What I’m Working On….

I had a fail this week that took up a lot of my time…

I finished this quilt.  I know that doesn’t seem like a fail as I have a finished quilt.  BUT…here’s the story behind it.  I worked really hard and tried to put together the full long binding video that I promised you all.  I videoed all of the pieces, I sat down to try to edit them and realized that I didn’t have the camera at the right angle in one of the videos that I was going to clip together.  So…that ruined the whole video.

So, I am back at square one needing to make a binding video.  UGH.  Everything I did was a waste.  I was so disappointed.

I was thinking that I needed to make a whole quilt top before I could do a binding and was so bummed.  Then I realized that I could machine quilt one of the charity quilt tops that are here.  YAHOO!!!  That will help me out plus I get a quilt top finished too.  That was a great pick me up.  I’ll use the top and do the retake of the binding video…that sure made me feel better about the whole day and failed binding video.

Thanks to the blog reader who donated the solid colored charm squares for this.

I also finished this…it’s a baby car seat sized Minky blanket.  I am donating it to the Cedar Rapids relief quilts that are here waiting to be delivered.

I worked on two deadline projects as well and I’m happy to say I’m happy with how they are coming along.  Here is a sneak peek at project #2….

My hope is that they will both be done by this time next week…at least the sewing part…the directions, maybe not.

I’ve been busy cross-stitching too.  I’m still working on my Newcastle Bouquet pattern.  Last I left you I was working and trying to get the border finished before September 1st.  I accomplished that and am now to the middle working on the upper left.

I ended up stuck on the “white” flower in the bottom center.  UGH.  I was stuck not liking that the flower wasn’t showing up the best.  Here’s a closer shot of it.  It isn’t showing up.  Oh no…time to rip that out and find a better floss color.

I ended up doing a new floss tube video.  You can see it here….

Rosie really wanted to be part of the happenings so she made a guest appearance.  That dog!!

I actually got a lot done this week as this happened too…

31 quarts of SALSA!!!

I had some help from Karl after he got home from work.  I’m so happy to have that done.  I do love canning but it is a lot of work.  I’ll be happy for it this winter though.

That was my week…what are you busy with??

17 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. oh my late night reading and fail became fall. i am so glad you had a fail instead of a fall. you managed to make lemonade out of and got the video you needed and a baby quilt.

  2. I agree with WOW on the salsa! That is a lot of work, but as you say it will be be appreciated come winter. I am glad you had help from Karl. Your cross stitch project looks good, you are doing such a great job. I like the quilt with Rosie. Simple pattern but so colorful!

  3. I’ve got 5 or 6 quilts in the making – all at different stages. Fortunately, none are Christmas gifts ;-)
    I’m have a couple of Christmas ornaments to finish cross stitching and I’m ahead on those – knock on wood.
    Love and prayers

  4. I’ve followed you for awhile now, but never left a comment. Now is the time! Loved your cross stitch YouTube thing. Boy are you brave! That’s a lot of stitching. I also Love Ruby.

  5. My first thought after reading this was that you had a learning experience. No one was hurt and no damage done. It’s all good.
    I like the minke car seat quilt, I will keep that size in mind. Have a great week Jo.

  6. WOW on that salsa marathon! I understand the workload. I made 17 pints of salsa on Monday. All but the garlic and onion was from my garden. My harvest is poor this year d/t 2 weeks in the high 90s-105 and every plant in the garden dropped it’s flowers :-(

    I finished a quilt top-Snails Trail. It is 102×114 and ready to go on the long arm. I also finished a baby quilt top as well as a ton of L/E HSTs are stitched up, pressed and trimmed!

    It’s been a great week for me. Thanks for asking :-)

    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

  7. I went shopping for some badly needed greens and yellows for upcoming quilts.
    I also got a DVD book from Kansas City star with a thousand quilt patterns. My daughter and I got to the middle of the C’s and had to quit do to tired eyes so many beautiful quilt patterns. Hopefully I’ll get them all checked out.

  8. Apologies to be asking a question about the salsa instead of the quilts…but when you chop up that quantity of tomatoes and onions what are you using for chopping? Knife, food processor, dicer gizmo? I am REALLY impressed! It looks delicious!

    1. I have a food processor. I did it for years without one but then one of my childcare families gave me a gift certificate to a kitchen store. I ended up adding money to the gift certificate and bought one. So worth it when it comes to this. Before I had the food processor, I used this… https://amzn.to/2F0BsWo

      1. I have a great food processor, but when it comes to dicing for salsa, typically if the bowl is processed full, the contents are much smaller than a dice when done, even though I pulse and try to be careful with it. Maybe the answer to this is that I should half fill or precut a bit more. Thanks for your feedback, I couldn’t imagine that you knife cut two stockpots full!

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