilt.  I am super excited about the prospect and happy that she thought to send them to me.  Right now, this is the block I’m going for.  I need to raid my stash and see if I can find some more greens in this tone.

When I went to look for more greens I discovered that the flying gees the original blog reader sent me were a great match for Robin’s leftovers.  Check it out…

The white tote is Robin’s…the tote on the left is the originals.  PERFECT.  I am going to put them together.

I got some greens pulled too.  The floral one under the check is the same print Robin made some of her blocks out of.  Happy coincidence!!

I’m actually having a lot of fun playing with this all.  In all seriousness, this is my favorite kind of quilting.  There is play, exploration, and thriftiness all wrapped into it.  I love it!!

My little childcare guy was off a couple of days last week and my 1-year-old here takes two naps every day.  That left me with some extra naptime to fill with quiet activities.  I ended up pulling these.  I think I was having so much fun playing with the other pieces that I wanted more.

I didn’t get finished ironing them.  I need another naptime!

I love that I have naptime to do these things.  If I didn’t, I wonder if I would tackle them.

Being an in-home childcare provider isn’t easy.  I have kids here for almost 10 hours a day.  I work hard to get them all to nap at the same time so I can get a little bit of a break.  I’m still on listening duty but I’m free from one on one duty.  Being able to iron a few little pieces during that break makes my day!!

I save almost every ironing job I can and do it during these times.

Over the course of the week, these all got ironed.

I have no idea what I’ll do with these.  For now, I am going to bag them back up and might pull them to work on after I get these Frolic scraps taken care of.

That’s all that happened in the sewing department.  I spent the weekend doing errands and trying to get caught up with the mail from the community quilt program.  My goal this week is to get the mail completely done and only sew in the mornings.  If you didn’t read about the changes coming to the community quilt program, please go back and read that post HERE.

16 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    I really like how your mix of frolic scraps for a quilt is working out. I understand the need ro not let goodxstuff go to waste. Loking forward to eventuallyvseeeing the finished quilt.

  2. How nice that the colors and pieces seem to work together, I look forward to seeing what you end up designing with these pieces. The community quilt program is a wonderful idea.

  3. The blocks are going to be very pretty. I like how you are able to plan your projects so you are able to make good time of he kiddos’ nap-times. It will be fun to see where these blocks end up. Praying your family is healing.

    1. I bet she will say no. Read her blog about being overwhelmed with donations then you will understand my comment. Check the donation list to see who others might like them or someone in your neighborhood. Happy Creating.

  4. Jo…you have made some great, and very necessary, decisions about community quilting recently. This might be the perfect time to take one more important and much needed step for self preservation…write and post only one blog a day…it’s plenty. We worry about the stress all of your kind acts are putting on you and your body. Please consider it.

    I too, love the step of pulling out random stuff from stash and putting them together…my favorite quilts come from that creativity.


  5. Funny! You are thinking baby or twin quilt and when I get scraps like you received, I gravitate towards mini quilts. They are fast and easy! Your way is SEW much more practical, Jo. Enjoy those gift tscraps!

  6. I’m so glad my scraps worked out for you. I can’t wait to see your finished project. When I read your blog I realize just how much time I waste. You are the best at making the best of the hours in your day. Starting today I’m going to spend more time creating and less time internet surfing. I’m going to ask myself WWJD, What Would Jo Do. I know I’m going to become more productive.

  7. Love all those scraps coming together with more coming in the mail. Abundance! You keep me moving forward, just five minutes… It works!
    I am moving forward with the rejected diamond border for my design board quilt. I designed an Asian-inspired top, and an Asian back, too. My new border fabric clashes. Ordered something else. At least the clashy border is purrfect for another UFO awaiting it’s turn in the drawer. A lively deep teal, yum.
    Picked up an old embroidery project. 2021 is the year of completion.
    All between closing out my garden, dehydrating veg, and finding volunteers between the spent sunflowers. At least two new penstemons, one wild horehound, and what looks like parsley but isn’t.

  8. Totally enjoyed the post about changing the Community Quilt Project. GREAT IDEA of sending directly to more local finishers. Yes the project can be overwhelming as you have shown. Thanks for a solution to our giving and your ability to give but also function with your own life.

  9. Hi I haven’t written before. Just so you know a bit about me… I’m retired only occasional visiting rug rats but I remember trying to sew around nap times. Good for you that you keep going. I’m a member of a small church quilting group and we sew quilts of all sizes for charities…right now social services is getting them. Most of our fabric is donated which is a challenge for us to create something that pleases us but in the many years we have been working on quilts we have never come up with an ugly quilt. I have been known to throw a jumble of orphan blocks together and still end up with a pleasing quilt. Have fun with your bounty of triangles.

  10. Good day I’ve been excited for the nice ideas I’ve seen in your post I’ve got a lot of waste and this is giving me a idea of what to do with it thanks for sharing

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