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I am still in the sewing room working on getting things right.  It’s all a slow process and I’m trying really hard to be patient.  (I’m not the best at that)

On Saturday I did a lot of tidying.  One of my goals in all of this was to have less viewable plastic and to have a more uniform look.   I got rid of two three drawer plastic units this week.  I also unearthed some things for upcoming auction here on the blog.

I had debated on keeping my picnic basket collection.  I didn’t have a place for it but after I got rid of one of the plastic drawer units, there was room right here.

I keep my embroidery, orphan blocks, novelty prints and fabric for a special project in these.

For those of you who are curious, my little hamper got painted RED!!  It was the most popular vote from all of you.  I love it like this!!

This cabinet is going to go….It’s been nice but I’m moving it out.  There is no real storage to it and if I’m going for my unified look, it’s the wrong wood color.  I also want to get a larger television.  Right now with this one, I can’t read the screen from across the room.  I asked Buck if when he comes he’d do a wall mount on the wall for me here and he said yes, so the living room television will go here on the wall and I’m getting myself an early Christmas present of a new television for the living room.  I’m excited for the prospect.

Plus, I want a “cleaner look”.  Right now with the whole thing on these risers, it’s just not cute.  The plan is to find a dresser to go here instead.  If it’s dark wood, I’ll leave it dark but if I don’t like the color, I’ll paint it gray like the other dressers.

You might remember that I bought two dressers and chalk painted them.  One was turned into the ironing board station…

The other, this one, is going to be one end of the island.  I put new pulls on the dresser..it looks sharp (If it weren’t for all the clutter at on top.  It’s getting better though.

I also mapper out the center island.  It is going to be the length of my Singer 15-91 in the cabinet and the width of the dresser.

It will all fit in here perfectly.

I picked up the counter top from Menards on Friday.  Right now it’s hanging out in my dining room waiting for Buck to come home.

I found an old cupcake tin and painted it red….

I had this old stool.  I think it’s going to hang out here.  I’m auditioning it here for now.

I bought this about five years ago from the thrift store.  It’s a nice sturdy set of drawers.  It’s low enough that it will fit under the island if I want..typically I keep it here next to this machine and will likely continue to do that.  I did give it a paint job.  It was an oak color.

As far as sewing goes this week, I didn’t do a lot.  The quilt on top the drawer unit got machine quilted.  I filmed a video of that.  What for that coming up in the near future.

I have a big tin cabinet that will be going in this corner.  I painted it red.  It isn’t upstairs yet but I hope we’ll be able to get it there.  Remember I have those awful stairs that don’t allow much to go up them??

My big yellow tin found a home here.  I has held my button collection.  It’s about 3/4 of the way full!!  I’m letting that stay yellow.

I got two more backings pieced together and this quilt got loaded on the frame.

I finished my cross-stitch piece but I’ll save that for another blog post.

Little by little the sewing room is coming together.  Right now I’m still in the market for a dresser.  Other than that, I think I have everything I need…I just need to finish getting it all together and for now, I’m waiting on Buck…

But also waiting on me…Just so you know:
I had a covid exposure.  It was completely innocent.  I ended up having one of my childcare kiddos on Wednesday.  She had an accident at school the day before and required stitches.  She was a concussion watch because of it so mom asked if I would watch her on Wednesday.  No Problem.  I’d love to.  Well on Wednesday night the mom was told by someone she had been with on Monday via her work that the person tested positive for Covid.  The mom went on and was tested.  She is positive for Covid.  So…being we were together on Wednesday when she picked up the kids, I need to quarantine.  We weren’t close to each ofther but still I should quarantine, so I am.  So far, so good, but the next few days will tell the real story.  I’m not worried but as they say, “out of an abundance of caution”, I am being safe and will likely schedule a test later this week.  Please no lecture…This little girl is like my granddaughter and I know the family is cautious.  This was a total accident.  Again, no lecture.

For me, that means I don’t have kids here…which is sad but I am going to try to take advantage and get a few more things done around here, including catch up on my email.  I haven’t touched it for about 5 days.  So if I haven’t responded no worries…I’ll be getting to that this week.

Sewing room progress is mostly on hold until I’m out of quarantine….that’s okay.  I still have those quilt tops to machine quilt and finish.  This is actually a good excuse to get right on them!!

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  1. I repurposed an old tv entertainment center. I took off the doors on the top and put an extra shelf in the large opening that the tv sat in. I painted it grey and put some fun drawer pulls on the 2 large drawers on the bottom. It had given me so much storage and I can use the top for cute baskets that hold scraps. I love repurposing furniture for our quilting rooms. Love how yours is coming together.

  2. Dorothy Borders

    You are in my prayers for your health and wel as the health of your family and day care munchkins. I’m sure God will keep you and yours close and bless you.

  3. Your sewing room is looking good Jo! I would like to get rid of my plastic containers too. I hope you don’t have the virus. My nephew and his girlfriend got it but never gave it to their roommates or any family members. They just isolated themselves in her mother’s basement for two weeks.

  4. Hello Jo
    I don’t have a sewing room as we downsized to an apartment when we retired. I sew at the end of my dining table but I tidy it all away in case, as my mother used to say, anyone comes. At present there’s not much chance of that as we are in partial lockdown living as we do in the London suburbs. I say to my husband it’s five minutes sewing and twenty minutes putting it all away.
    I love reading about your life which couldn’t be more different from mine but as far as COVID is concerned we’re all in the same storm but in different boats.
    I do hope that your test proves negative and that you continue to make and donate your lovely quilts. Good luck with your sewing room.

  5. No lecture here – who knows who has been exposed to it? Especially innocently.
    Your quilting area is looking terrific. Love seeing how it’s going.
    Love and prayers

  6. Oh! That poor little girl injured at school! That mom really needed your help that day. Much better for the little one to be in a safe, familiar place with you, since she couldn’t be at home with her mom. Good Luck with the quarantine!

  7. Saying prayers for your health and for the little girl and her family. You are inspiring me to clean up my sewing room! I just separated all my saved scraps by color–yikes! I’m going to “need a bigger boat.” Take care.

  8. Changes take time, but you are doing great in your sewing room. It does seem like there are more cases of Covid, and that was predicted by doctors way back in April. I will pray for you and others who have been exposed. My neighbor had it but her husband never tested positive. You were right to care for that little girl. Keep up the good work and I can hardly wait to see that quilt finished that you have on the machine.

  9. I’ve reorganized my sewing room a couple times. I am so happy with it now and it truly makes it more enjoyable to sew in it when everything has a place and items are easy to get to. I hope your test is negative.

  10. My hubby and I try to be so careful and then afterward, we remember that we didn’t wash our hands or we spoke to someone closer than 6’ who weren’t wearing their masks. You have a good heart and hopefully God will reward you and you’ll test negative. I’m cleaning and reorganizing my whole quilting stuff too and now we might move to a much bigger house. Still going to get rid of those plastic drawer things! Now you have time to catch up on your long arm quilting. Good luck.

  11. Its good to be safe but honestly, can’t we just start living our lives again? Taking precautions as necessary? We are all masked and distanced at church and other places. I feel confident you will be okay but you never know. Hugs to you and making good progress on your room.

  12. Accidents happen and none of us can be sure we aren’t exposed at some point – we just do the best we can! Hopefully we’ll have some more answers and a vaccine soon!
    Meanwhile, here’s hoping you test negative and that you can enjoy a slower pace for a bit.

  13. Prayers that you stay healthy. I’ve recovered from COVID and have no idea how I got it. My husband never got it even though we actually slept in the same bed before I realized I had it! I’ll pray that the little girl doesn’t get it either. I hope she stays safe! Exciting things happening in your sewing room. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  14. Marlene Clausen

    Had an automatic smile when I saw your yellow button bin. It immediately reminded me of Olsen’s Bakery in Denison, Iowa. I grew up on a farm just outside of Denison; but, lived in town from the time I was 6 -10 (1956 – 1960). Lard came in these bins. When they used the lard, they cleaned it out and sold them. I think every woman in town had at least one. Mom kept flour in hers. They were silver’ but, looked exactly like yours.

  15. Our thoughts are with you and the little girl’s family. We only go out for groceries every other week and then only I go in the stores. I’m saddened and shocked at the people without masks as we’ve had quite a few more cases in our county.

  16. Your sewing space is really coming together and I look forward to seeing it done. I’m sorry you were exposed but I know the little girl needed a safe place to spend the day. I hope she is doing okay with the bump on her head, how awful for her. Keep working on those quilt tops, your making great progress getting them done.

  17. Thank you for exercising great caution after the exposure. (I wish everyone would).

    Your STUDIO is coming along nicely. I can’t wait to see “the island” completed. I have my studio that way and I love it.

    Question: Are those bins under the side table that you are removing, all your scrap? I’m always curious as I don’t do a scrap bin-not my style.

    Happy Monday Jo. Wishing you a terrific, productive and HEALTHY week! :-)

  18. Judith Fairchild

    Jo, I’m praying that you, the little girl and her extended family don’t get the virus.
    I really like how your sewing room is coming together.
    I’m redoing my sewing corner from necessity had to pack up and empty my little house as it needed new ceilings. So reorganize and redo everything. I spent much of last week sorting scraps by color mainly keeping the triangles seperate. Now to find every thing in the boxes and get them organized so I can get back to putting the planned quilts together. Thanks for showing us your sewing room.

  19. Ha! I just knew red would be good for that basket! I’m loving your pops of red in the room. Your overall design is very lovely. No lecture needed, btw. I would hope the thought wouldn’t even cross anyone’s mind. We all need to live a life after all.

  20. did you ever consider using the spray paint for plastics to transform some of your sets of drawers for interim storage until you find the furniture you are looking for at the price you wish to pay ?? I have been looking for just the right set of drawers and my daughter rightly suggested the special paint to get the look we want to keep the momentum going. then as usual the right item pops up. Just saying.
    How could anyone who regularly reads your blog come up with a lecture on quarantining. you changed your whole career to be compliant. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    prayers are so much better.

  21. Thank you for showing us your sewing room and giving us great inspiration to organize our rooms! Praying for your health situation with the possible covid exposure. My sister was in the hospital for 6 days with covid – she wears her mask, sanitizes, and washes and/or sanitizes her hands, limits where and when she goes out of the house and she still got it! Will be praying for you! HUGS,,, and stitches

  22. Katherine Gourley

    Hi Jo — take care during your quarantine. I hope you do not contract it. I am 70 and immune compromised, which makes me a tad paranoid. I try to do things safely, but we never know since it is so transmissible.

    My sewing space is in our basement. I was so tired of the mess I had in 2 bedrooms upstairs with bins galore. My husband (with some help) finished off a section of the basement by framing and drywalling it. He used waterproof trim made from PVC and it looks like painted wood. I was going to search for used furniture, but found some “put it together yourself ” weathered white cabinets, dressers and shelves (in budget) that I love. I cannot paint due to my lungs anymore, so rehabbing was out and this worked instead. I have all cutting and ironing tables on rollers, which allows me to move them easily. The room is painted a very soft soothing green. I did employ some of my old storage with big baskets and tins. I love old things from the 30s thru the 50s and it all adds the charm and storage I want.

    Stay well, Jo.

  23. Jo, You are to be commended for being so responsible and quarantining yourself! IT IS a hassle, but we could really reduce the impact of the virus and save a lot of lives (and jobs) if we all did as you are doing. We all want this behind us, and your prudence is a loving, unselfish means of doing just that! Thank you!!

  24. Sounds like your exposure was pretty limited so hope you stay healthy. But you’re right that it gives you time to work on your sewing room and getting more tops quilted. Yesterday I worked on putting together a top that was started more than 20 years ago at a quilt group meeting. About time I’d say, wouldn’t you?

  25. My husband, my daughter and I came down with Covid. My husband works from home , and rarely goes anywhere, so chances are my daughter or I brought it home from work (she is a daycare worker and I am a teacher). We wear masks, wash hands, sanitize everything, stand 6ft apart, etc, etc. It happens. We’ve been out of quarantine for over a week. Prayers for you and the girl and her family.

  26. I pray that you stay healthy and your little daycare child recovers and her family doesn’t get sick. Our daughter, son-in-law and 8 month old granddaughter are recovering now. Many prayers were said for them and so thankful those prayers were answered! They aren’t sure of where they were exposed. I like your sewing room! I think I’ll send you pictures of mine and see if you have any suggestions. Sometimes I feel squeezed in!! I hope your quarantine is a productive time and that it was a positive time and not because you got sick!

  27. Hope you don’t get covid-19! You should never get a lecture about helping out that family with the daycare they needed. I read your blog everyday and love it even though I hardly ever comment. What are you planning on doing with the muffin tin you painted?

  28. I know that awful feeling when you realize that you’ve been exposed, even with all the precautions. My exposure was the same, something out of my hands, but still! Turned out to be nothing, and hope the same for you! Weird how we feel like we have to apologize to others for something we had no control over, when we’ve been SO careful! People are so rude nowadays. LOVE your quilt room – its going to look wonderful when you’re all done! With that chalk paint unifying your storage, it will be a cohesive look, and you’ll just SMILE everytime you go into that room for a while after its finished. Good for you with the tv situation — you’ll have a nice big one to view when you’re working in there!

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