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On Labor Day I was a sewing fool.  I was supposed to be watching the “northern contingent” of grandkids.  I call them Kelli’s and Kalissa’s kids the “northern contingent” as we all like in northeast Iowa.  Buck and Kayla both live south of us…about 2 hours south so I call the “southern” contingent.  It’s silly but it’s what I do.

Well, the “northern contingent” was supposed to be here on Labor Day but on Sunday I restained the dining room floor and it wasn’t dry so they couldn’t come.  I was so surprised the floor didn’t dry but it didn’t so the kids couldn’t come.  So..I sewed and sewed and sewed.

I finished all of the Hawk’s Nest blocks….  I got them sewn into rows too!!  Here’s Rosie showing them off-or rather sleeping them off.

I even got the center sewn together.

Then on Wednesday I had a few hours and started sewing more border units.  I had quite a few of them already done but found I needed more.  So more bonus triangles were ironed, and more sewn together.

Then Wednesday evening I sewed and sewed like crazy.  I was a madwoman wanting this to be finished.  I need to pick and clean up a lot of threads as well as trim a few more dog ears…but take a look at that border….It is totally worth all the extra time to make it.

I’m totally in love with this.  The quilt is Hawk’s Nest.  You can find the pattern in Bonnie Hunter’s book Scraps and Shirttails Book Two.  I love her String Fling book, but I love this one too.

I am thrilled to have this one to completed top stage.  YAHOO!!

Can you believe I made the ENTIRE quilt with bonus triangles?  Now to get it to the machine quilting stage!!  This quilt was my Dirty Dozen UFO quilt for August.

Next up I want to start on this month’s UFO…This is the Quilted Twins Mystery that I started this spring.  It is a free pattern HERE.  Mask making took me away from this project.  I really think if I could have a couple of days of hard sewing I could get it done.  It’s going to take a bit of sorting.  UGH.  I hate that part of UFO sewing.

It’s such a pain to see how far along I was…and what I need to sew next.

I think I’ll bring it downstairs and then sort that out one day when the grandkids are napping.  It’s something quiet I can do.

I have a deadline project I am working on…it’s an easy one and there is no set date but I don’t want it to hang out here too long.

In my cross-stitch life, I am still working on the same sampler.  I made copies of the pattern and taped the copies together where the pages meet.  I tried to use the originals and stitch from them but it was too confusing.

The current chart I am stitching has 6 pages and it’s hard to move from page to page to continue the design.  Taping them together has been a blessing.

Friday I squeezed in some stitching time.  I was watching Georgia and she was sick.  I suspected an ear infection.  She’s getting teeth and is chewing on her fingers and that typically means ear infection for her.  We ended up on the couch some of the morning watching television….so between reading books and hanging with her I got a few stitches in.  Yes…Rosie sits right here when I stitch…or is on my lap sleeping.

I’m hoping that the Hawk’s Nest quilt gets on the quilting frame this week.    My goal is all the way finished and able to be shown on Friday.  I haven’t look at the schedule yet to see if that is a possibility or not.  Fingers crossed.

What are you all working on??

26 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Your quilt is beautiful Jo! I can believe your quilt was made with bonus triangles! I can’t believe some people throw them away!!! Hope you get time to quilt your top!

  2. Beautiful quilt! I was working on turkey pillows for a sew along but not happy with how they are turning out. Kind of lost my sewing mojo lately. I think I need to deep clean my sewing room so I can find things. That might help. I have some projects that need to be done before Oct 1. Can’t wait to see your secret sewing!

  3. Woohoo another UFO is completed, looking forward to seeing it quilted and shown with Rosie. I hope Georgia is feeling better, ear infections are no fun

  4. Hawk’s Nest came together beautifully, Jo! I’m working on a variety of projects, but nothing as involved as your new quilt top. It’s SEW beautiful and (while I would never take the time for all that piecing) the border totally makes the quilt!!

  5. I am one who throws out the small bonus triangles. I just can’t deal with the small size. If I am sewing with someone I will pass them on. Maybe I have to start saving them :-)

  6. Stephani in N. TX

    Love your Hawk’s Nest, so jealous of all those triangles in a beautiful border. Yay, for you. Looking forward to your secret project, know it’s going to be fun.

  7. You accomplished so much, your quilt is so pretty. Georgia is adorable, I hope she felt better fast, for now. I’m not quilting but have been sewing receiving blankets, burp cloths and wash cloths, all ocean themed fabric, for my daughters friend. The parents to be live in San Diego and love being in or on the water.

  8. Oh my! Your quilt is beautiful! Georgia is adorable, and Rosie has become quite photogenic without even trying. Love the last picture, but wish Georgia felt better.

  9. Your Hawks Nest is wonderful. I have Bonnie’s book and would like to put Hawks nest on my long list.
    Your fabric choices are excellent.

  10. SusanfromKentucky

    Ooooh, love your Hawk’s Nest! The gold looks so pretty in it and for the border.
    Rosie has turned out to be such a sweet girl. I love that she sits so close to you while you’re stitching. I hope Georgia gets to feeling better. She’s such a pretty little girl!

  11. Praying for Georgia.
    Your Hawk’s nest quilt is the 1st Bonnie Hunter pattern I want to even think about trying. I save a my scraps 1,1/2 big for scrapping . I may have enough saved to do the quilt. Can I buy insivt patterns from Bonnie?

  12. This is stunning and such great piecing. Absolutely wonderful. So glad you got some sewing in. I’ve had no time to sew for a couple of weeks and it is getting to me!!!

  13. The quilt is wonderful. I dug out Bonnie’s book. I have to put that at the top end of my todo list. (You notice I said top end…yes I have a long todo and some really special ones at the top ha ha). The border is to die for too. You are such an inspiration, Jo. Not just what all you accomplish but the way you do it, with family first!

  14. Your Hawks Nest quilt had me at cheddar. I don’t think it looks good in any of my quilts but your quilts always shine with it. Your sweet Georgia reminds me so much of my daughter when she was little. Hopefully by now she’s feeling better. Hubby is gone for a week so my sewing room is a whirlwind of activity. I just ordered a roll of batting as I have 7 quilts ready to take to my long arm lady.

  15. Your Hawk’s Nest is looking great. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if you have it completely finished by Friday. You’ve been going great guns on all your projects.

  16. Your Hawk’s Nest is looking so good. I would be surprised at all if you get it completely finished by Friday. You’ve been going great guns on your projects!

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