What I’m Working On…

I’ve had limited time sewing this week.  But, I still think I got a lot done.  I think working in small amounts of time pays off.

First off did you see my Red Sampler quilt?

You can read all about it HERE if you missed it.  I’m so glad to have it finished.

What I have been sewing on…Bitcoin.  The door to my sewing room is serving as the home base for this project.  This is a Bonnie Hunter design.  The quilt is super easy but TIME-CONSUMING!

The punch sewn together are on the left if 26 strips worth.  On the right there are 10 strips sewn together.  In the middle there are seven columns sewn together.

I’m well over halfway done on this.  I started a new goal.  I want to add one row every day.  I take that back.  I want to sew on a MINIMUM of one row a day.

After I got this far I stopped and I sewed some more strips and I do want to add a few more columns.  I’m making mine bigger than the original quilt.  Over naptime this week I will iron these and cut them into segments.

It is totally doable to add one column a day. Knowing me, I’ll do that for a week then just sit down and finish it in one session. Either way, I’d love to see this done soon.  I have other things I want to SEW!!

My batik charm quilt really hasn’t seen a lot of movement but I vowed I would try to keep working towards getting all of the quilt tops quilted so even though I didn’t feel like it…I pressed on.

I loaded it …on the quilting frame.  When I get some free time, I’m going to tackle this.

I have my top thread picked out.  I need to fill bobbins yet though.  That’s a job that will wait until one of my children call me on the phone.

I moved on and started sewing on my Show Off quilt.

This was a UFO.  When I last left you I had pulled it out.  I had cut the muslin strips that were needed.

This week I sewed the sashing.  I got all of the pieces sewn.  Then I started in making the nine patches that act as cornerstones.  It was so easy to start them as I just pulled out the 1 1/2″ bucket and started sewing.  I’m strip piecing the blocks.

I sewed the strips in the morning and then over naptime cut them into segments.

This is how I cut them quickly.  I layer them up saggering them.

Here is a little closer look.

Then I cut them into segmetns cutting five or so layers at a time.  It makes for fast cutting.

Here the segments are cut and ready to be sewn into nine patches.

Sunday I sewed them into nine patches.

I started sewing the into sashing strips.  If I sat down and just sewed I am sure I could have this quilt top together in a day…but I haven’t had a day to just sit down and do it…so, I pug along being thankful for the time I do get.

Last week I told you that I pulled Garlic Knots.  It’s a Bonnie Hunter pattern.

I had enough time over naptime to discover that I needed to cut some border pieces.

I’m not starting back with this in earnest until either Bitcoin or Show Off is finished.  I say that but I also know me.  If there is nothing to sew on them one morning, I’ll pull this out and started on sewing the border pieces and that would give me something to iron at naptime…
…because I do need somthing to do at naptime.  So rather than start sewing Garlic Knots, I pulled Hawaii Sunset.  It will be my naptime project for a couple of days.  It’s a UFO.  I need to figure out where I am with this and what’s done.

I REALLY-REALLY want this finished and the only way it’s going to get done is if I just DO IT!

So that’s the FIVE projects I have pulled right now.  Oh my.  That’s a lot.  It’s time to get some of these wrapped up Jo!!

18 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    Oh Jo, if I tried to keep up with 5 projects at once i would be messing up big time! I think that’s why I like reading your blog it challenges me to pull up me sewing chair and get things Done!. Love the way you red sampler turned out. I’m looking for ward to seeing the rest in time. Just be sure to rest that wonky shoulder. I have a shoulder that called a halt to my crocheting. Can’t do more than half a short row at one time. So I sew, for some weird reason I can sew for several hours before I have to rest the shoulder.

  2. I cannot imagine how you can work on so many projects concurrently!! One or two is my level–otherwise i get paralyzed and overwhelmed and just don’t do anything. Anyway–that’s just me–I love all your projects in process…great works hugs, Julierose

  3. I usually use prewound bobbins in my long arm because they hold so much more thread. However, I had to wind bobbins for my most recent quilt as the customer really wanted it. Oh my… it took SO much thread and caused me to run out. Do you know how to estimate how many bobbins one would need per quilt? How much thread is needed for the top? Of course the thread I used was from an online shop so had to resort to going to Joann’s to get a second choice.

    1. I would recommend you go to Superior Thread’s web site, and check out their educational pages. There is a chart for estimated usage, based on size of quilt and type of quilting.

  4. All your projects are coming along and they look great. How fun to be organized and have things ready to work on either at an-time or during phone calls. So smart!

  5. After following along with the Dirty Dozen challenge I fully accepted that I do not function well when I have a lot of sewing projects started. I’m best with one quilt and one hand sewing project. I can have quite a few knitting and crochet projects, but only a couple needlework pieces. It’s fun to follow your crazy journey cause it’s so far outside my zone. Blessings!

  6. I really like your quilts, that batik charm square one caught my eye, as well as the variegated thread. I’m dealing with post Covid/pneumonia symptoms 8 months later and my quilting is set aside for now. But I’m sure enjoying all the quilts you have finished recently. The red quilt is a stunner but none of them rate below an A+ in my opinion. You accomplish so much and I sure wish I was your age again.

  7. I so enjoy seeing all the projects you are juggling. My brain won’t handle that. I am working on Jewel Box Stars, a Bonnie Hunter pattern, I take that to quilt night because it is brainless and I can work on it while conversations are going on. I finished 3 Turnining Twenties for gifts at home and two other simple quilts that were from gifted precuts. Then, when I took the Jewel Box Stars out to cut more half square triangles I was having them come out too small. I guess I was worse than brainless last week. I did get them cut at quilt night. If I go back and forth on projects I forget what sizes I’m working with. You are amazing with all you accomplish. I love the batik you are working on.

  8. Will your Bitcoin be totally scrappy or were there colors/fabrics you omitted?

    I admire all the work you balance and complete.

  9. I am making show off – not out of recycled shirts like the original, but as a way to whittle down my blue stash (which has gotten way out of control!). Just started strip piecing the sashings, and cutting as I go. Will start on 9 patches out of left over sashing sets! Love to read what you’re working on because I work very much like you. One project? Boring! LOL.

  10. Jo, I really love how your Lori Holt Red Sampler quilt came out! I usually shy away from making sampler quilts because often they look so random – as if they were sewn with little thought of how the blocks relate to each other. But this looks beautifully planned and executed! Great job!!!!

  11. I’m sorry to ask this on your blog, but I couldn’t get email to send. I have fallen in love with your Bohemian Rhapsody quilt pattern. Is there any way I can get the names of the fabrics used?
    Melissa Argo

    1. All I know is that it was a Free Spirit line. I really don’t remember and I couldn’t find any leftovers in the sewing room. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

  12. Lady, I don’t know HOW you do it! I swear I feel out of breath by the time I read through –and see all the projects you’re working on at the same time! Really fascinates me! Truly amazing what you accomplish, and with little ones around too!! Love everything, really! The charm square quilt I think is one I should try. I’m really a beginner–tho I’m 83!! At one time I paid a “fee” and got a monthly package of charm squares. I don’t know now how many I got–but they would surely work!! It was fun getting that in the mail though!!

  13. I bought the pattern for the Hawaiian Sunset quilt after seeing it on your blog. I then found I had it marked as one to do when I found my original copy of the magazine. I lost my quilting mojo for now, but felt ok about that because I didn’t think you started this quilt yet! LOL The colors in it aren’t ones I have a lot of in my stash and I didn’t want to buy more fabric until I used up some of what I have. Maybe I will get motivated to quilt since I see you have started the HS quilt.

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