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Thanks to everyone who participated in Kayla’s test for the postage auction over the weekend.  Your help in testing this out was so appreciated…and it gave me a little time off from the blog which I desperately needed.  Kayla asked me to remind you to check back and see if you won and fill out the form.   That’s the final part of the test for us to see if it all will really work.

Now onto today’s post…
This could be a really-really-really short blog post.  I’ve hardly touched a sewing machine this week.  I’ll tell you more about that in a later post.  For now, I’ll tell you what I actually did…or rather didn’t do.

I did nothing with the hourglass blocks.

I did nothing with the Garlic Knots quilt.

Now for for the little bit I did get done…
I put about eight bobbins worth of thread into the Bitcoin quilt.  I did one row across and then I made it about 1/2 way back.

I worked on my Two-Step quilt…this one.

The quilt is in this book. You can find the book HERE on Amazon.

I figured out that I have more colored pieces and needed more white pieces so I sewed the strips and then subcut them into units.

I sewed those together…

…and then sorted them into my tray.

I started sewing them into fourzies.  Ooops.

That is all I got done.

I have a sewing room update and I thought I would include that here.  I got myself a new chair for my sewing room. I’ve been having a bit of hip trouble-enough that I ended up at the chiropractor.  I told her I thought that my sewing chair was the problem.  She said, “Well buy a new one”.  I asked what to recommend and she thought I might be better with something backless and adjustable height.

I ended up getting this one…

Rosie, my beagle, wanted to be in all of the pictures.

I ordered it from Amazon.  You can find it HERE.  I had to assemble it but that was no problem.   It took about five minutes.  Tools to do it were all provided.

I took it upstairs and tried it out.  So far…I love it.  I do want to warn anyone buying one that I am a size 14 in bottoms.  My bottom fits in there about perfectly.  If you are wider in hips and bottom, you might not like it.

One tip my chiropractor suggested is to make sure the bottom of my ribs was even with the height of the table I am sewing on.  Note she means the actual surface top.  In my case, that means the top of the white extension board on my machine, not the top of the table.

For the time I sewed with this, I loved it.  I’ll do a review again at a later date and let you know if I’m still loving it.

That’s all from the quilting room!!  This week doesn’t look quite as busy but it’s coming to the time I put a close on the garden.  That is going to take up some time.

Next week, I am hoping to at least sewing in the mornings…I missed that as I only was able to stitch one of the mornings all week.

10 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Hi Jo! I hope your week will be less hectic, stressful and more enjoyable for you! ❤ Thank you for sharing the instructions from your chiropractor! I’m less than 5′ tall and it’s difficult to find a table to fit my height. The hip/ table is a great tip! Thank you.
    Another thing, there is no way you look like you wear a size 14 bottom! You look so much smaller to me in your photos! So keep om posting pictures of yourself!

  2. Even though you didn’t get much sewing time, progress was made. It is all looking good. I would like to sit in one of those chairs and see how it fits. Looks comfy. Good info to know about table height and ribs. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is abusy time of year especially if you have a garden. Everything seems to ripen o e more time in unison. I
    wonder if the chair you bought comes in larger sizes. My old chair is about done. Glad you got yours..

  4. That’s an interesting chair! It makes sense, because although we think we like backs on our chairs, how often do we actually sit back in them? I am wondering if the Sew Pad is comfortable in it or if that will be better in a different kind of chair. (I like mine in my car, even though I have nice seats in my car.)

  5. LOVE what you’ve got going on your Bitcoin quilt, Jo!! I sewed for the first time since the beginning of the summer and sympathize with your pain. One knee and the other hip is SEW not happy with the chair I borrowed from DS2!! I’ll be interested to hear what you have to say about your new chair once you are ready to post a “real” review, as opposed to your first impressions.

  6. oh Jo many many thanks for your sewing height tip. Ive tried it and yay no more hip pain, it makes my sewing so joyous. . My husbands remark was are you ever coming out of your sewing room?!!!!


    Interested in the hourglass blocks, believe they’re like some I’ve inherited. They have been hand quilted. Curious if you have a pattern?

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