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Now onto today’s post:
Not much happened here in the quilting department this last week.

I’m still working on my UFO for the Dirty Dozen.  This is Hawk’s nest.  I decided to see about doing some changes.  The quilt is suppose to be two different blocks…an hour glass block and the “nest” block.  It suppose to be laid out on point.  I hate on point setting…well that’s not true.  I love the look of on point settings, I just hate sewing on point settings.  So..what’s a girl to do?

I did this…

Rather than sew the hour glass blocks I sewed the triangles to the nest block.

I know…there are a bunch of you sitting there reading this screaming but you’ll have bias edges.  No fear.  I know.   I seriously know I’ll manage even with bias edges.  How do I know you might ask??  I know because of this…Fair and Square.  I did the same thing with this quilt- Fair and Square.

By the way, this quilt is in the same book, Scraps and Shirttails Book Two, as Hawk’s Nest that I’m making now.  It a favorite book of mine.

I wrote a blog post about Fair and Square and how I constructed it in a straight not on-point setting HERE.

I’ll be using the same technique.  Anyway…I got all the triangles cut out.

I also realized I needed more half square triangles.  So I dug hoping I’d find more bonus triangles.  I didn’t but I did find these flying geese.  I decided to use them up and cut them into half square triangles.

I got two from each of the leftover flying geese blocks I had.  I don’t know if that’s enough but it’s a start on what I’ll need.

They made a nice little stack.

I also got fabric in….It’s an advance fabric I requested from Moda.  I think I told you about it already…but it arrived.  The fabric line is 70s inspired.  I looked to see who the designer was and saw this…

Hey..it’s Marsha Brady from Brady Bunch fame.  Yep, Maureen McCormick designed this line called Blooming Bunch.  I LOVE it!!

It looks like 70s sheets.  SO CUTE!!

I designed a quilt that isn’t my typical…I’m excited to open it all up and get sewing.  That’s actually going to happen today.  My UFO is going to get set aside and I’m going to be working on this.  The deadline is- in house and at the publishers- on September 11th.  Pattern written too.  UGH.  I’ll need to keep going.  Thankfully it’s only lap sized.  I hope I can give you a sneak peek or two.

That’s what I’m up to…Oh, and cross-stitch too..but I’ll save that for another post.

12 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. not about your lovely quilts. we saw some photos o the devastation in your state. seeing those huge grain storage bins crumbled up like a bit of aluminum foil and crops wiped out of the fields acre after acre and reading yout search for tools and equipment was like a gut punch. so sorry seems so inadequate.

  2. What a great idea for your Hawks Nest blocks! I will have to remember that the next time I see a pattern on point. And clever way to use up the flying geese units you had to get the HST that you needed. Thinking outside the box!! And Maureen’s fabric line……..the patterns do look like sheets from the 70’s!! Can’t wait to see what you do with that line!! I will be watching for that to come out!!

  3. I had a pattern that had you put corners on the blocks. I changed it and made hour glass blocks. It’s cool that we all have our favourite ways of sewing and they are all right!

    That seventies inspired fabric is giving me flashbacks!

  4. Fun post, Jo! I’m loving your Hawk’s Nest and very much looking forward to the future reveals of the “Cider” quilt and now this new one with Maureen McCormick’s fabric line. So cute!

  5. the quilt block is not set on point. you sew the rows in diagonal so there is no “on point” Have fun with the new fabric.

  6. Oh wow, that 70’s fabric is bringing flashbacks! cant wait to see how you use it. I like your idea of sewing the triangles to the nest blocks, so clever. I will print this out and put it in my book just in case I do the quilt. Happy quilting Jo

  7. I never knew that Maureen McCormick design quilt fabric. How neat!
    Love your version of Hawk’s Nest! I’m not big with on point settings but, like you, I love to look at them!
    Looking forward to your eventual design!
    Love and prayers

  8. I am trying to be inspired and not discouraged by your overall productivity. I only watch my 2.5 year old grandson, but m-f for 10 hours a day. I am still working on the DD #5 (The dragon only needs some scales and one nostril) but my #3 is now a flimsy!!!!

  9. LuAnn Wallenius

    Thanks Jo! Now I know what to do with my big bag of mis-sewn flying geese. I’ll make 1/2 squares out of them…thanks for the idea!! Your productivity is inspiring.

  10. Carolyn Sullivan

    OH good idea for the Flying geese! I have a BUNCH that I have saved, and didn’t use for various projects. I think the 1/2 square triangles are more versatile in my stash.

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