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Before I get to today’s post I want to propose something.  Last week I told you about the book Tomorrow’s Bread.  Several readers wrote and suggested I read another book by the same author called, The Dry Grass of August.  The author is Anna Jean Mayhew.

The Dry Grass of August by [Anna Jean Mayhew]
I went to Amazon to learn more about the book and saw that it was available free for Kindle Unlimited members and for Audible users.  That prompted me to think maybe I should offer to have a book club for the book.  So many of you already used these services so many of you would be able to read for free.

You can find the book HERE on Amazon if you don’t have a membership to Audible or Kindle Unlimited.  I think it was only around $8 for the book.

I did find the book available through my online library Hoopla as well.

How about whoever wants to read the book, read it and we’ll review it here on the blog on December 12th.  I’ll write my normal review and then you all can write in the comments and tell us what you think about the book too.  I think that should give you all enough time to get the book (or audiobook) and get it read.  That’s more than a month so that sounds do-able.

I’ve not read the book…I only know that several people wrote and recommended it!!  I hope it’s a good one!!  Doesn’t this sound like a fun idea??  I sure do.  Grab your copy of the book and I’ll meet you back here on December 12th.  Now to today’s post:

I am still on fire (when I’m not watching Kalissa’s boys) when it comes to tackling UFO projects.  Seriously, they are going to get done!!  Probably not all in the next year but certainly in the next two years.  In the meantime, I plugging along the best I can.

I told you last week that my niece had a baby.  It was a little girl and I needed a baby quilt for her.  I have what I thought were two UFO baby quilts cut out.  One was most from Kaffe prints.

The other was from these soft solid prints.

I cut them both out several years ago.  Blog readers had sent a bunch of scraps and I worked with them and cut out the two quilts.

They are to make this pattern…VERY simple and quick to finish.

It’s a free pattern on our blog find it HERE.

Well, Wednesday I didn’t have the boys so I ran to the sewing room and was determined to get all I could do.

I grabbed the first one that was Kaffe prints and started sewing only to find out that I had enough for TWO baby quilts.  I ended up sewing both of them into tops that morning.

In the afternoon I came back upstairs to the sewing room and put borders on those two and then decided to sew the solid print one together too.  Here they are….

I couldn’t believe that I sewed all three tops in a day!!

I made backings for them and then cut bindings.  It’s awesome as the quilts are only 42″ or so by the 42″ or so.  I’m using simple yardage for the backings.  It’s so easy that way.

I ended up sewing all of the backing pieces together and loaded them into the quilting frame at once.  I got a start on this one..but only about a third of the way done.

Then I didn’t touch them again all week.  I’ve had the boys a lot…two overnights included.  Kalissa said she’s been home two nights in the past 7 days.  She’s working overnights so sleeps during the day.  So that translates to not a lot of sewing time.   It’s all good.  The boys are more important.

Carver goes back to school on Thursday.  Craig is close to being done with combining (there’s more work after that but at least the crop is out) so between those two things, I think things will be a bit closer to normal….but then there’s Covid and numbers in Iowa continue to rise to who knows what that will mean for Kalissa.

Anyway, I did get a couple of hours to sew on two different occasions for a bit, and then I worked on the Spider Web String UFO.  I did a video of “Sew with Jo”.  If you missed it, the video is here.

I did a bigger blog post and explained more about the blocks.  Rather than repeat, I’ll just include the link to that post  HERE.

I’m super excited to say the video was very successful and well-received.  I will be doing more of them for sure.  I also got several comments from readers asking if I would do a follow-up video on the Spider Web String quilt showing how I trim and sew the blocks together.  I think I can do that.

Shooting the first video and visiting with you all was really fun so I’ll happily do another video as time allows.   In the videos be prepared for goofy family stories and even some stuff about growing up in southern Minnesota.  It won’t all be about quilting but a lot of it will be.

I have gotten a little more stitched on this…

It’s really not enough to mention.  I do have everything prepped now and for me, that’s often the hardest part.  I’m so excited that this is moving along.  A couple of you said you had the project and were pulling it out to work on too.  I’d love for you to send me some pictures to encourage me onward!!

That’s all for this week…Considering how busy I was, I really got a lot done!!  I hope I keep it up for the next week!


9 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Those three baby quilts are really cute! I’ve not been a person to cut things ahead of time, but I have some leftover fabric from another quilt that would be a perfect chance to give this a try. Thanks for the inspiration. Again!

  2. Once I get myself into a book that I like, I wont put it down. Started Tears of the Silenced by Misty Griffin which is a true story about the Amish. Not a very happy story but finished happy. She had the courage to leave. Started on Friday, finished on saturday. I have this ability to scan whole paragraphs and get the gist of it and move on. I dont read every word. Now I’m reading a second book of hers based on AMish history starting in the 1800’s and also fictional. It is good as well. I like your recommendations.

  3. Your quilts are so pretty, guess I need to cut out a few and do a marathon too. I like your idea of sewing backings together for the longarm and then quilting them together. I have two quilts I’m going to do that with today. You are such a productive person, so am I. We get a great deal done compared to others.

  4. Joy Van den top

    Thanks for the book club idea! I’m in! Plus, also thanks for the cute baby quilt pictures! And the free pattern. My friend is the coordinator for a volunteer group at a church in Sioux Falls, a Children’s home has approached their church group for quilts to give to the children that have been removed from their parents because of various reason. This is a great pattern that I can make into various sizes . I know there are plenty of patterns I could use, but this just struck my eye! Stay safe!

  5. Congrats on 3 tops in a day! I’ve done that before. It’s rather easy if all the cutting is done and blocks don’t require a trim. I’ve also done the multiple backings. I once loaded up 5 yards of a donated fabric, cut a batting/loaded a top, and got 4 child quilts (42 wide) and had literally 1/2 inch of fabric left at the bottom. I had to hold the leader back while I quilted that final edge ;-)

    Happy Monday Jo! :-)

  6. Kristy Wilkinson

    Wow Jo! So glad you had time to sew! Plus put one on the quilting machine too. I love your wool project. Those sheep are so cute! I have been working on Lori Holt’s Prim sew along and I am using wool and cotton together. It has been a lot of fun. Thanks for all you do. K-

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