10 thoughts on “What I’m Working On”

  1. I have question about the little yo-yo beauty you are working on. What size are they? Did you pre-wash the fabric? Did you use the plastic yo-yo tool or accu-cut the pieces and hand stitch? Karmen

  2. I believe you are right that the GO! will allow my curved quilts in the quilt world because of how the dies are notched and said to make piecing much easier. At the same time, I’ve watched many videos at the Accuquilt site and love how the strips are sewn and put back onto the go for fast cutting again. I’m not a big yo-yo kind of gal but your little trivet is cute. I thought about the circle dies because of a circle quilt I would make and the quilting motifs I have to finish it off are perfect. But one can only do so much you know?

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  4. I didn’t notice what date you were working on that nine patch. But there is an easy way to do a nine patch. You put two five or six inch, or whatever inch, squares together and so the left one and the right one straight down seam. Then you cut it in the middle. Oh wait a minute that’s for patch not nine patch. Anyway your stuff is lovely

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