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Before I get to today’s post I want to remind you that I have an auction going on to help support the charity quilting postage fund.  The auction ends tonight at 5pm central time.  You can find the post HERE.

I went to my sewing room on Tuesday morning and was overwhelmed.  Seriously, who wouldn’t be with this mess??!!  As I am looking in, I can see NINE projects in process.  Oh my.  That’s how many I can see just by looking at this picture and not opening a single cabinet.

This is not fun.  It is not relaxing.  It is too much!  Once I do sit down to sew, all I could see was another thing I “should” be sewing or another project that needed this or that or another project that I thought I would have finished a long time ago.  UGH.

I didn’t feel good at all.  I felt pulled nine different directions.

I decided the only way to feel better was to move some of these projects on out…so…the quilt for the pet rescue went on the frame….

Then my deadline project that really doesn’t have a deadline, went on the frame.

This is my hook and bump quilting motif that I did a video about….this one.

When I did the hook and bump on this quilt, I did it in about half size.  I really love it!  I can’t wait to show you the whole quilt.

I went to load the next quilt and my little “helper” (I use that term loosely), ripped a hole in my batting….see?? UGH.  Happily, my quilt wasn’t very big so it didn’t affect my quilt.

After that quilt, I loaded a baby quilt, and machine quilted that.

All of that took two full days.  The Thursday I machine bound three of the quilts and shot a binding video that we haven’t edited yet.  Hopefully next week.  OOps.  I just checked the video and it didn’t work.  UGH.  I’ll try again.

I also checked out the Dirty Dozen UFO number as it was October 1st.  Great.  Just what I needed.  I cleared out projects only to add projects.  As Carver would say, “it happens”.  This quilt was one of my Dirty Dozen projects so being I was on a roll I made plans to do this quilt as quickly as possible.

This is my Civil War Tribute quilt.  The thing is monster-sized but I’m thrilled to have an easier UFO project.  All the other times I’ve had projects that need a lot of work.  This only needed to be machine quilted.

Friday came, I machine bound another of the quilts I had machine quilted earlier and loaded the Civil War Tribute quilt on the frame.

Here’s Rosie being better…..

She did get a bit bored though….admittedly, with this quilt, I was bored too.  The quilt is MONSTER sized.

So…This week I fully finished 5 quilts.  I haven’t stopped to admire them or to do a thing with any of them.  I didn’t stop and take pictures or write a blog post about any of them.  I’m on a roll and I want to keep that roll going.

Needless to say, you’re going to be seeing a lot of finished projects in the near future.

So…I guess I can say what started out as a crazy very overwhelming week where I couldn’t see all of the projects sitting in front of me gradually turned around and the sewing room isn’t so overwhelming now.  I need another week like that!!  So now I’m challenging myself to see how many weeks in a row I can show you a finished quilt.  I have the easy part left…photos and blog posts.  But I don’t want the success of this week to lull me.  I want to keep plugging along and accomplish MORE!

14 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Way to go Jo !! It is always great to finish a project. Can hardly wait to see the parade of quilts you have finished. You are super quick anyway. Have a wonderful week!

  2. I was able to quilt two quilts in one week and got two more ready for the frame. Started the third one and made a blooper in the second row, I’m grateful the bobbin thread ran out. So I’m taking an hour this morning to sit down and rip those stitches out, a very uncomfortable job! You are on a roll so keep it going. It feels so good to get things done. I started with 30 full/queen and 15 crib/lap and I’m down to less than half. Hopefully by Thanksgiving many more will be quilted, (but not bound). Life does get in the way but we need to stay focused, or at least that what I tell myself. Rosie looks so sweet.

  3. Your little Rosie is a doll! I know she can be a handful, but I’ve always said that it’s a good thing that beagles are so cute! It helps you forget some of the naughtiness!

  4. Wow! You are such an inspiration! I need to get to quilting on my longarm. I don’t know why but having to stop and piece a backing slows me down. I’m going to set a goal to get at least one done this week! Starting small. :)

  5. You are doing great, Jo! You have completed many quilts this year already and still had time for gardening, family, especially those sweet little grandkids. What a blessed life you have.

  6. A friend told me about your blog and I’ve been following now for about a month. I am really enjoying reading and seeing your videos and blog. I think your commitment and involvement to charity quilting is wonderful. Thank you for all you do.

  7. Nice video, Jo. It’s very helpful to see it on the 2″ squares too, to give a sense of how big you’re making the pattern. Have you considered adding a batting cage to your machine? I made mine using pvc pipe and a synthetic canvas like fabric from Joann’s that works great because I can just use a scrap of batting and swipe it inside and pick up dust and threads easily. It holds the batting and the quilt top off the floor and away from “helpers” and my feet.

  8. Sometimes I do the same as you…I’ll just stop & begin to finish some of my UFOs. I can’t stand to have an overload of unfinished projects laying around.
    Love reading your blog. Hoping you’re feeling well.

  9. Rosie is so cute, hard to get mad at that sweet little face. After seeing your sewing room I don’t feel so bad about mine. Love your blog, have followed it for years.
    Kathy in Texas

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