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Monday I didn’t get any sewing done at all.  I have Georgia and Gannon here along with my few childcare kids.  That evening I still didn’t get anything done as Georgia was here overnight.

Tuesday over naptime, I was able to piece this together.  This is a cheater cloth or printed fabric.  You might remember some time ago I asked blog readers if they had seen this fabric.  Several people ended up telling me it’s a Spoon Flower fabric. It is only 42″ wide so in order to get a big enough size for a twin-sized bed, I had to do a little piecing.

It was actually MUCH harder than I anticipated as there was a lot of trying to figure out the repeat of the pattern and getting things to line up the right way.  Plus, there was no seam allowance between the blocks so I had to get a little creative with that.

Tuesday night I loaded it on the machine and got it quilted.  Then I went to grab black fabric for the binding and had NONE.  Bummer.  I called Kelli and she had some and was coming the next day.  Perfect.

Then I got looking at how much fabric I had leftover and there was enough for a baby quilt.  YAHOO!!  I decided to surprise the childcare mom who asked me to make this, with a matching quilt for the baby brother.  I had some dark gray Minky for the back so I quickly pieced that together and loaded it on the frame.  I had some fabric that would work for binding and in no time, that quilt was finished.  I forgot to take a picture of that.

I decided to quickly make a little tag toy that matched too.  They are so easy.

I put a couple of layers a chip bags in the center to make a crinkle sound.  I tacked some looped ribbon down.  I cut some Minky for the back.

I layered all that right side together and sewed it around leaving an opening to turn it.

I topstitched around the edge after it was turned right side out.

I rolled it with a lint roller before I gifted it.

The next day, Kelli came.  I had childcare kiddos and we had a bit of a party but during naptime, I bound the first quilt.

Whew!!  I made the Christmas deadline.  What a relief.  The mom was great and didn’t demand it to be done, but you all know, it feels so much better to have things done and out the door.

While I was busy Kelli was busy working on cutting out the wedding quilt we need for a New Year’s eve wedding.

She ended up staying until later in the evening when it started to snow.  I kicked her home and gave up on the quilt for the night.

I put some more time at the machine the next morning wanting to get this quilt moved along as quickly as possible and knowing there would be little time over Christmas.

I ended up getting the top done, but nothing else…I told the rest of this story in this morning’s post.  The link is HERE.  In that post, I also sent out an SOS.  I need some help!!  Please read that post for the details.

I ended up getting a cute photo from the mom with the boys and their quilts…so sweet!!

All in all, I did great this week.  Even with all the busyness, I got the quilts done for the boys and the quilt top finished for the wedding quilt.  I still need to get the wedding quilt quilted, but, I’m getting closer.  Check back with me and see if I actually get the quilt finished.  I sure hope I can!!

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  1. Great job-looks wonderful and I’m sure all were delighted. I have a silly question- the picture behind you as you were at the machine- where did you aquire that? We had bought a home in Kansas and there was one like that in it. The lady sold all her stuff off before I could purchase it with her hutch. I read your other post and am hunting for possible fabric. I don’t do Halloween as it’s the day my dad died. But I’ll search to see if I have any prior to that. Love your new quilts – they are awesome

  2. Margaret from Edmonton a.b Canada

    Hi why did you wait that long to do the wedding quilt?
    should have been done before the holidays.

  3. Cute boys quilts. Hallowed fabric mailed out to you this afternoon. I didn’t have much only a few fat quarters and some salesman sample fabrics. Hope it is what you were hoping for.

  4. Love the quilt. Do you know where you got the fabric. My Tommy loves his tractors and I thought that this fabric would work great for him. Thanks

  5. Both quilts are so cure – always like the John Deere prints. You and Kelli are such a good team! I miss the days when my daughter and I did some things together like that – then she moved to Virginia!

  6. Sending a small package of Halloween fabrics Tuesday morning. I hope it gets to you soon enough. I love your wedding quilt. Will you be able to make the pattern available for sale on your blog after the magazine is finished with it?

  7. Several strips each of black, orange, and lime green in the mail tomorrow morning for you. All cut into 2 1/2 inch strips. Love the pattern both before and after you changed the border. Loved the second border most. Good luck on your deadline. I don’t do deadlines like that anymore. Too stressful for me.

  8. Those John Deere quilts are adorable!! My package of Halloween material is going out today Priority mail so you will get it in a couple days. Happy New Year to you, your family and all us readers across the globe!

  9. Connie R. in Wis.

    I sent out a couple packages of fabric in the colors you requested. Not Halloween fabric but the right colors. I looking forward to what shows up in your mailbox. Sound like fun!

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