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Yesterday I told you what my #5 Dirty Dozen quilts were.  I could chose scrap vortex, scrappy bargello or the black and white rectangle.  The one I grabbed to work on was this…

It’s just a simple all rectangle quilt.  Nothing fancy at all.  I cut it out in January when I was working on Jasper’s baby quilt.  I knew I had a couple weddings coming up this year for people I typically make quilts for so I thought this could be one of the quilts for the wedding gifts I’d need.

I was going to count how many rows I had stitched together and instead decided that I would just start sewing them together instead.

From Rosie’s count, she says I have 11 rows together. I’m thinking now I want 44 rows together if I have that much cut…so I guess I’m about 1/4 done right now.

I shouldn’t have a problem getting that done yet this month and that will mean one UFO off my list.  YAHOO!!

I also worked on this…

This is another UFO it’s not the current number for UFOs but that’s okay.  This was sitting next to the machine so I leader and ended 7 blocks I needed so now all of the blocks are finished.  A blog reader sent me the half square triangles and I made them into these blocks.  I love using scrap pieces that blog readers send and make this into something unexpected.  Remember this…

Our Fun and Games quilt.  (photo courtesy of All People Quilt).  Read the whole blog post HERE.  This was made with leftovers from a blog reader…

Find our Brick House quilt here.  This was made with leftovers from a blog reader…

As were these…Find them HERE.

and this…(Find it HERE)

Remember I said Kayla was here and helped with EQ (Electric Quilt)?  Well I took the block  I showed you that I was working on and drew it up in EQ and then designed a quilt using the block.  I’m so happy with the program and getting that far with it.  I want to see the quilt finished now…so I’m itching to sew on it even though it’s not the current UFO I should be working one.  I’m not keeping myself to a strict discipline on these UFOs.  I’m applauding myself for any work on any UFO….so go me!!  I am going to get the sashing cut and will start working on the border leader/ender style.  Who knows?  This quilt might get done this month too….but, I also have this….a deadline project.  I showed you this yesterday as it came in my mail this week.  This is an advanced Moda line coming out in November.

It’s called Cider and I’m in love with it!!

The quilt we make with this will be published in a future issue of American Patchwork and Quilting.  We have another quilt, currently a top, that was picked up by them too so I need to get that one machine quilted and out of here too…it’s going to be a busy time in the quilting room!!

This project trumps all the others and this needs to get finished and out the door…I say finished knowing I have yet to make a cut in the fabric.

I did open one bundle and got it ironed.  Today’s task is to get it cut out.  Wednesday I’ll be deep into sewing blocks.  I don’t want to kill myself doing it but I really would like to have this out the door before the end of the month.

So it looks like my work is cut out for me.

Have you kept up with the blog lately?

I finished the Texas Braid quilt!!  The quilt is from Bonnie Hunter’s book Scraps and Shirttails.  I loved sewing it..the quilting is where I stalled out.

If you missed that post, you can read about it HERE.

I also have a sneak peak of something else I finished….

I’ll get some good pictures taken and tell you all about this on Friday.  What a fun quilt to make!!

That’s all from the quilting scene….I’ll write another post and tell you about my cross stitch progress.


7 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. You have really been going gang busters on these quilts – UFO or not! And they are all amazing!
    Love and prayers

  2. Made your fun & games quilt for my soon expected great granddaughter, also from scraps from ALL the quilts I’ve made the entire family over the years. I’m calling it Willow’s Family History. Thank you sooo much for such a fun quilt pattern!

  3. Lisa in eastern Washington state

    Wow, that new Moda “Cider” is beautiful. I can hardly wait to see what you make from it. Good progress on the UFO’s, too.

  4. Rosie Westerhold

    Love the black and white rectangle quilt. Can you share the size of the rectangles, please? You may have mentioned it, but I can’t put my fingers on that post. Any help is very much appreciated.

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