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I don’t have a lot of sewing to report.  I finished up several projects last week and am ready to start in on new projects.

The Dirty Dozen Number was picked.  It’s #3.  That is the UFO I need to work on for August.  Well if you’ve been reading along with me, you know that I actually have 3 lists that I am working from so…here are my #3 projects.

3-Hawk’s Nest
This isn’t really even very far along.  I have the triangles..and I have the fabric.

The finished quilt looks like this…

It’s a Bonnie Hunter pattern.  I’m using up a BUNCH of bonus triangle to make this.  All I really have is bonus triangles…nothing else is started so I wonder if that even counts as a UFO…but I put it on the list so I need to tackle it…

I pulled it, recounted and oriented myself to the project again.  With UFOs, that truly is a big step in winning the battle.  Then I started sewing.  I wanted machine time and not cutting time-I have the Carver and Gannon today so will cut today while they are here.

For Sunday I simply wanted to make any progress on the project that I could.  I started sewing the bonus triangles together for the border.

The picture only shows a couple but I got enough for one side of the border together.  YAHOO.  Progress is GOOD.

Remember I have more than one UFO list so I decided to pull another of the UFOs to see if I could make any progress on that.

I have this wool project…I’d love to get this done.  I have the frame for it already..I just need to finish the inside.

It was project the #3 on my 2nd Dirty Dozen list.  I’ve wanted to do this for forever and it’s happening.

Here it is all pulled out.

I got out my wool…I think that’s always what has prevented me in the past….my wool was a mess.  BUT, remember I cleaned the sewing room.  The wool is managed now so it wasn’t the chore it previously was.

In the past I’ve collected wool for the sheep.

So I pulled and sorted and found some wool that I liked…but then I ran into this problem.  The background fabric needs a good coffee/tea dye.  If I don’t, the sheep won’t show up on the project.

So that will happen today while the boys nap.  I also found out that I don’t have any green wool for the grass so I went on Etsy and ordered some of that.  Progress…although not a lot, is still progress.

My third Dirty Dozen list showed this…
Here are a couple projects I was putzing with. There are two projects here so I’ll count them a #2 and #3….they are just baby quilts.
The basket on the left has been sitting out on my sewing machine as I thought I might sew it leader and ender style…but it’s been sitting there for a long time.  I still haven’t grabbed it and just sewn.  I’ve been lagging so…I am going to actually count what is there and start working on it.  It will likely be leader and ender style this month.  I didn’t pull this out and get serious about it and this took my time…

I got my Bargello in Plaid quilt loaded on the frame.

I debated what quilting motif to use and ended up doing this-ish.  Mine isn’t quite like the book but I’m content with mine.

I also packaged two deadline quilts and they will go to the post office today.  Also on Saturday I sat down and played with EQ (Electric Quilt-the quilt designing software)  I had someone contact me and ask if we’d submit a quilt for book publication but the quilt designs had to have a flower theme to them.  I ended up creating two different designs and I really like them both.  Neither are my typical style so I kind of like that too.  EQ had really expanded my horizon to try new things. I can’t thank Kayla enough for helping me learn.  At this point I still can’t do fancy amazing borders but…I have a comfortable handle on the program and am thrilled.  I’ve bought the program twice in the past but never sat down and REALLY tried.  This time I had Kayla as a tutor and I’m happy to say it’s clicking!!  If you have the program and are struggling, don’t be afraid to try again.  For me, it was the third time that was the charm.

As I was sitting here to write this post an email came from a blog reader requesting that I try to film myself while longarming…Well I have the quilt on the frame now so I guess I’ll give it a try.  Never a dull moment…and that’s good!!  I’m off to see what I can accomplish this week!!

7 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. for awhile i was being critical of myself that i do not come even close to all the things you are accomplishing but decided instead to use it as a positive to incentivise me to have regular challenges; this is much more positive . thank you

  2. Best of luck on your Dirty Dozen goals for this month, Jo! Would you tell me about that book on your longarm? That doesn’t look like one that I’ve seen. The large dry erase board for developing muscle memory is a great idea! Do you leave the white board on the rails while you’re quilting?

  3. I am looking forward to your video of quilting on the long arm! Two more suggestions: video of you loading a quilt, batting, backing on long arm and video of you taking a quilt off the long arm.
    Thank you for your posts that you write as you contemplate what to work on next…somehow it helps motivate me to get started (again) on something.

  4. I have used the “Wonky Feathers” pattern many times. It’s one of my favorites from the Pajama Quilter. Where did you get the book? Is it still available for purchase? I do my own free-motion quilting and am always looking for new patterns.

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