What I’m Working On…

I didn’t get any sewing done during the week but totally made up for that over the weekend.

This finally came off of the quilting frame.

I thought I would never get done with it….I am so thankful it is done.  I need to bind it yet but at least the whole project is coming to an end.

From there I moved on to a UFO I had.  Some time back I started some Crooked Courthouse blocks with Mickey Mouse in the center of the blocks.  My Nido Wool Mat really got a work out as I sewed and pressed and sewed until I had the rest of the blocks done.  I did 82 blocks between Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon. If you are looking for a mat, Winnie at Nido is still offering the coupon code.  So if you follow THIS LINK and at check out use the code, 15SUNNYDAYS you’ll get 15% off.  How awesome is that.  The code is good from June 22nd until the end of day on July 5th.  I know several people ordered them already.  The Nido mats are already inexpensive compared to others so adding the coupon code really makes it an awesome deal.  I’d be lost without my mats…yes, I actually have three of their mats.  I love them that much.  You can see all of their mats HERE….


Anyway….I kept working on the quilt and even got some rows put together.  What do you think?

So far, I am loving it.  I think the Mickeys in the middle is so cute.  It’s enough that the quilt doesn’t scream Mickey….but Mickey is still there.

I made it so that the Mickeys will be every which way.  Sometimes it not a full Mickey but just a set with a head and ears shadow.

My palette for this is green, blue, teal, orange and yellow.
I have six rows put together now…I’m hoping I’ll have the top together by next week.  That shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish.  I also hope to get the binding put on the Texas Braid quilt.  I’m so excited that some of these UFOs are getting finished.  I really, really want to get as many UFOs done as I can.

With that, I’m off.  The sewing room is calling.  Watch to blog towards the end of the week.  I’m hoping the Texas Braid will be featured as a Friday Finish.  Fingers crossed that will happen.

13 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Thank you Jo for the link on the mat I ordered one and love it and love the fact it does not smell when using it.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    I got two wool mats by accident. Using one as they’re the same size. Really like using it. Your Texas braid quilt is so beautiful. I do like putting strips together and getting something special..
    Your courthouse steps with Mickey is really great love the color combinations.
    It’s amazing what can get done in a “few” hours if concentrated sewing. Thanks for the morale boost.

  3. So grateful to Winnie for offering the code and to you as well for featuring the Nido. I took that as a sign that I should finally treat myself. I plan on doing the Dirty Dozen challenge and figure that a few specific purchases will make it easier. Fingers crossed!

  4. The Texas Braid quilt is beautiful! as most of your quilts are. Some child will love the Mickey Mouse quilt, also pretty. You accomplish so much!

  5. Feathered Braids, SEW gorgeous!!! I really like that you went with a fresh tropical vibe for the Mickey quilt, instead of the traditional red and black color combo. Topsy-turvy Mickey’s, SEW darling!!

  6. Ah yes, Crooked Courthouse! I need to get back to mine, because yours is so inspiring. But it’s too hot to quilt in my sewing room these days.

  7. Good job on getting your braid quilt done. It looks like a big job. I like the way you quilted the feathers in the braids. Really great design for this pattern.

  8. Thank you for the link for the mat! Have not been able to try it yet, but hoping for great things! I had been debating one for quite some time and this made my mind up.

  9. Felicia Hamlin

    Love the colors on the courthouse steps and the Texas braid quilt. Do you have instructions for the courthouse steps? Thank you.

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