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It was a slower week for me.  Typically I have Fridays with Gannon and Georgia but Gannon was at a doctor’s appointment for genetic testing and Georgia was home with Kelli.  Two weeks ago Kelli was unknowingly exposed to a COVID patient and wasn’t in full proper PPE so..to quarantine she went.  She was tested for COVID but her test came back negative and she’s not felt bad at all.  In fact, today as you are reading this, she’s allowed back into the real world.

So…being I didn’t have the kiddos, I had a little more time to work on my stuff which was a treat.

My deadline project became a top.  Here is Rosie showing it off…well just a sneak peek.

Aren’t the colors awesome??  This is the Moda fabric line “A Blooming Bunch” designed by Maureen McCormick of Brady Bunch fame.  Seriously, I love this line.  If you have a little girl in your life, run to the stores and get some come November when the line is in the stores.  Heck if you’re a girl from the 70s run out and get it.  The line is wonderful!!  So often a fabric line has a couple of duds.  This one doesn’t!!

I pieced the backing for this too…

I’d love to get this one on the quilting machine and get it done.  I’m not sure if I’m submitting this for publication or if I’m going to offer it as a free pattern.  I am thinking about whatever is easiest right now.  I feel like I have lots of irons in the fire and would like to one out.

Speaking of irons in the fire, I have this…
This is my Dirty Dozen quilt for the month of September.  I just can’t seem to get the “umph” to get going on it.  I’ve worked on it for a few hours several different days but it seems like I get nowhere.

This is the Quilted Twins Mystery.  You can find the free pattern HERE.

I had the border blocks sewn.  This week I got them sewn together.

I started sewing blocks together.

I discovered I needed more sashing pieces.  So I made more sashing pieces.

This quilt has a lot of ways that it can be laid out wrong.  The blocks have corners that need to be oriented specific ways so it’s not an easily laid out quilt.  I love the quilt and know I will love it when it’s finished but getting between here and there has been a struggle.  Thankfully there aren’t a lot of blocks.  I’m determined to stick with this even if it’s only a row at a time and a slow process.

I have to say if this was not a Dirty Dozen project I would probably set it aside.  UGH.

I end up distracting myself with other things like the quilt Rosie was showing off or this…..

I pulled this out.  It is a baby quilt I started for a new baby.  One of my childcare families had a new baby.

I had the top this far…I had originally thought I would make his initial in the remaining block.  Now I’m wondering if I want to do that…Hmm.  Opinions??

So that’s laying out in the sewing room waiting for me to make a decision.

I also distracted myself by piecing a backing for my Hawk’s Nest quilt.  I’m a little too good at distracting myself.  I saved this piece of fabric from things that were sent by a blog reader.  I so appreciate it and think it will make a good backing…

I also pulled this quilt top that a blog reader sent.

I saved this one out.  It has little dogs in the center of the blocks.  My intention was to finish it and donate it to the Dog Rescue in my area.  They are doing a benefit in November.  As the calendar gets ready to run to October, I’m feeling the clock ticking and I don’t want to forget about this.  So I laid it to remind me to keep at it!

Well, you can see I have my work laid out for me…I just need to get to it.  So, off I go.  Stop back later this week and see if I accomplished any of it or if I keep finding distractions.

15 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. The picture of Rosie is so cute!!! I had a really productive month for a change. I am doing a quilt a long that is simple and am starting another quilt a long on the 1st. I don’t like the ones that have hundreds of pieces!

  2. I am glad to see others with unfinished projects. Makes me feel better as I got a little overwhelmed last night trying to decide where to start next. Your projects are beautiful.

  3. I love all your projects Jo. I would leave the initial off the baby quilt or put it on the back. I think it would disrupt the flow of the quilt. Looking forward to seeing a finished Hawk’s Nest! It is beautiful!

  4. When you mentioned your deadline project, I thought, “YES! We might get a peak at the Maureen McCormick fabric!” And, there it was as I scrolled down!! Can’t wait to see more. You are always so busy, Jo. I love all of these quilts. The cute one a reader donated will be perfect for the Dog Rescue fund raiser. Putting the name on the back of that pretty and colorful quilt is a great idea.

  5. So many good projects going. I can see why you distracted! It is always fun to know that I am not that only one that happens to. It is good to have several in the works so whichever the mood wants to do, one is ready to fill that mood. Great work!

  6. I do love the pattern for the Bloomin’ Flowers – my granddaughter would love that!
    So many projects and all wonderful!
    Love and prayers

  7. Why don’t you quilt his name and date of birth IN the quilt? When I give baby quilts to a specific baby, I usually “hide” things in the quilting, like baby’s name , date of birth, and USUALLY “mommy and daddy love you.” I usually do some kind of overall quilting pattern, and it’s pretty easy to hide those things with a little bit of planning while quilting. And I don’t always tell them. Makes it fun for the parents and kiddos to find things unexpectedly after the fact.

    And all of your projects are FABULOUS. You are way more organized than I am. Just need to focus more, I guess.

  8. Put the initials in that last block! It’s a bit of a “Jo signature” style.

    So glad Kellie is healthy! That was a scary time for her no doubt.

    Wishing you a fabulous week!

  9. Margaret in North Texas

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who has distractions! But you deal with them pretty well. You really do get a lot accomplished!!

  10. Susan Ioanou-Silver

    Glad I am not the only one – I have been quilting on the same quilt now for several days now and I also distract easily – now have everything put away except this quilt – almost finished – it is the Unity Quilt Challenge by Bonnie Humtet and the largest quilt I have quilted on my home machine – it is going well and the finish line is in sight – barely

  11. I agree that the initials go somewhere. And I agree that in the corner is sort of a Jo signature, but I really like the idea of putting the initials or name into the quilting. I was going to suggest a narrow border with the initials or name in it. Any way you do it, you always do a great job Jo and this will be so appreciated.

  12. Putting the baby’s name in the corner seems like a winner to me. Where did that corn material come from it is so good. I love Indian corn. It also makes great popcorn. Glad Kellie came through her quarintine just fine.
    I really think that hawk’s nest quilt is a major winner.

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