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I don’t know what happened but this was scheduled to post on Tuesday.  For some reason it missed posting.  Here it is now…

It was a rainy week here in NE Iowa this last week.  We had several days it was either too cold or too wet to be outside.  That left me with a little time in the house and I worked hard to use it to my best advantage.  I had a lot of family around so I didn’t get tons done…but some.

I’m still working on my Lori Holt Red Sampler Quilt Along.  This was the block from the previous week that I didn’t have done.  It’s done now.

Early in the week over naptime, I cut out all three of the latest blocks, and then one evening I sewed them together.  All of this week’s blocks were from the Farm Girl Vintage 2 book.

I am still amazed that I’m enjoying this.  Typically I get about this far into a quilt along and I quit.  I have no signs at this point of quitting.  I’m happy about that.  I believe we should be at the halfway point not too so that’s promising.

In between working on these blocks, I have a simple charm square quilt in the works.  This one is of all batiks.  I had a blog reader send me a bunch of squares and then I cut more squares from other batiks that had been sent to me along with some of mine.  When I cut for this, I tried to pull the “odd” batiks out of my stash.  Some I find the colors too sharply contrast in the fabric…meaning some aren’t blue, they are pink/blue/purple and they are hard to use in the style of quilts I make.

I also pulled any pieces of mine that were smaller in size to use them up.

Using these cuts up in this was perfect.  I have five rows together and several others started.  I love the anything-goes approach.

I am on no timeline with this quilt…no deadline.  I know it will go for charity or a benefit once I get it finished but for now, it’s just a leader and ender.

I did actually work on a quilt.  It wasn’t what I should be working on…It’s a project from Scrap School.

I mentioned here on the blog that anyone who wanted could sew along and make the quilts from the book as I made mine.  I’m seriously hoping to make most of the quilts in this book.

For me… the first up will be this quilt… County Fair.

I mentioned last week that I need to make a quilt for one of my childcare kiddos for Christmas.  I typically give a quilt to my kids as they enter kindergarten.  This little girl needs one.  I liked this quilt and think it would be perfect for her…plus I have scrap that needs to be used up…So it’s a match made in heaven!

I pulled my scrap bucket and started sorting…

Then got into cutting.

I’m not worrying about how many pieces I am cutting.  I hate counting and being precise.

besides, I decided if I cut too many I would just make this quilt next…

Being I want to make pretty much all of the quilts in the book, this works for me.

I’m making a really simple goal for myself on the County Fair quilt.  I want to get five blocks done a week.  That’s not much and I should be able to manage that even with the busy life I’ve had lately…and the lawn and garden.

So if you want to join me in making this one, I’d love for you to jump right in.  As you can see, I’m making this at a really easy pace so you can keep up.  I am excited to at least have a plan and a start…even if it’s only a little start.

That’s what I was up to this week…stop back next week and see if I was able to reach my goal of five blocks…and my red sampler blocks.

7 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. The red squares are very pretty, so I sure the quilt will be also. I like the scrappy quilts you are making. It looks fun and fast, so anxious for updates along the way.

    1. I love the County Fair quilt and Two Step. I should try them, I also have plenty of scraps I could get rid of. Can’t wait to see how yours will turn out, you always make such beautiful quilts!

  2. I apologize for my attempt to comment. I just don’t know what I’m doing and always loose it along the way. I will certainly stop trying. Keep on, Jo & keep calm

  3. That IS a great book with so many pretties. I’ve got too many projects going on at the moment but I’ll be following your progress!

  4. Patt Weimar,
    Please don’t stop trying to comment! We only get better at it with practice. Give yourself some grace.

  5. Mary Etherington

    Hi, Jo! I have no business starting a new quilt but I think I’ll sew along with you on this one because I’ve liked it from the start – you inspire me to set goals!

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