What I’m Working On…

I’ve been a busy girl.  I haven’t gotten a ton of quilting done, but a respectable amount considering I’ve been busy with other things.

I got two of my Red Sampler Quilt Along blocks done one morning before childcare.

The next day I finished the next block.
With that, I was done with the red sampler.

That left me time to get my batik charm square quilt finished…well not finished.  The top is together.  I ironed it too.  Next up backing and then on to the quilt machine.

When it’s super hot like it had been I don’t spend tons of time in the sewing room.  It’s the room in the house that is farthest away from the furnace and air conditioning so the room tends to be cool in the winter and hot in the summer.   I have an air conditioner that I can put in the window but I don’t like it and then I have to move around my plants.  I just work things so that I sew early in the morning or in the late evening.  It works.

At some point, I might see about putting a split unit upstairs.  We had talked about that when we remodeled the house but the budget was getting tight and that was something we could live with…and honestly, I still can easily live with it.

I made some progress on this…It’s my County Fair quilt.  I have the opposite corner done this far too.  Carver and Gannon are showing it off for me.  Aren’t they getting big??

Every day over naptime I pin the next row on each side…then either that evening or the next morning, I sew it down.  It’s been working nicely.  I often use this method for sewing quilt tops together that need to be pinned.  That way two rows get added to the project each day.

County Fair comes from the book Scrap School.

I am making mine a little bigger than the original in the book.  It’s taken a little time to figure out how many extra blocks I need to make and how many extra sashing pieces I need to cut.

I have fabrics pulled and plan to start on the baby quilts for Kelli’s boys next.

I already told you it will be a version of this quilt…

As is it is too big for the boys so I’ll be making it smaller.  How much smaller, no clue yet.  I’ll likely just start cutting and sewing.  It’s me to just start sewing without a real firm plan.

As I said before, one quilt will have a blue tractor as that’s the kind of tractor Papa Moo (Kramer liked).  That will be Eli’s and Emmett’s tractor will be green.  I started pulling for the blue version.  Mine will be cut from all shirts.

The pattern is in Lori Holt’s Farm Girl Vintage book.  Find it HERE on Amazon.

I really want to get this started this week.  The hope is to get it cut out and hopefully a couple pinwheel blocks made.

That’s what I’m up to in the sewing room.  I’ll try to get a cross stitch post written soon too.  I’ve finished two projects I’m excited to share.

16 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Maureen Toole

    Shaking my head in wonder and amusement as I ponder how you get all this done. You’re doing a great job and certainly blessed with excellent scheduling skills, big heart, and love.

  2. Christina Coats

    Hi Jo
    Love the pinwheels and tractor quilt, please where can I find it? Have 2 boys to make quilts for as well.
    Love the red blocks also, have so much French General material that needs using up!!!
    Looking forward to seeing your cross stitch projects.

  3. I finally broke down and bought the book that Country Fair is in, the pictures looked too fantastic not to buy it. If you can, please show us how you enlarged the pattern. It’s not really easy sometimes to do it. Both of your quilts are coming along really nice and yes, these two grandsons look cute.

  4. You have accomplished much again. I really like your red blocks. The fabrics are very pretty and look great in the patterns. The boys are so cute – love seeing them.

  5. I really dislike the window air conditioners. For years I put one in and then back out of the window of my work room. It got so I couldn’t do it alone anymore and I hated that I couldn’t see out that window when it was. I got one of the portable air conditioners and it is on wheels. The part that exhausts out the window is about 6″ tall and expands to fill the width of the window. It really is a blessing for me as I take in quilting work now. My room is quite big, probably close to the size of your room Jo. It cools nicely. When not in use I wheel it into a closet. Love how your projects are turning out.

    1. Judith Fairchild

      Yez your grandsons are getting big and if possible cuter. The red sampler quilt blocks are so pretty. You have so much energy. We’re having our 1st cool day in around a month. It was 80°last night at 11:00. 64 right now so glad. Your tractor quilts are going to be great.

  6. Love your projects. The red squares are beautiful! The twins quilts will be so wonderful with shirts, so soft and snuggly!

  7. Such great projects in the works! Love that tractor quilt pattern. That’s going to be so cute! Will any of Papa Moo’s shirts be incorporated into the baby quilts?

  8. Judith Fairchild

    Yez your grandsons are getting big and if possible cuter. The red sampler quilt blocks are so pretty. You have so much energy. We’re having our 1st cool day in around a month. It was 80°last night at 11:00. 64 right now so glad. Your tractor quilts are going to be great.

  9. Margaret in North Texas

    Your sampler quilt, I really like–that will be beautiful when finished. Nice colors in the charm quilt! too! Your “not firm when starting plan” works well–you get started and it’s kinda fun to plan along.

  10. I can’t believe how much progress you’ve made on your Scrap School quilt, Jo!! It’s good to hear that your plan is coming together for quilts for the twins. Congrats on getting your batik scrap top assembled and happy quilting!

  11. My goodness but you are a very busy lady with all the things you get accomplished every day. I am really liking the red blocks and eventually the quilt you will be putting together with the red blocks. It is going to be beautiful and you have inspired me to start making a red quilt of some type.
    You are a very blessed woman.

  12. Love the Red Sampler blocks–and the ones in this blog especially–I’m so partial to the Pinwheels ! But the 2nd lg block is amazing—and they ALL are. Will be beautiful and can’t wait to see your finished quilt top–finished quilt period!!
    The boys are SO cute–and so precious too– growing like a weed –in the hot days of summer, even if it is dry in Iowa. It is dry in Maine too!!
    If only I could accomplish all that you manage to get done — but at my age, know it isn’t likely going to happen!! Sometimes I’m busy enough or occupied with other things and then realize I haven’t read your blog yet. Can’t tell you how many times your words have brought on tears… have had similar experience -with the being widowed young –cancer the culprit- 2 kids still in high school. The lack of pictures -true didn’t take enough. Wasn’t as easy 36 years ago though! Could go on and on -but best not! Thanks for all the words of wisdom that mean so much to many of your readers!!

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