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I didn’t get a lot done this week…well at least for me.  I ended with a lot of time behind the computer.  We had some more family time than usual squeezed into the week too.

Here I’m helping Carver practice reading. He’s a smart cookie.  Can you believe he’s four and really doing a good job?   Right now we are just working on Dick and Jane books.

Kelli stayed one night and we tried to stitch…

Georgie was reading books while we stitched.  She loves books.

But back to my quilting…
I told you a couple of weeks ago that I submitted a quilt to American Patchwork and Quilting.  It’s a Spring quilt with Tulips.  For now, I’m calling it Tulip Bed.  Who knows what the magazine will call it.  I’m in love with the quilt and can’t wait to tell you the whole story about it complete with LOTS of pictures.  For now, I can show you this…yep, there are some chain blocks in the pattern.

Moda Fabrics was AWESOME and sent me what I need for the quilt beside the scrappy red fabrics.  The second it arrived in the mail, I was cutting away.

I did manage to film a video this week.  It’s a Sew with Jo.  I am working on sewing the nine patches in the video.  You can click to play or you can watch it HERE on the big screen.

My morning project that I’m working on is this simple block quilt for Karl.  I had hoped to get it into a top, but computer work kept me from the sewing machine.  Oh well…

I did make some progress so I’m going to celebrate that!!

Did you see the sneak peek of the Christmas quilt that was shipped out last week?

It’s one of those weeks when last week’s goals become this week’s goals.  I’ll be honest, I had some lofty goals!!  It was a reality check week. We all have them.

I did submit yet another quilt to American Patchwork and Quilting.  This is after the Tulip Bed quilt.  This one is called Maker’s Market.  I did some background work for it getting fabric ordered and figured out.  More on this quilt to come.  I’m on a roll with American Patchwork and I’m loving it.  I hope you have a subscription as there are going to be lots of quilts from Jo’s Country Junction in the next year!

20 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    American Patchwork & Quilting is my favorite! I am looking forward to seeing your quilts in it. Congratulations!

  2. Your quilts are the whole reason I have a subscription! Maybe someday I’ll actually get one made. Right now, I just enjoy looking at them. I’m liking all the ones you’ve given us perks into!

  3. Loved your Sew with Jo video. Carry on making them just as you have been doing. It’s a great format.
    The Tulip Bed quilt is looking good. I also like making 9 patches, sometimes using the strip set method, sometimes from individual squares as I always have a box of those cut from scraps. Your tool for cutting apart the sewn blocks is a good idea, haven’t seen one of those before.

  4. Hello from California!

    What do you mean when you are making a quilt for publication and say something such as, “Moda Fabrics was AWESOME and sent me what I need for the quilt…” Just curious, are they providing fabric gratis or did they just expedite your personal order?

  5. How great that Carver is learning to read already! Kids are quite smart now days, for sure. I am anxious to see more of the tulip quilt since I really like tulips. I’m sure I will like it. How fun you and Kelli could hang out together and stitch. I like the way your daughters are following you and doing sewing and stitching.

  6. Yes, I subscribed to American P & Q when you showed the Halloween quilt going there :). Looking forward to seeing all your future quilt patterns ! Glad you got some family time and Miss Georgia is too cute. I LOVE all the reds! That is going to be so pretty. Karl’s quilt top is nice and colorful and I know he will love it ! You accomplish so much :)

  7. I keep my American Patchwork and Quilting subscription because you are in it quite often. This year is going to be a win for me with all you patterns. Yea! What a nice week you have had with family. Georgia is too cute, reading her book and look at Carver go!

  8. Margaret in North Texas

    Can’t wait to get a peek at the “Tulip Bed” quilt ” pieced into a top, love the colors. Sometimes it is good to have a little slower week and with ” family time” as the fill in. You always meet your deadlines ahead of schedule so celebrate any progress!!

  9. Jo, just love the red blocks and can’t wait to maybe see what they become. Love Karl’s blocks too!! And of course the Christmas one.. You are one busy lady, and you inspire me to step outside of my comfort box. I never thought I could do these kinds of quilts, with all these small pieces, but with your instructions and constant showing of all you sew together I’ve been able to really do these kinds of quilts. And most of all, be proficient enough to actually complete a few. Thanks so much for all that you do.

  10. I love Karl’s quilt so far! No doubt I’ll love the rest of it too. What size are the squares you are using?
    I made a quilt I named Tulip Beds a few years ago. Can’t wait to see if yours looks anything like mine, but I doubt it. lol, No 9P in mine.
    Keep up all the amazing work you do!!

  11. I’ll have to check out the American Patchwork and Quilt. I think i had gotfen several years ago. I do like youe tulip bed quilt. The colors for Carl’s quilt are they from shirts too?

  12. Karl’s quilt will be so soft and nice. Georgia is beautiful. Looks like her mother. I just renewed my American Patchwork and Quilting. The only ones I get now are that and Quiltmaker so I can get Bonnie Hunter’s blocks.

  13. I’ve subscribed to APQ since day one of the magazines existence. My only complaint about the magazine is it arrives two to three weeks, or more, after it is available for sale in shops. So disappointing to have a subscription and have it arrive so late. I recently mentioned this on Instagram and had three people respond having the same complaint. It used to be we got our subscription a few days before it was available in the shops, but not anymore. I’m looking forward to seeing your beautiful quilts in future issues.

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