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I had more sewing time last week…but still not a lot.  I made progress, and any week I make progress, I consider it a good week.

First up, it’s October now and that means the new Dirty Dozen number came out.

Mine is a Bonnie Hunter’s quilt, Floribunda.  I have most everything here to make this.  I collected floral scraps over the years.  There was enough for me and Kelli to make the quilt.  Kelli ended up taking the fabric and cutting strips for us both.

That’s as far as the quilt got.

It supposed to look like this.  (Picture from Bonnie’s blog)  The free pattern for this quilt is HERE.

Bonnie Hunter's Floribunda (With images) | Quilts, Purple quilts ...

I’m not super excited about this project.  I love the quilt but I really haven’t started the project at all.  Hmm.  It would be a lot to tackle.  I’m not super committed to this one right now.  I would rather concentrate on getting Garlic Knots to a finish.

But…then again, being this isn’t cut out at all, maybe I should pull this out and cut it out over naptime.  We’ll see.  This week I really didn’t have a
much to work on for a naptime project this week.  I have so many projects that need machine time, not ironing time or cutting time.  I ended up pulling this out.   These are the leftover bonus triangles from my Frolic quilt.  I’m not sure what they are going to end up being.  All I know is that if I don’t start doing something with them, nothing will ever be made.  I got them all ironed and started trimming them to 1 1/2″.

It is the perfect project for naptime.

Once I finish this up, maybe I will pull Floribunda.

When I did get some time at the machine…see??

That was the border for Garlic Knots.  I really need to sit down and start putting that quilt together.  All of the blocks are done.  I’m just so dreading pulling it together as the I almost need a design wall to do it.  I think I just need to pull up my big girl pants and do it!!

My main focus this week was my Two-Step quilt.

This one.

The quilt is in this book. You can find the book HERE on Amazon.

I have it all into a top.  Here it is hanging over my sewing room door.  It needs to be ironed yet and that’s something I’m saving as a nap time project.

This is SUCH a happy quilt.  I sewed on this all week long.  In the mornings I was up early and sewed a few rows together then I’d take it downstairs and at nap time I would pin a few rows on.  That night I would go upstairs and sew those rows on.  I’d repeat each morning.  By the weekend over half of the top was sewn together and all of the columns were sewn.

That made finishing it up on Saturday really easy.

Then Sunday morning I had a little time to sew but nothing to sew that was just mindless so I pulled those Frolic leftovers out and sewed some of them.

I think this is going to become a real project in the qeue.  I played and sorted a little more and even started getting some block ideas.

I spent some time pulling some quilts and packing up.  I am going to be the guest speaker for the Cresco Quilt Guild.  Here’s the info.

I thought I better pack my bags this weekend as never know what life will throw my way.  This way they are packed and I’m ready.

The ladies had a theme this year called “out of the box”.  I came with a presentation that will hopefully get participants to get out of their quilting “box” and maybe try something new.

Kayla is putting together a game card for me to use with the presentation. I’m really excited for the chance to get out and meet more of the people from the Cresco area.

If you’re in the area, I’m sure it’s open to guests…


12 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. How exciting! I would love to hear your presentation and meet the famous Cresco Ladies. Our quilt guild has suspended meetings due to Covid. Our small country county had over 800 Covid cases in September with several deaths. We are trying to remain safe.

    Enjoy you time with the ladies!


    You said you need a “design wall”. I put cup hooks all along the top of my hall, spaced 10″ apart. They are painted the wall colour. I took a large flannel sheet and put safety pins every 10″.
    Now when I have a pile of quilt blocks, I hang the sheet (over the pictures that are hanging there) and pin the blocks on. This gives me a temporary design wall. Since the blocks are pinned I can take it down to work on sewing the rows together. You could also hang it in your garage. I also have multiple sheets, for when I am working on more than one quilt. (Pat in Ontario) Hope this helps.

  3. Sure wish I lived close enough to hear your presentation and meet the Cresco ladies! What a treat! I’m anxious to see what you do with the triangles. I have a drawer full! Great idea using a sheet as a temporary design wall. May have to give that a try.

  4. WOW Jo, it seems like you just started the Two Steps and now you have the top done. You do accomplish more than you think. How fun for you to be the guest speaker at the guild meeting. It will be enjoyed by all, i’m sure.

  5. I am not sure how the “Dirty Dozen” works. Does it mean you are sorta “forced” to complete a specific project that’s been sitting on a back shelf no matter what? If so, personally, I’d substitute moving the garlic knots and two-step quilts to completion and make that two-for-one trade count, if finishing those would maintain order and make you feel happier.

    1. Hi, Julie.
      The Dirty Dozen is an optional activity that Mary at Country Threads Chicken Scratch has each year. The idea is to pull 12 UFO’s and number then 1-12. Each month she pulls a number and that is the quilt/project that you are encouraged to finish. You are encouraged to take a photo and send it to her and she shows the finishes on her blog. There aren’t any quilt police to make sure you get it done. Just a fun way to encourage us to finish things. It’s like a mini quilt show on that blog sometimes.
      Hope this was helpful.

  6. Love seeing your progress and looking forward to what you will do with your extra parts and pieces. I do a lot of Bonnie Hunters projects and always have extra parts! I made her mystery quilt last year half the size and it made a perfect size table quilt. I also have the previous two years mysteries in progress. I did finish her frolic and rivanna (out of my late husbands shirts)thanks for your encouragement.

  7. Debbie Lovelace

    Thank you so much for responding to my question. I went to the website you suggested and could not find the pattern, but I will keep searching and I will not give up! I’m also keeping up with your medical diagnosis and wishing you the best outcome. I also pray for you every day! God bless!

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