What I’m Working On…

I had a busy week and in the end, I was surprised with as much as I accomplished.

I finished the machine quilting on my Holy Toledo quilt.  Oh, I love this quilt!!

I even tackled the binding.

I’m hoping to get pictures taken and a blog post written so I can show the quilt off the quilt later this week.

I am ahead on… my cutting up shirts challenge.  Did you see the challenge I put out last week for anyone to join me in getting their shirts cut up?  I had been doing great keeping up with the easy “one shirt a day”…but then, one day last week I decided the heck with it and I finished up the rest of the bag of shirts all in one sitting.  I started with four bags and am down to two left.  I’m pleased.

After I finished the bag I thought “why not just take a few days off”…but I know where that kind of thinking can lead…NOWHERE.  So I grabbed two shirts while supper was cooking the next day and cut them up.

If you missed that post, you can find it HERE.  I also did a video on how I cut up shirts with a rotary cutter.  Here is that is you missed that too.

How are you all doing on the cutting up shirts challenge??

I’ve also made SLOW progress on this…I added a sashing row.  My goal is to keep adding one more row each week until I’m finished.  I know that sounds like a small goal, but right now, it’s all I can muster.

My steam for this project is gone.  I do love the quilt, I’m just not “feeling” it right now but I don’t want to put it away or it will be that much harder to pull out.

I am slowly moving my spider web string blocks along too.  It’s way slow and that’s okay.  Some progress is better than none.  I sewed all the half blocks this week and over nap time one day, I pinned them together.  I’ll put these through the machine in one of my morning sewing sessions this week.  Then hopefully iron them over nap time.  Little by little, it’s happening.

On tap for this week…I plan to finish the Halloween quilt.  The top is done so it shouldn’t be too much to finish it up.  It’s due mid-February and that is just around the corner.  This week I just needed a little breather with no deadline screaming at me.  So I put it off…now this week it will be on the front burner.

I did hit some milestones on a couple of my cross stitch projects.  I’ll wait and tell you about that in a cross-stitch update.

I did a post on Friday about my quilts from 2014.  There was a glitch with it and the quilts didn’t all show.  It’s fixed now.  You can find it HERE if you want to try again.

18 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Jo, I just LOVE the plaid backing with your Holy Toledo quilt top! Major score! Adding a row of sashing to that quilt is not a “small goal”- it’s not like you’re just adding a solid piece of fabric. Keep on keepin’ on!

  2. Love the Holy Toledo quilt! Almost makes me want to find more shirts to collect!

    What is the name of the pattern of the quilt on the frame that you just added a row of sashing to this week? I really love that one and think it would be a good one for some of the Civil War fabrics I have.

    Thought of you Saturday – we were at my 5th grade granddaughters basketball game at Turkey Valley and stopped and ate at the bar in Waucoma. Nice people run it! Enjoyed our conversation with our waiter!

    Thanks Jo!


    1. Oh Janet. You certainly could have stopped!! We love the bar in Waucoma. Chicken and Rib night is Wednesday night and it’s our favorite…and mushroom and swiss burgers!! In reply to Ellie.
      The other quilt is the Old World Fantasy Mystery that Quilting Twins did last year. The pattern is still available for free..Here is the link https://www.quiltedtwins.com/mystery-quilt.htm

      1. Pretty sure my husband would have been bored if the two of us got together with him along! Some day I’ll stop when he isn’t along and when I don’t have to worry about infecting you with this virus.


  3. Great work! Your Holy Toledo is fabulous and I cant wait for the pictures! What is the name of the quilt your adding the sashing to? I don’t recall seeing this before. But then I don’t remember everything.

  4. Both quilts are beautiful! Nothing wrong with setting small goals. Who knows you may get at a point where you are excited by it and then steam roll ahead. It is a beautiful quilt! You have so many projects in the works, just a job to decide which one to work on and you do great!

  5. I tackled the shirt bag the other day and wound up finishing 3 shirts while starting and stopping your video. I, too, need a new blade in my cutter. But I’m excited about what I got done. Now to find a good place to store those yummy parts. Thanks again for the video. Your method is a lot faster than I was doing it before. I’m loving the Holy Toledo quilt. Great job!

  6. Wow!! great job on the quilt it is gorgeous. I am cutting up shirts now as I cut one 9″ piece for a backing I am just going ahead and doing the whole shirt. Thanks for the video it really is a time saver!

  7. The quilt made from all shirts is wonderful, another great finish. I cant believe how much you get done each week. I will be watching for the release of your new patterns this year, yea for all of us. Spent most of last week washing windows and getting the curtains washed and put back up, now quilting time for me. Its mid 60’s here and our spring rain is happening.

  8. I joined you in shirt cutting. Like you started with 1/day but had done 3 by the end of day 1. End of day 3 I had deconstructed all 9 I had on hand. As I purchased them over the last 15 years I took them to our little mountain cabin and these 9 are all that I had brought back 2 weeks ago. I suspect I have more shirts than I would guess at. Oops! :-)

  9. Judith Fairchild

    I wish I had your energy. The quilts are beautiful. I finally found your email address where I had written it down tje ue and wbite qyilt block i had hoped someone would recognize is in the finishing touches. I’m working on getting the binding made and ready to go on. Happy days ahead

  10. Judith Fairchild

    The quilts are beautiful. I finally found your email address where I had written it down to use. The blue and white quilt block i had posted and had hoped someone would recognize is in the finishing touches. I’m working on getting the binding made and ready to go on. Happy days ahead

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