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All of my girls were home this weekend.  I sewed a bit but not much…..Kelli brought home a quilt that needed to be quilted.

You would never guess but the quilt is Bonnie Hunter’s Blue Ridge Beauty pattern.  The quilt looks so different in blacks and whites.  The quilt is a wedding present.  The couple’s colors are black, white and lime.  So for fun, we grabbed a spool of lime thread and used that on the back.  It is really looking great…the picture isn’t good but trust me, the thread does look good.

My machine was acting up a bit so it was a fight and it’s still not finished.  I think I have what’s wrong with now fixed.  Hopefully over the week I can finish it up for her.  I have a busy, busy week trying to get things together so I can be gone this weekend for a sewing retreat!!  Can’t wait!

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9 thoughts on “What I’m Working On”

  1. Oh, show all of us a bigger pic of the black and white quilt when you finish it! I have a ton of black and white fabric that my daughter gave me. She chose hot pink to go with it and I have NO idea what pattern to use. Of course if you have any other ideas, I’d like to hear them too. I’m open to all suggestions!

  2. I love it how the fabric seems to “change” the pattern so that with different combinations of colours it often looks like totally different quilts – excepting, of course – with our “quilters’ eye” we can spot the design behind the material. Love this black and white mix.

  3. That looks nice in blacks and whites. I love that you used the lime thread on it. I can’t wait to see more of the quilt after the quilting finished.

  4. I love the black and white version. My blue and white Blue Ridge Beauty is at the long armer right now. I can’t wait to see what it looks like quilted. I’ll send you picture Jo. Please tell Kelli what a beautiful quilt she’s created…I’d hate to give it away.

  5. Very pretty black/white quilt. I am just starting to look into getting a longarm. Could I ask you what kind your’s is? Does it have a stitch regulator, and if so do you like it better than manual (or whatever you would call it). Thanks. Love your blogs.

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