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My crazy life continues.  Thankfully I had Saturday to catch up a little bit.

I’ve been trying to get my Maker’s Market quilt finished.  I’ve been hustling all week without any real time to really sew.  Every day I would pin a row or two over naptime and then the next morning before childcare I would sew what I had pinned.

By Saturday morning all I had left to do was sew on the last couple of rows…but then I realized I didn’t make enough sashing rows so have to make one more.

I got the top together on Saturday afternoon.  Then it was time to give it a really good ironing.  I smiled as I went through the blocks.  I really wanted the quilt to have the same feel as the one I was inspired by so periodically I did things like this…made due and subbed in an “off” piece.

The background prints were supposed to all match, but occasionally they didn’t.  It was more like a utility quilt our grandmothers might have made.  I loved it and it made me smile.

After that, I made a backing.  I got that ironed and the quilt is loaded onto the machine.

That’s when I decided to take a break and do some things I needed to get done in the sewing room.  I put a few things away…there’s more to clean but I have a start.

I used my hemostat and fixed the string in my hoodie.  If you don’t have a hemostat, they are so useful and I recommend them.  They are technically designed for medical use but I use them all the time.  If I’m sewing and need to turn something small right side out, I reach the hemostat in and grab the inside.  They are a must-have tool for me.  Find them HERE on Amazon.  I use them around the house too.  The other day when my brother Jay was here, he used them to fix the dishwasher.

Then I decided it was time to sew something for me…no deadline.  I found these leftover blocks and thought to make a table topper for in my living room.

I decided to set them with alternate blocks.  I opened my 2 1/2″ bin that is OVERFLOWING and grab some squares.

In no time at all I had this.  Dang.  I want to make this quilt sized.  I love it.

OOPS.  In the picture, I can see I have one four-patch turned.  It’s an easy enough fix.

Here is a close-up picture of it.  It’s completely scrappy and is all just 2″ finished four patches with alternate squares.  I can definitely see a large quilt like this in the future.

It might even put a dent in my scrap buckets.  I’d expand on this and make it bigger but I don’t think I can match the white squares.  So, for this one, little is going to be okay.

My plan is to make this a couple of rows wider and call it good.  I counted and do have enough four patches for that.  This is so awesome.  It will be a cute quick little finish…that is after the deadline quilt gets done.

I really should have kept going with that and got it machine quilted but I so just needed to do something that was for me.  I have more plans that I want to show you with little quilts but for now, this is all I’m sharing.

With that…I’m off.  I’m writing this on Saturday night.  I am getting together with the kids tomorrow and then staying over and hanging with Buck’s girls on Monday.  I can’t wait!!  I’ll let you how things went and overload you with pictures of our day later in the week.

11 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Christina Coats

    Hi Jo
    Hope your Easter weekend is full of joy and fun with your family.
    Haemostats are well known to us over here they are the must have item if you are a soft toy maker Makes stuffing the actual toy so much easier and are brilliant for turning items inside out.
    Happy Easter everyone.

  2. Christina Coats

    Hi Jo
    Hope your Easter weekend is full of joy and fun with your family.
    Haemostats are well known to us over here they are the must have item if you are a soft toy maker Makes stuffing the actual toy so much easier and are brilliant for turning items inside out.
    Happy Easter everyone.

  3. I love the fabric sub! Makes me smile! And love the quilts! Just sew squares together I say. I spent the week sewing with my granddaughter and making doll clothes. She is six and spent Saturday morning pitching a fit. Wasn’t pretty.

  4. Hope your weekend with your family is great! I really love your Maker’s Market and can’t wait to see it finished! It’s beautiful.it took me a long time to find your substitute block. Then I moved on to your four patches and that’s so cute! I see why you want to makes bigger one. Once again it took me way too long to find your turned block! I guess I haven’t had enough coffee yet!

  5. I like the little quilt and can see why you would like to make a bed size quilt like it. What an excellent way to use your scraps. I am so anxious to see your “deadline” quilt when you are free to show it. It was a beautiful day yesterday so hoping you had a great time with all the family.

  6. Sherry Whalen

    Cute little quilt! Just what I need is another ‘idea’! lol Here is what I do to keep my hoodie strings (and pants drawstrings) from disappearing — I take matching thread and center the string and sew a line or two across the top of the hoodie string (or center back of the pants) with machine or by hand. It seems to keep those strings from pulling out during the washer/dryer cycles and it doesn’t really affect the function of the hoodie string.

  7. Your little four patch topper is darling and sometimes a girl just wants to stitch for fun. Hope your week end of family time was filled with lots of laughs and building of memories. Enjoy it all.

  8. Happy that your Maker’s Market is done and on the longarm. What a relief for you! SEW glad that you took some time to sew just for yourself, Jo! You need that every once in a while.

  9. I am making a similar quilt out of 4-patches and squares. The pattern is “Wilderness Road” by Red Crinoline Quilts. The squares and 4-patches are 3″ finished, and the quilt is 72″ x 84″ without borders. Mine is very scrappy for both the light and medium-dark fabrics. I like your smaller quilt, also. Please show us the finished quilt when it is done.

  10. When i saw your little quilt I thought, i can do that, i have a bucket of 2-1/2 in squares and 5 ” squares….so I started sewing..mine is about double the size of what yours is in picture, i think i will add a border and this top will be done. Thanks for the idea.

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