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You might remember last week that I had two projects that I was working hard on…well, both of them are tops.  Now I’m this far….

There is a one made with Moda’s Cider fabric line and is slated to be published with American Patchwork and Quilting.  There is the black and white striped one that I’m not sure what is happening with that for sure.  I’ll make a decision on it once it’s finished.  Also out on the frame is another quilt that will be published in American Patchwork and Quilting.  My Sunday job was to get backings together for them all…and this week’s job, machine quilting them all and get some binding done too.

I have three of the grandkids today so I won’t get much done…maybe I’ll get the backs and one top ironed over naptime.  The goal is to get at least one of them ironed so I can pop one on the frame right away Tuesday morning.

Sadly, that’s about as much as you’ll likely see of these quilts….well maybe I’ll do a sneak peek.  We’ll see.

Besides all that, another quilt was submitted to Quilter’s World Magazine this week and that will be going to them for the summer 2021 magazine.  It was a busy week working on submissions.  Yep, that’s how far ahead we are sometimes working.  It’s okay…I actually prefer it that way.  I sew a summer quilt now while I’m in the “summer mode” and it’s published next summer.  If it’s not that way, then I’m sewing a Halloween quilt in January…and that’s not as fun.  Although I did do that once.  It was for this quilt… read more about that quilt HERE.

With some projects moving out…others are finding room.  One of the reasons I haven’t done a big reveal of my sewing room now that it’s more organized is… that I’m frustrated that all of my UFOs don’t fit in my cabinet.  I have to finish a bit more and then they will.  As each one becomes a top, I can put one in the cabinet.

The black and white one is a top so….

Time to pull that sticker and put a different UFO in there.  What’s going in?  My Frolic Mystery quilt leftovers.  I raided them for my Unity quilt…but then some blog readers sent me their leftovers.  So, I have enough for a tote….I want to do something with them at some point.

I had some space in the cabinet as the black and white one is a top and I pulled the other #5 quilt for the Dirty Dozen Challenge, Bargello in Plaid.

I previously made a Bargello in Plaid quilt and loved it…but gifted it.  Read about it HERE.

Well I’m excited to be sewing another.  It’s such a fun quilt and easy to make…if you have the pattern.  UGH.  The pattern is in Bonnie Hunter’s book Scraps and Shirttails Book One.  I own the book as obviously, I made the quilt…BUT…I couldn’t find my book anywhere.  It’s likely in my bedroom mixed in with a bunch of magazines.

I started sewing on my UFO but then couldn’t remember the details.  I ended up messaging my friend Connie and asked her if she could find her copy and help me with the details.  HA!!  She was a great help…so I’m back to sewing the quilt.  I likely won’t be finished by the end of the month but I’m going to be happy with whatever progress I get.

I’ve started so that’s further than I was…right?!

Being this is for the challenge, when August rolls around and a new challenge number is selected, I’ll do that project and then if there’s more time in August, I’ll come back to this.  I’d love to get it finished.

Ooops…I just went down a rabbit trail….back to my UFO cabinet and putting my Frolic/Unity leftovers away….I had empty space as the UFOs went out….

So the leftovers went in….YAHOO…one more thing in a cabinet and out of the way.

I’m taking that as progress!

…and a Rosie story to close this morning’s post…
While I was working on the quilt tops one day this week I looked down to see this…Rosie had pulled the insoles out of my canvas slip ons and was chewing on them.  UGH.  She’s really been good lately so I was a little surprised.  Those shoes sit by the sewing machine 90% of the time I’m sewing as I’m one who sews barefoot (or stocking footed in the Winter)  She’s never chewed on them before.

Curious minds want to know…do you sew with or without shoes on??  I’ve been to retreats and am always curious to see how many kick off their shoes before they settle in.

27 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. I sew without shoes! I find it’s easier to “feel” the foot control. Most of my machines are vintage and have that little button to push on the control pedal. Jo, if you take the projects out of those boxes and put them in large zip lock bags, you could get more in your cabinet, Just sayin……

  2. Makes my heart sing to see your projects getting smaller. Trying to accomplish the same with my UFO’s. I have some “Frog” squares to finish up (wonder where they came from???). Tomorrow is a day that Donna Fredrickson and I are spending putting together batting left overs – so we can complete more quilt tops. Happy quilting everyone.

  3. I also sew without shoes. Summers, I’m barefoot in the house, colder weather it’s socks & slippers but I still have to take off the slipper. I’ve always sewn this way, even at retreats. Happy stitching!

  4. No shoes here..it’s barefooted! Happy about the shop and digital pattern. Trying to find how to check out?
    Love all the progress you have made.

  5. I don’t think I could take the stress of working for the magazine submission, Jo! No worries about this being the last time you share these projects. I’m sure you have PLENTY others that you will share and you’ll do a show off post when the magazine is released. We can all celebrate with you then! :o))

  6. Stearns Carol

    I’m a shoe person. Always wear shoes in the house and while sewing. Can’t stand the sand on my feet. When I go to the beach, I hate sand in my sandals.

  7. Signe in Virginia

    I don’t wear shoes in the house and always sew barefooted or with socks on. Kicking my shoes or sandals off is a habit I developed living in Hawaii at one point in my life.

  8. After a bout with Plantar Fasciitis I’ve become a person who wears shoes any time I’m awake. Actually, I pretty much only wear Mephisto sandals, summer and winter. Only put real shoes on when I leave the house. I use the stop/start button on my sewing machine so I don’t have to fish around for the foot pedal. Thanks for the sneak peak into your room. Your are knocking out the UFO’s so fast while also doing secret work and cross stitching! You amaze me with all of your organization and energy. Your cleanup inspired me to clean my own room. I did it, and it’s stayed fairly tidy. I’m down to just a couple projects I need to get done. My plan is to be project free by the end of 2020 so I can start 2021 in a different way. 2021 will be a great year for me…

  9. No shoe person. Usually right foot unless my right foot is hurting. it was interesting teaching the left foot to use the pedal. Happy Sewing.

  10. Judy Prescott

    I always have on shoes. For anyone that chases their foot pedal around I suggest you look into getting Martelli’s Foot Pedal Pad! Those things are awesome!!! I now have more than one!!

  11. I wear shoes all the time in the house. I don’t want to be stubbing my toes (like my hubby does without shoes) and if there is just a little sand or grit on my wooden floors, I do not like the feel of that. I have always been like that……shoes on for me……Sketchers with no backs so I can slip them off easily when I go outside for anything.

  12. Socks here. I don’t like going barefoot, but I can’t feel the pedal as well with shoes. I always put on shoes when using the rotary cutter–just Crocs, but closed-toe ones. They protect my feet and the cushioning makes it easy to stand for long periods of time.

  13. If the floor is cold, I have slippers on. If the floor is warm enough, I’ve got nothing on my feet.

    Congrats on progressing your UFOs. And a big YAHOO for getting more quilts off to publishers!!!!

    Well, and then there is the priceless Grandma Jo time :-) Happy Monday to you!

  14. No shoes for me. I learned to sew on my Mom’s Singer 401A with my foot backwards on the pedal using my heel to control the machine. I still sew that way on older machines.

  15. Marthanne Donaldson

    Always barefoot in the summer and socks on my feet in the winter. We never wear shoes in the house and I can’t sew with slippers on.

  16. Nancy Kirkpatrick

    Used to be the barefoot type, but aged feet changed all that. I just purchased a new machine that has push buttons, and so far, I’m really happy with that change. Much easier than I thought. I LOVE not having to turn the hand wheel, especially!

  17. No shoes! Oh Rosie,,,, its a good thing you are so cute. I so admire what you accomplish. I have been following you for a few years, but I had no idea the number of quilts you have had published. Kudos to you and the girls. You are inspiring me to finish up so old UFO”S.
    Keep up the good work.

  18. Angela Bowling

    No shoes. Socks or bare feet, but no shoes In fact, shoes are never even worn in my sewing room. My sewing room, or rooms, take up all of the 3 rooms in my upstairs. So there is no reason to wear shoes upstairs.

  19. I wear shoes or slippers all the time when walking around the house, because I have a tendency to stub/break toes otherwise. But when I’m sitting at my machine to sew, the shoes/slippers are off. :)

  20. I hate wearing shoes! Must have something to do with being born in southern California. I wear footie socks when it’s cold, fleece socks when it’s really cold! Funny story, when I was in kindergarten and 1st grade, we lived right next to the school. I had to walk out of the front yard to the turnstile gate – maybe 1/4 of a city block, then through what seemed like a giant field – probably a good sized lawn, and straight into my classroom. I remember being sent home with a note pinned to my dress that reported that I had shown up again without the ruffle socks and Mary Jane ‘good school shoes’.

  21. Mary Creighton

    I always have shoes or slippers on. That started when I was in high school. My mother took the carpeting off the stairs to clean it and turn it the opposite way (for twice the wear, of course!) But she left the tack strips on the back of the steps so it could all be put back. Unfortunately, it took a long time to get the carpeting clean and put back. I can’t tell you how many times I tripped, running up the stairs and landing, bare footed, on carpet tacks. I can still feel it, 40-some years later! Anyway, I quit going barefoot after that.

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