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If you read my Friday post telling you about my crazy week, you probably already guessed that I didn’t get a lot of sewing done.  Read that post HERE if you missed it.

I had a few minutes on Saturday and did a little embroidery floss organization.  It was one of those things I really shouldn’t have started as didn’t have enough time to finish it so…I had to put it all away before I was finished.

At the start of the week, I thought I needed 14 more Makers Market blocks.  Saturday I worked really hard after I got home from a day with Kalissa (more on that in tonight’s post) and thought I had them all finished.  I just love these blocks, don’t you?

I thought that I was able to finish them all but rather than count the blocks, I decided that I would start sewing them together in rows.  If I needed more in the end, I’d just make more.

Well, darn it.  I got all of the blocks sewn into rows only to find I was four blocks short.  Luckily had more blocks cut out so I started the last four.  About then it was getting late and if I was going to get any cross stitch time, I needed to call it quits for the night.

Sunday morning I was up and in the sewing room.  That’s when I realized I might as well stop sewing the Markers Market quilt blocks and focus on finishing Karl’s quilt.  I had the backing loaded on the frame and I’ve made a rule.  If the backing is one the frame, it doesn’t come off unless it’s quilted.  So…I loaded the quilt top for Karl.

Then took a break to go to church.

The rest of my Sunday was filled with working on this quilt…

The minute it was done I went right to binding it.

Happily, it’s done!  I didn’t get everything together for a blog post to show it to you but it is done!!  YAHOO!!
Starting this morning I am back full speed ahead on the Markers Market quilt.  I almost have the rows together.  If I have a good week, I’ll have it together and finished by this time next week…but who knows.  I’m not going to count my chickens.

I was really excited that so many of you said you were going to cave to the pressure and buy this quilt book:  Scrap School: 12 All-New Designs from Amazing Quilters put together by Lissa Alexander.

I reviewed it on Saturday, find that HERE if you missed it, and said you are welcome to sew along with me and as I make several of these quilts.  I’ve paged through the book many evenings before bed wondering which I should make first.  I still can’t decide…but as soon as I finish up the Makers Market quilt, I’m starting one of these for sure.  I’m so excited!!

That’s all from me on the quilting front…

15 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. So happy you finished Karl’s quilt – always exciting! He will love it I’m sure. I like the quilting you did – what I could see of it. I really like the Makers Market blocks too. That will be another beautiful quilt. Have a great week.

  2. I also love the quilt blocks you are working on.. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt. During the pandemic I have renewed my interest in cross stitch and I’m interested in how you organize your floss. I hope you might be able to expand on that in one of your future blogs. I look forward to reading your blog every day. Thank you, Jo, for your positivity and inspiration!

  3. Margaret in North Texas

    Karl will be delighted with his quilt and I too love the quilting pattern. So nice to have a another finish.
    You are a master at organizing your work and getting it done.

  4. Laurie Lauricella

    I caved and bought the book!!!!! My working on Plus Fun and a spiderweb string but when one of them is done i am going to start one from this book

  5. Karl’s quilt looks great – love the pattern you choose to quilt it. Also can’t wait for the Maker’s Market pattern – it is beautiful!!

  6. So glad that you finished Karls quilt, just in time for his new home purchase. Yea! I really like the Scrap school quilt book review that you did, but do I need another book??? but I do love the quilts that you showed us and I could quilt along with Jo……okay, down the rabbit hole I go! lol
    I’m telling my husband that Jo made me do it!! he will chuckle at that.

  7. Judith Fairchild

    Love Karl’s quilt, jobe well done. The maker’s market quilt eill be gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing it.

  8. That book does have a lot of beautiful quilts, but I’m making some of (eventually most, I’m sure) the quilts from Pieced Flower Quilts!

  9. My copy of the book arrived today! It came a week ahead of what my Amazon order gave for expected arrival date! I love your “rule of thumb” suggestion regarding purchasing a book. There were at least three or four patterns that excited me. I’m thinking my first will be Scrappy Dots and Dashes. It’s my favourite! So glad you told us about this book.

  10. I too am looking forward to Karl’s quilt reveal post. Love the colors and quilting. Also an update on his new home and how he’s settling in “just around the corner!”

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