What I’m Working On…

I’ve done pretty well this week in the quilting department.

I got the Halloween quilt sent out on Monday.  YAHOO!!

Before the quilt went out I filmed a video about the quilting motif I did on it.  I call it Pumpkins on the vine.  You can watch it here.   If you aren’t into machine quilting but love dogs, you might want to watch the video.  Our little Rosie makes a guest appearance.  Just click and it will play or you can watch via Youtube HERE.

Here it is getting the final touches on the binding…I did an orange scrappy binding to include more of your scraps!

Many-many thanks to all of you who helped make the quilt happen.  I can’t thank you enough for all the Halloween fabric you sent my way!!

A smart person might take a breath and enjoy a couple of days with no pressure of deadline quilts but not me.  I put together another design and submitted it to American Patchwork and Quilting.  This one is spring-like and I’m in love with it.  I’ve had the design for a while but the measurements weren’t working out.  I think the original design came about back in 2015 or so.  Back then I was drafting quilts in the computer program WORD.

Fast forward to 2020 and I learned to use EQ.  With Kayla’s help, we redrafted it using EQ.  We were able to clean up some of the problem areas and I’m more in love with it than ever!!

So I submitted that and it was accepted right away.  After it was accepted I had to get a fabric order in.  I always try to get the fabric in ASAP so I can start before the deadline is super close.

While I wait for that, other quilting thing happened.

I got the center of the Spider Web string quilt together…

I love the red.  With the center done, that means it was time to start working on the piano keyboard border…

It’s so awesome to have these strips already cut.  All I had to do was pop the lid and start sewing.

This was my morning sewing project.  I get up about 1/2 an hour earlier than I really need to and sew most weekday mornings.  I love having an easy project like this to work on to start my day off.  Plus I feel good all day long knowing I got a little bit of sewing in.

I ironed and cut the piano keyboard pieces oven nap then HAPPILY I got a snow day.  We had terrible weather here on Thursday and I ended up having no childcare on Thursday AND Friday.  So what did I do?  SEW!!

Thursday I got the borders put on my Spider Web String quilt.

Then I got it loaded on the frame and started the quilting process.  I am doing some custom quilting so it’s taking a bit longer.  I’m hoping to have it all finished and ready to show you by Friday.  YAHOO!!

I’m so close to having another one finished.  I’m hoping I can show you pictures on Friday of a finished quilt.  YAHOO!!

From there I checked out my UFO list.  Hmm.  What should be next?

I finished cutting up my shirts so I think next up will be a shirt quilt.  I have three (I think) on my UFO list so that sounds perfect.

I also have my gray quilt that is on my UFO list.  I did move that forward on the list a little bit.  I took my Bella Solids chart and found a match for the gray fabric and ordered more.  I’m still not sure how I’m going to finish these blocks but having the gray on hand will give me options.

While I was ordering I also got some purple fabric.  Kelli asked me to make a doll quilt for Georgia for her birthday that coordinates with the baby quilt I made Georgia.  That quilt used this shade of purple so I ordered that too.

The doll quilt for Georgia is on my immediate radar and so is the next deadline project.  This one is a scrappy Christmas quilt.  Watch for peeks of them coming up over the next couple of weeks.

That’s what is mostly happening in my sewing room!

17 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Love the red center to the spider web quilt! Really makes everything pop and looks so cheery! Congratulations on making great progress with your UFO’s. Have a good day

  2. Hi Jo, I am interested in making the spider web string quilt. I bought a template for the kite shaped piece that fits a 5″ square. I cant seem to find the dimensions for the triangle paper. Could you share that with me? Thanks for sharing your talent, family and recommendations with us!

  3. Your red Spider quilt is coming on beautifully. The piano keys border sounds lovely. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished quilt. The purple solid is a beautiful shade. Does it have a name?

  4. I love Bonnie Hunter’s quilts and have several of her books. However, I hate her directions ! They are wordy to say the least. There are so many better pattern writers out there, like you. I love making shirt quilts and frequently have several going on at once (if I am cutting pieces for one I may as well cut pieces for another). Any other good patterns out there for shirt quilts?

    1. Peggy…
      If you have trouble with the directions from her books, I suggest simple following the directions at a glance. If you can’t follow the direction from there, then go back and read only the portion you need.

  5. Shirley Hartley

    Hi Jo I just love R earring your blog Every morningAnd was also wondering where to find your Spider Web pattern I do have some of Bonnie Hunter books but don’t have that pattern Thanks so much. Shirl ey Reply

  6. The Halloween quilt video is great :) Loving the spiderweb quilt – still need to start mine but don’t know which color to choose for the background. It’s beautiful and I love the quilting :)

  7. I have the spiderweb quilt on my to do list. When I saw your red background, I was inspired. I have the triangle papers and template from missouri star for the spiderweb. I have 4 tops to quilt, then I can start my spiderweb.

  8. You have some great quilts coming and I can hardly wait to see the finished products. You accomplish so much, but it is inspiring to me. Thanks for taking the time to video and write your blogs.

  9. Margaret in North Texas

    Spiderweb and Halloween quilts both beautiful. Love your video on the pumpkin design. What is the width of strip for the piano key border? Thanks

  10. Jo, you are the hardest worker I know! All the beautiful quilts, your blog, all your daycare babies as well as taking care of your family! I know they all appreciate and love you.

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