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I had a busy week filled with lots of family interruptions.  Nothing is wrong.  The family just needed me extra and I prioritized them to slot #1.

School started here last week on Monday for everyone except preschool.  One of my old childcare families contacted me and asked if their guy could come for the Monday and Tuesday as she didn’t have anyone to keep him.  Carver and Gannon were going to be here anyway so I said sure.  Carver had so much fun!

I worked on my deadline project.  I wasn’t going to show it to you but then Rosie was playing under while I was ironing it and I couldn’t resist showing you this picture…so I guess you ended up with a bigger sneak peek.

The quilt is on the longarm machine waiting for me to finish it.  That will be Tuesday’s job.  I have until the 11th for it to be there so I’m content with that progress.  Kelli volunteered to write the pattern so that helps a lot!!

I designed another project and it’s out of the same fabric line.  What can I say, I loved it so much!!  I couldn’t get enough of it.  It’s “A Blooming Bunch” by Maureen McCormick for Moda.  It will be out in November.  I think you’ll want to snap some up.

Our design will be made with 2 charm packs.  Moda sent us a layer cake instead…darn (I’m totally teasing when I say that) I guess I’ll have leftovers.

I already cut into the fabric…see??

In fact, I have even been sewing on them a lot.  This is going to be a fast quilt…Oh, I love this fabric.

Deadline sewing has kept me away from my Dirty Dozen UFO.  Here it is the end of the month and I’m still working on blocks.  UGH.

I’ve enjoyed sewing these but they are slow sewing.  They have to be sewn block by block and a lot of fast chain piecing doesn’t happen with them.

As the month rolls around to September I will have to make a decision.  Do I pull the next UFO number or do I stick with this one?  My heart is saying stick with this one.  We’ll see.  I guess it matters what number is picked.  I really do want to finish projects though and if I put this away, it won’t get finished…so I plod on…right?

I made a goal for myself for my current cross-stitch project.  I wanted the border done before September.  I am so close.

As I write this post, it is 6pm Sunday evening.  I have a few things to do around the house and then I am sitting down and stitching until I’m either finished or it’s bedtime.  I REALLY want to reach my goal.

In the cross-stitch world, September is known as “Sampler September”.  People are encouraged to stitch on a sampler project.  I thought about starting another sampler but I don’t know…I don’t think I can leave this project.  Technically I think it would still qualify as a sampler after all it has the alphabet.  We’ll see.  Maybe I’ll get brave and start another project and have two going at once.

The only thing with that plan is…I did that with quilts and now look at all the UFOs I have!!  No thanks.

13 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. Jo, I love the Newcastle Bouquet, it’s beautiful! It was my favourite when you showed us which ones you had to choose from……can’t wait to see it finished! And the “Blooming Bunch” fabric…….eek!

  2. I miss the news of the family… How is Buck doing with that diesel/propane generator? Is Cedar Rapids, Iowa getting the extra help it needs? How is the weather there – sunny or stormy?
    Love all the quilts you’ve showed us. Especially the one with the scrappy stars!

  3. The Blooming bunch fabric screams 1970’s to me, I think I had a dress or two out of those florals. I look forward to seeing your quilts when they are done. Your embroidery is coming along and that border is truly gorgeous.

  4. I love the Dirty Dozen – it looks a bit difficult since I’m not good with half squares – they always seem to ripple! :-( Is this pattern available somewhere?
    Your sampler is lovely – definitely qualifies as for Sampler September!
    I think it is so neat to see Maureen McCormick come out with fabric – especially with that 60’s look! Love it!
    Love and prayers

  5. Judith Fairchild

    Betwixt and between just don’t fall down a rabbit hole and get lost on the middle of your quilts. They are both so very pretty. Hawks nest is a great looking square.
    Donna I pin my half squares to keep them flat. It works most of the time.☺️

  6. Your cross-stitch border looks great! If I were you, I would absolutely consider that project a sampler. And if I saw it among a group of samplers I would consider it an outstanding sampler!

  7. Wow – Maureen McCormick’s fabric line is gorgeous! It reminds me of vintage sheets. I love the sneak peak of your deadline project. It looks fabulous. Is the background fabric you used also part of the range? I have been trying to follow your example and finish some UFO’s. Let’s just say that I’m making progress (but may have also started another project…)!

  8. Thank you for the sneak peek of your deadline project. Cute picture of Rosie and such great fabrics! Can’t wait to see more!

  9. Lorrie Wendeborn

    Did I miss the final project from the “A Blooming Bunch” fabric?
    I just love the line but haven’t found the right pattern to use yet!

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