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I have so many projects that I’m working on.  Rather than stick with what I’m doing, what do I do?  I start another.  See this stack of containers.  I was so tired of looking at them.  They were right on my big sewing island and every time I sat down to sew, they were taunting me.

What’s in them you might ask…squares.  They are leftovers from my County Fair quilt.

I’ve left them out because I had seen this quilt, Two-Step, and thought rather than put the scraps away, why not just use them and make this quilt?

The quilt is in the same book as my County Fair quilt…

You can find the book HERE on Amazon.

I decided that the scraps aren’t going to sew themselves so I thought to start them as my newest leader and ender.  NOT!  Instead, I made a race with myself.  I got up just a few minutes earlier each morning and worked to see if I could sew everything in the box before I had to go down to work.

Each of the boxes is already sorted into colors.

In one of the boxes were these.  They were sent in the mail with other stuff from a blog reader.  They were sewn into twosies but the tension on the machine was wrong and they weren’t matched colorwise as I needed them to be.  I thought this quilt would be the perfect quilt to use them up in so I ripped out the stitching.

I ironed these after work one night to see how many I had.  I already have over 200 done.  At this point, I had only sewn the yellow, blue, green, orange, and purple.

I’ll be making my quilt bigger than the original so I need to keep sewing.  That’s good as I have more scraps to use up.

By the end of the weekend I was this far…

I ended up quickly sewing more colored units so I currently have all of the colored pieces sewn.

I just need to sew the rest of the white ones and then I can start assembling the quilt.

I know you are all wanting to check my sanity level for starting yet another quilt!!

I made some progress on my Garlic Knots quilt.  The border consists of two different units.  I made the one unit last week.  This week I made the other units.  Stitched in the morning…

…ironed at naptime.
Now they are ready to be sewn together.  Little by little I’m making some progress.

I worked a bit on the blocks for Garlic Knots too.  I had 32 blocks previously done.  I started sewing some of the others too.  These need to be ironed and cut before I can do more sewing on them.

Last week I finished the longarm work on my batik charm square quilt.  This week, I bound it.

Now I need to find some time to take pictures and write a blog post.  I can’t wait to really show it off. YAHOO.  This one is done in the sewing room.  CHECK that off the list.

I ended up with an unexpected day without kids so I ran to the sewing room and got busy.  I put my Show Off quilt on the frame and quilted it.

After that, I loaded these two doll quilts on the frame.  I’ve had them here for about three years waiting for me to quilt them.

I finally did.

I bound them too.  I’ll try to get pictures of these taken and show them to you.

I intend these for the childcare kiddos to play dolls with.

Believe it or not, I pulled another UFO.  You might remember that I am participating the the Dirty Dozen UFO project hosted by Mary at Country Threads Chicken Scratch.

The September UFO number was #9.  That is my Scrap Vortex quilt.  I really don’t have a lot done on it at all.

If you aren’t familiar with the quilt, it was a quilt along hosted by Crazy Mom Quilts.  She doesn’t blog anymore but she has kept her site operating so old items can still be found.  More info on the quilt HERE.

The quilt is just a mess of scraps…I love it.  I stole this picture from her blog so you can see what it looks like.

Please go to her site to learn about how to make the quilt.  When she first started talking about the quilt, I knew I wanted to make one.  A blog reader sent me a bunch of scraps and I saved scraps thinking I was going to start one.  Then Kelli came over for a sewing day and she was all sad that she wanted to make one but didn’t have the scraps.  I ended up giving her what I had…they were all bright prints like shown in the picture above.

Well…I decided I would start one in Civil War prints.  Honestly, I had wanted to make on in brights…not reproduction prints.  At the time, everything I was sewing was in reproduction prints and I wanted the change.  I wasn’t excited to make one in reproduction prints.

Now, it’s the opposite.  I’ve been sewing so much in other styles of fabrics that I’m thrilled to be working with reproduction prints.  Isn’t it funny how life circumstances change us?

Here is want I had…Not a finished block in the bunch.

I decided this is my new morning race project.  I will get all of these sewn together in the morning and ironed at nap time.  I’ve been sorting them into similar-sized piles so I can find pieces to sew together more quickly.

My 15-91 is on duty for this project.  When I sew on a project like this, it feels almost like a bomb goes off in my sewing room.  If I stitch at this machine, it leaves my other machine open so I can still work on the other projects on my to-do list.

A gal never knows when they need to patch a dog bed.  I have to keep the main machine open for that!!

The quilt is supposed to be 60 x 72 inches but of course, I’ll be making mine bigger.  I love sewing this method.  I’m so happy to be making this now.  I’m sure this is a UFO I am going to complete.  I just needed the right time and place to be doing it.

I did get the Bitcoin quilt ironed…now I need to make a backing and get that loaded onto the quilting machine.  She’s a biggie so that is going to take a bit of time to machine quilt it.  So far, I love this quilt!!  I can’t wait to see it completely finished.

I know it’s weird that I pulled up two more projects to work on but I finished three projects this week…so I guess that’s all good.  Right??  Stop back next Monday and I’ll tell you what I accomplished this week.  Fingers crossed I have some progress on all three of the projects.

13 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Wowzers Jo, you amaze me in all you manage to get done, I’m still trying to sort my sewing room to get in there! You have given me the push, I will have to drag myself sciatica leg in and put the radio on and get on with it. Out of intrest when do you sleep???

  2. Oh my goodness Jo! You have so many projects on the go, I’d never be able to get my head around which one I was supposed to be doing haha :-)

  3. You are an amazing quilter, gardener, mother, and childcare provider! It is hard to believe how much you accomplish each week/day. It certainly puts me to shame. I’m getting quite a few projects completed to the point of needing quilting done. I want to do some of them myself, but still learning that process. Anyway, great work! Great quilts!!

  4. Such great productivity Jo! I also work on multiple projects, and I know how easy it is to get stalled out one one or more. I love the scrap vortex quilts too. I recently started a new one to use up some more scraps.

  5. You have gotten a lot of UFO’s done! I pulled out my Talking Turkey blocks to work on. I had 7 blocks completed and now have 13 of 30 needed. Getting excited about this years Bonnie Hunter Mystery!!
    I love your Bitcoin! It is on my list to do!

  6. Jo, I am in awe of all you have accomplished and your plans for additional quilts. That’s just wonderful!
    I have been playing catch-up in my yard and garden, so I have quilting on hold for awhile.
    I have a question on finishing cross stitch pieces. How do you press/iron the linen to remove the wrinkles, but not risk any of the threads bleeding. Thanks for your advice.

  7. Laurie E Lauricella

    Curious Jo if you are limiting your Two Step to a particular set of colors like the designer did. I am undecided if I want to do that (because I just love hers) or use ALL the colors! I have a bin full of 2.5 squares and strips just waiting for me to get started.

    1. I debated about the Two Step quilt and color selection. I am working on getting my fabric strip bins used and I didn’t want to cut into any other fabrics so I decided I would use it all…

  8. Wowza! I am impressed.
    My new sewing machine finally came in, I waited months. I had no backup machine, and suffered greatly. I have about 20 UFOs, and am again working on them. Kinda fun to pull out my first stuff. I learned HSTs then made gajillion of them the following month. I started a queen quilt, but hadn’t learned SQUARING UP and stalled out in frustration on assembly. I recently redesigned for a twin size, pieced a backing, then stalled on quilting. I am watching quilting tutorials.
    I still had a lot of HSTs left, so I pieced a tablecloth, too. I still have enough HSTs for a table runner. And a couple yards to return to stash.
    Meanwhile, I started a COVID “use your stash” challenge with Cozy Quilt Designs… but went off on my own tangent. This new one is ready for a backing, and quilting! I will start piecing the backing this week. I will make MSQC’s West Wind pattern to use the multitude of HSTs I have left over in this colorway, as a tablecloth?
    These projects seem to breed in the night while I am innocently sleeping.

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