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I had a busy week and didn’t get a lot of stuff done.  Kayla was here for two overnights.  We celebrated Carver’s birthday one night.  I visited a new baby and did errands one day.  I submitted a project for publication.  I got another one sent in and I did a BIG packaging up of charity quilt tops to be sent out.

So…my Hawk’s Nest quilt didn’t get any further.

I did however pull out my Quilted Twins mystery.

Do you remember what that looks like?

I had about three other things I should have been doing but one afternoon I decided I was going to get as far as I could on it.  I ended up this far….

Originally when I picked it up I only had the first set of blocks done.  Those are the blocks way to the left in the photo.  I waded through the instructions.  Oh my.  That took me a long time.  (Reminder to self-this is why I need to finish quilts at the time I’m working on them!!)

Then I got the alternate blocks done.  Those are the ones with the red square in the middle.  Then I got the sashing done….well not really, I got half of the sashing done.  I didn’t have enough of the pieced strips so I have to make more of them.

I sewed the border blocks together one day…

Then at another sitting, I started the setting and corner triangles.  They aren’t done yet.

But I’m closer and I’m going with that progress!!

I don’t know quite why but I really have an urge to keep working on these UFOs.  I wish life would allow me to just lock myself in the sewing room for a month or two until I was done with all of the UFOs.  They feel so much like baggage to me.  I feel like if they were gone, I’d feel more creative.  I know it’s weird but it’s so true.

This mystery really needs to get finished as there isn’t a spot in the cabinet to house it and to date, it’s just been sitting on the end of the ironing board and it makes using the ironing board a chore.  So I sew.  I even give up cross-stitch time to sew.  That’s how dedicated I am to getting these UFO projects GONE!

Speaking of cross-stitch, I have made noticeable progress but not tons.

I had hoped I would get this project finished by October 1st and I can see that won’t happen.  By October 31st…yes…but not the first.  That’s the new goal….and it’s much more realistic.

That leaves me wondering what I’ll start next.  Originally I thought I would stitch a Christmas sample next but now I’m wondering.  Hmm.  I have about 40 or so more days before I have to really worry about it…but I’m still going to keep thinking about it!!

That was this week.  I have a lighter week coming up (at least so far) so I’m going to try to get as much done as I can!

17 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. That’s going to be a beautiful quilt once it’s done Jo! I am working on three quilts now; one is a sew along. I don’t do well with a lot of UFO’s. I usually work on one quilt at a time and have a hand quilting project going at all times.

  2. Beautiful quilt. I look forward to seeing it finished. It’s amazing how something “shiny” will pull me away from a project. I finally organized my UFO into bins. Somehow I feel more organized but the work is still there. But progress here and there.

  3. For not getting “a lot of stuff done,” you sure got much done! The quilt is progressing nicely and the cross stitch too. Both will be beautiful. So good you could celebrate a birthday and have time with Kayla.

  4. I agree with Kate too! I think you got lots done. Your cross stitch has come a long way and is really lovely. I can’t wait until the quilt is finished because it’s so pretty! I love your colors. Are you going to keep this one? With caring for your wonderful grand children and all the organizing of charity quilting beside submitting quilts for publication you make my head spin!

  5. Jo;
    I think you accomplish so much. But I do understand about the UFO’s. I have been working on whittling mine down also. They get to the point where they overwhelm you and and you feel stifled. Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to see what your next published quilt will look like.

  6. Jo, I also get a bogged down feeling when I think about all the unfinished projects and “want to trys”. I was excited to see if the Dirty Dozen would help me out. Mmmm, I could be doing better, but I am making progress. You, however, are slaying! In my humble opinion anyways :-)

  7. You get so much done! I’ve been trying to get quilts I planned for various people done. I have one I thought I was finished and just needed quilting but when I pulled it out it seemed too small. It was supposed to be a baby quilt but the baby is now 5 years old! I never quilted it because I was intimidated on trying something new. I decided it needed borders and ordered fabric but didn’t like the way it looked. Finally I decided I needed to take apart a small bonus quilt I made using blocks I had left over and now I’m planning on adding those. Hoping to do that today!

  8. I really like the fabrics in this quilt, many of them live in my home, lol. I have been a civil war gal for many years and your quilt is coming along. I have never done cross stitch but all those tiny stitches along the border are just amazing. I look forward to seeing it framed and done. I have never had many UFO projects but since Covid I have a lot of flimsy that need to be taken to the longarmer.

  9. When I read about how much you accomplish any week I wonder how you get it all done. Yet you enjoy what you’re doing. Good work on the quilts and the cross stitching. I have a woolen yarn embroidery project that has the paper picture but it’s a blank piece of material. How do you decide where to start on a pattern?

  10. When I have a seasonal project, especially if it would be a stretch to finish it before the season starts, I try to get it done before the other seasonal decorations get put away; that way I can store them all together, and anticipate getting to enjoy my newly finished project next year.

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