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I had a SUPER busy sewing week this week.  You all are going to be shocked at all I got done.  I was hoping for a weekend to myself but then plans were made with the grandkids so I didn’t think I’d have time but then the plans changed again and I had most of the weekend to myself.

I decided I was going to do a “quilt snowball”.  If any of you are listeners of Dave Ramsey he suggests that if you are in debt to tackle your bills a bill at a time paying off the ones that are the smallest first.  His theory is that by paying off those small bills, you’ll see progress and be excited about sticking with your debt paying.

For me, I decided to tackle some of the projects around here that have been nagging at me.

So…over the week I did what I could to set myself up for a grand sewing weekend.  I got Kelli’s quilt out and figured out a border for it.

The quilt wasn’t very big and it could easily handle a border so…

I measured the size of the blocks and decided to cut the borders at that width.

This is an off-color of blue that’s hard to match.  I found this at the quilt shop the week before.

Here was the borders and matching binding all cut and ready.

Next up I cut borders for my County Fair quilt.  A blog readers asked the print I found for that.  This is it.

What a cute selvage!!

I only cut borders for this.  I don’t know what I’ll do for binding.

When Saturday morning hit.  I was up and sewing right away.  With the “quilt snowball” in mind, I did easy projects first with some Bitcoin units sewn as leader and enders.

Putting on borders was quick.  See? This is ready for the longarm.

The pattern suggested using a plain white on the outer border.  I like this much better.

Then it was borders for Kelli’s quilt.

Another is ready for the longarm.

After that is was time to catch up on my flag blocks.  This is from Lisa Bongean’s American Quilter’s Stitch Along.  Find more info on it HERE.

This is a quilt along.  I was two weeks behind but I’m all caught up now.  Another thing checked off my list.

I am making pinwheel blocks for Eli and Emmett’s baby quilts.  I cut more pinwheels over the week and I decided that I would sew all of them next.

I sewed up a bucket of them and then set them aside.  Later in the day one of my kids called and I ironed them while we talked.

After they were ironed I was 15 blocks short of the 180 blocks that I needed.

Later another one of our kids called and I cut out the extra 15 blocks while we talked and then I sewed them up.  I got all 180 and of the blocks done.  Next up I need to make the tractor blocks for the quilt.

In between all of that I was sewing Bitcoin strips together.  Bitcoin is a Bonnie Hunter pattern that she recently released.

From there I moved on to work on my Lori Holt Red Sampler Quilt Along.  I had cut the “B” piece the wrong size so had to recut them.

…and however many weeks later, I am finished the last of the blocks for the quilt.

I didn’t stop there though.  I went on.

I got the center stitched together and stopped that project there knowing I needed to find fabric for the borders.

This is not my normal style of quilt at all…but I’m pleased with it and I enjoyed quilting along.

Carver needed a quilt for preschool naptime.  I thought this might work.  It would be easy to put together.

The pattern can be found in Lori Holt’s book Spelling Bee.  Find it HERE.

Over naptime, on Thursday and Friday, I had cut out a bunch of squares from recycled shirt fabric.  I sewed them together.

It was super easy sewing.  I did it leader and ender style while I was sewing on other projects.

Before I knew it, I had this…

I didn’t stop there.  I started in on making Carver’s name.

Before I quit at 7pm I had this much done.

WOW…right??  What a lot of sewing.  But wait….there is even more.  I wrote a blog post that will be up tomorrow.  I put the binding on a few charity quilts and I saved all of that for a post tomorrow…and I finished Carver’s quilt on Sunday.  I’ll share all of that in Friday’s post.  It’s all too much for one post.

…and in between it all, sewing things as leaders and enders, I got this far on my Bitcoin quilt.  Oh my…I love the look but I hate sewing the rows together.  There are so many seams to match.  I will finish it because I am loving the look but matching all the seams stinks.

This week I hope to get the Red Sampler quilt borders on.  I also hope to get Eli and Emmett’s baby quilts a little bit closer to done.  I won’t have as much sewing time this week but that’s okay.  I TOTALLY loved the whole “quilt snowball theory”.  It was the perfect plan when I had so many quilts that were so close to becoming tops, binding, or just needing to get one significant step further.  I do have a big pile that needs to be machine quilted now though.  I guess that will be another big push.  Fall is coming though and I always have more quilting time then so that’s totally okay.

What a fun weekend sewing!!

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  1. That blue was perfect for Kelli’s quilt. You had a great week of sewing accomplishments, I hope this weeks goes well no matter what the plans are. Happy stitching!

  2. Your weekend was a total success. I love all the quilt tops you finished, they are so pretty. That blue was perfect for Kelli’s top and that red quilt is just beautiful. You sew so well, your tops are a sight to see.

  3. Wow! I love your “What I’m Working On” posts and this one was a doozey!! You are truly amazing! These quilts are amazing! I’m looking forward to see the progress, especially the babies quilts.

  4. Carmen Montmarquet

    Wow Jo, you are the Superwoman Quilter!!! It has to feel so good you were able to accomplish so muchi in sucg a short time! I really love the colors on Kelli’s quilt! Also love Carver’s new one and can’t wait to see Emmet and Eli’s done, you are so close! You are Awesome!! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  5. Wow! You did accomplish much in the quilting side of your life. Your multi-tasking skills really pay off. I don’t seem to be able to cut or press when I talk on phone, guess I need to use speaker phone more. All the quilts look great. I like the red sampler even though it is out of your norm. Carver’s quilt is also a winner. You inspire me!

  6. Love the idea of the “quilt snowball!” One of the things I don’t enjoy is putting borders on, so I know that slows me down. Love that plus border on the plus quilt!

    1. Yes, that’s a Bonnie Hunter pattern, Carolina Chain, from her book “Addicted to Scraps”. I recognize it because I have made that top, but I still need to quilt it. I should be more like Jo and get with it! Impressive how much she accomplishes, and such beautiful work!

  7. Christie Brehm

    You are a “Quilting Machine” – such an inspiration! I really enjoy seeing what you are working on. Thanks for sharing. HUGS… and stitches

  8. I love the red quilt. Red is also my favorite color. You did a wonderful job of accomplishing so much this past weekend. All the quilts are wonderful. Carver is going to love his quilt. And the baby quilts will also be wonderful. Can’t wait to see them.

  9. What an inspiration you are! Love everything that you accomplished over the weekend!!
    Thank you so much for sharing all of this with all of us….

  10. I’m in the same place. Got a lot that needs doing. So Jo will take a cue from you and try the snowball. Thanks for the inspirtion.

  11. I’m so impressed with all that you’ve accomplished! It’s inspiring us all…. What’s the name of your 9-patch quilt with the blue border?

  12. Ummm, I think I picture you as a tornado whirling through the sewing room. Good GRIEF, when you’re on a mission, it gets accomplished in a very short time. Just amazing what you achieved and I love the projects. But I’m like you..when I first saw Bitcoin on Bonnie’s site, my first thought was all that seam matching and I just said no. Your Lori Holt and Lisa Bongean quilts are both looking so pretty. Carver and Kelli will LOVE their quilts and the border you found for County Fair is PERFECT!! Can’t wait to see what the week brings!! LOL

  13. You’re great to let me know what that fabric is! It’s called Rainbow Sprinkles—perfect name. I loved it and now I’ve ordered it! Beautiful beautiful work you did over the week! Wow!!

  14. Rosie Westerhold

    I have a donation quilt that has needed borders for several YEARS. Borders are cut, I just didn’t want the hassle of putting them on the quilt. I will tackle THAT and binding for another donation quilt today. I like the “snowball quilt” idea. I will have to adopt that in the future.

    I’ve been making Bitcoin, as well. Also found ANOTHER blog with a similar pattern. She used 3” strips, and cut her coins to 6.5” long, I think. That is not a size I keep around so I decided to use 2.5” strips, and cut my coins at 4.5”. This pattern uses “sashing” vertically between the rows, cut at the same length as the coin. Gives it a whole different look. Hoping this is the link:


    So, I have Bonnie’s Bitcoin started as well as this Coin Toss Quilt using 2.5” strips. I have drawers and drawers and boxes and totes and bags of 2.5” strips. Time to use some up!! Pretty mindless sewing, for the most part, then cutting the strips in to pieces when I have more time and energy. LOVE that kind of sewing

  15. Go Jo Go!!!!! An amazing amount of progress this week. I’ll live vicariously through you for now as I just had a knee replacement and cutting/sewing is not in my best interest right now-gotta keep the swelling down!

    Wishing you a fabulous week ahead. :-)

  16. You are the “Energizer Bunny”! You are amazing and so are the quilt tops you shared. I pieced a baby quilt top last week and the week before that and I’m so happy that I’ve got them done. They’re for my niece’s twins. Now to get them quilted.

  17. Christina Coats

    Wowee all that done in a week end . Yikes it would take me a year . Though you have inspired me to clear my sewing table and make room to cut out the 3 lap quilts which have been waiting since Christmas! and get sewing. Thanks for sharing, I love the sampler quilt as red is my favourite colour. I just can’t help myself every time I spot French General, I must have. I surely have enough to make several full size quilts!. Thanks Jo and Well Done.

  18. Wow…I’m exhausted just reading about all you accomplished! Beautiful…I especially love your Red Sampler Quilt…you are motivating me to get going and work on my UFO’s. Thank you for such an enjoyable post!

  19. My goodness you have really been a very busy, productive lady this weekend. You are really setting the bar high for at least me and possibly others too. I’m just hoping that I can get just one or two projects accomplished in the near future. All the projects you shared are lovely and inspiring me to get busy and tackle some of my unfinished projects. You are truly an inspiration to at least me but I am thinking you inspire so many others as well. I’m looking forward to seeing and having more inspiration as the days go by. I think you are an amazing woman!

  20. Judith Fairchild

    Wow that little snow ball you started with is huge by the end of the week. All the quilts are so lovely. Since you don’t Ike to match lots of corners howxabout a skinny strip of sashing to let the stacks show off. Carver’s quilt is so right.

  21. I think you’ve said you’re not much of a pinner, although maybe I’m confusing you with Bonnie Hunter. SOMEBODY said they didn’t pin much. Anyway, for those bitcoin ones that are so annoying to match the seams, it might help to pin those when you’re talking with your kids. Even though you don’t normally pin, that might be the way to get through that extra seam-matching that way. If pinning beforehand is more annoying than seam-matching as you go, ignore my unsolicited advice, please!

    Great job getting all that done! I like the snowball idea.

  22. Only get u on google on my phone. I am responding to a question you asked about samplers in cross stitch. “Do all samplers have an alphabet?” I read somewhere that samplers in the old days were showcases for a stitcher’s skills at certain stitches, so I think they do not have to have an alphabet.

  23. Love your post. It’s so inspirational. I usually work on at least 2 or 3 quilts, or sewing projects at a time. I’m working on a Cardinal wall hanging now that has applique. 2 different drunkard path quilts, one is my own design. I haven’t seen one like it yet. Bless your next week.

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