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I’ve really tried to sneak in more sewing time this week.  I don’t know if I’ve been successful, but I did try.  Anytime I try I seem to get a little more done than normal.

I’ve been so tempted by little things lately.  I started the Red Sampler Quilt Along and have so enjoyed that.  That has lead me to looks at some other things I normally wouldn’t have done.  Have you seen the little quilt flag wall hanging that Temecula Quilt Company put out?  This is it.  (Photo taken from Temecula’s blog)

It’s a free pattern and was so nice of them to offer it.  HERE is the link for the flag pattern.  HERE is a link to their blog where they tell about it.

It was cute but not something I really needed so I changed things up a bit.  I made one flag and made it into a pillow.  Here it is…

I decided to give it a little updo by adding the rustic star, button, and gourd pin.  I got the stars HERE on Amazon and the pins HERE on Amazon.

The pins and stars both come in a big bundle so I’ll be using lots of these in future projects too.  Isn’t it just the cutest??  It was simple and very quick.

The pillow is an easy filler in my dough bowl.  I love how it turned out.  Simple and easy was perfect for me.  It’s so fun to do a quick little project that can be finished in an hour.

I also got sidetracked by this…
Lisa Bongean/American Quilters SAL
Have you seen this??

The quilt along is hosted by Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings.  You can find her blog HERE.  The pattern is being offered for free but Lisa is asking that people make a donation to Hogs for Heros for use of the pattern.

If you want to know what the quilt will look like, check out the picture below from Lisa’s Blog.  Oh my.  You all know I love red, white, and blue.  How could I not make this, right???

Lisa is offering her fabric line available via her shop if you want to make it just like her’s.  Me…I’m using my scraps.  It’s been nice as I’ve been using leftovers from my Red Sampler Quilt Along.  Mine will be a little different as I’m using Civil War Reproduction fabrics.  I am leaning towards shirting fabrics.

I will have to break down and buy some yardage for the sashing.  I can’t remember the last time I went to a quilt store.  I’m guessing a year ago?!

I started with just making the corners block of the main block.

You can see that I was working on the Iowa Hawkeyes tumbler block quilt in between the working on these.

Once I had the four blue corner blocks done, I finished them up by adding the stripes.

I’m late to the game as they are already on blog #3…well #4 now.  So, I was playing catch-up this week.  There are 20 blocks in the quilt so if you want to start, there really is plenty of time to join in.

I’m hoping to get some time to work ahead and get the flag stripes sewn together in advance.  Then each week all I will have to do is make the corner blue block.

I really do love this pattern and am excited to be in yet another quilt along.  I never have done quilt alongs so this all really surprises me that I’m liking it so much!

Speaking of quilt alongs.  I’m working on my Red Sampler quilt along.  This week Lori upped the game.  We are making four blocks…all 12″ ones.

I was able to get them all done.

About half way through the week I did remember why quilt alongs can be frustrating to me.  The answer is this.  I am ready to be done.  I’ve loved it all along but I’m ready.  I’m ready to wrap it up.  I want to move on to another project.  I want the mess of this project cleaned up and put away.

So…I decided to start working ahead.  Coming up down the road, for the setting I want to do, all of the blocks will need to have a border put on them.  I decided to start doing it now…

I ended up having so much momentum that I just stuck with it and bordered all of my finished blocks.

Knowing there were more blocks coming up, I even cut more strips for the border for them.

Then Saturday I watched Lori Holt’s latest video on Youtube…this one.

She ended up giving us a sneak peek at five of the next upcoming blocks.

I got them cut out and started on them too.  They aren’t all finished but I’m so happy they are cut out and I can tackle them in my morning sewing sessions this upcoming week.

This house block is next for me.  I can’t ever remember sewing a house block.  Looks like I’m going to get to make four!

Besides all of that, I finished machine quilting a charity quilt.  I got the binding cut for that.

I bound another charity quilt too.

…and I did some tidying in the sewing room.  I need to do more and all of the extra stitching on the quilt alongs was partly so I could get the sewing room cleaned up a bit.

I have some time off coming up in a couple of weeks.  I am hoping I can dive deep into Eli and Emmett’s baby quilts then so if I have the sewing room cleaned up a bit, that will be so much easier.

…and that my friends, is what I’ve been up to this week in the sewing room.


15 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Check out all the sales at the quilt shops – I took part in the All Iowa Shop Hop that runs till July 31. Most of the fabrics I bought were in the sale rack. Really had a fun time traveling between the shops for the hop.

  2. I’m always so impressed with your piecing, it is just perfect. Even after 16 years of quilting and piecing so many tops, I’m just not there. I can sew a dress great, but piecing a block beautifully is beyond me. I don’t like to wait for any sew alongs, I just dive in and sew until it’s done. All of your work today is very pretty.

  3. Barbara Snyder

    I chuckled thoughout reading your post, Jo. I feel the same way too, I call it the “what’s next, hurry up” syndrome. Always planning ahead, looking ahead. (It’s a good thing, right?)
    Unlike you, though, I love quilt-a-longs. And there is only one quilt designer that I don’t have “what’s next” syndrome with and that is Sarah Fielke. She makes beautiful gigantic quilts with lots of applique and most of the time I am waaaay behind schedule.
    I can think of two other designers off the top of my head that understand this problem–Pat Sloan and Barbara Brackman. Early on in their quilt-a-longs they give out instructions for finishing–settings, borders, etc., so you can “work ahead”.
    My goal today is to sew all day, after daily chores, gardening, and exercise. Number one on the list is to cut out all the stripes for the American Quilter’s SAL. And sew the FOUR blocks so I can be caught up as well. I watched Lisa cut out her stripes and it looked doable.
    Thank you for all you do. There are several of us in my quilting bee that follow you and I can’t tell you how much we enjoy your posts. You are a constant inspiration to us.

  4. Margaret in North Texas

    Planning and executing–that’s the key to getting work done in the sewing room and you are a master at it! You enjoy the journey and fit it in to the rest of your activities and busy life. Have a great week Jo!!

  5. Your quilt along blocks are terrific. Makes me want to start both projects. I’ve followed along as they’ve been sewing on them but haven’t’ YET started myself. It’s not too late! Have a great week!

  6. Judith Fairchild

    I so enjoy seeing what you’re doing. I am not a planner. I just get an idea or pattern and start playing with it. I do plan the size, colors and amount of material for the project then add at least a quarter to half yard for possible disasters. Eventually getting things done. I started a simple quilt for a friend, breezed through the separate parts. Then when I put it together it was easy as I put the sections in rows. When I started adding the last row the weight of the quilt kept pulling the seam out from under the needle. So I had to wait till I had a helper to hold the weight. Today I get to start binding then done. Halelujah! Oh it’s a California king size.

  7. OK. LOVE RED/ WHT Q. Now my issues, looked at her ?,site, do i have to buy all her books that have squares. I can’t figure out how to get the list of the squares, or instructions, if there are some. I have a assume collection of reds, undecided if using 1 white throught of any number to give “sparkle”, to the q. Also, winter white or cream white, ( lots of possibilities there). BUT. The maps for making OR just make it up as i go. I have 3 quilting patterns with a. 101 patterns; b. 500 patterns; c. 1001 patterns. Bound to find something likable. ANY advice or help is welcome. I’ve been a quilter for about 50+ years. Thank you in advance.

    1. You really need three of her books if you want to do it like hers. I’m sure you could find some patterns online that were 6″ or 12″ finished.

      1. Karin Callander

        You’ve accomplished quite a lot!! I don’t care much for cimmu it sew alongs cuz everyone’s comes out pretty much they same! I like having everything ready and sewing all the blocks at once, then put to g them all together. I’m with you, let’s get er done! We are battened down for Elsa, due in tomorrow night, I think she’ll be far enough into the gulf she’ll just be a fizzle for us.

  8. Stephani in N. TX

    I love your red and white quilt, the red tones work well with each other and with the lights you have chosen. I’m not much of a quilt along stitcher. I have my own drummer in my head for what I do next. Nearing 200 quilts, I’m slowing down, but not stopping. However I sure can see where having future blocks and measurements are helpful for a QAL. Some stitchers are always catching up and others need a look ahead to coordinate the cutting , etc. in order to stay caught up.

  9. Your family is such a blessing, love those grandbabies! Thanks for the info on the Hogs for Heroes, I’ve subscribed to Lisa’a blog so will keep up with the process. I’m not really good at finishing week by week so
    will follow along till I can do it all at once. I enjoy your blog so much ,thank you.

  10. I’m broken hearted! I can no longer find you on Bloglovin”. Are you sick, or have you withdrawn form them? I very much miss your twice daily posts! Please let us know why we can no longer get your posts.

  11. I love your idea to make the flag block into a pillow—but I REALLY love your idea of putting it into a dough bowl!!! I’ve always wanted an authentic dough bowl but yikes the price!! I just have a smaller bowl.

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