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I didn’t touch my sewing machine at all except to make two masks.

Family friends had a daughter who is three that needs to go to the dentist.  The dentist is requiring masks and they couldn’t find a child sized one so asked me to make one.  As long as I was making one, I made two.  It’s almost easier to make two.

I didn’t get much done in the sewing room at all….I had Carver for four days while Kalissa was in Milwaukee with Gannon.  Although Carver is getting big enough that he can be in the sewing room, I had things that needed to be done on the main floor of the house so opted to do those things instead.

I tried to get a quilt loaded on the frame.  UGH.  Rosie tried to be a little to helpful….see??
Typically I keep a roll of Warm and Natural batting and a roll of Hobbs 80/20 on hand.  Each have qualities that I appreciate but with wanting more moving area in the sewing room, I thought I’d make an effort to use up the roll of Hobbs so used it when I loaded a quilt.  It was just a split second and look what Rosie did.  HOLE.

If you’ve worked with Hobbs, you know that it rips easily.  That’s the quality about it I don’t like…but I love how it drapes.

The hole stopped everything and I had to awkwardly stitch it together.  I did get the quilt loaded…this one.  It’s Bonnie Hunter’s Texas Braid.  I love the quilt but have put off the quilting of it because I want to feathers and am a chicken to just jump in and do them.  
I loaded the quilt as an incentive to get it quilted.  I figure I’ll end up having a deadline project and I’ll be forced to “Get ‘er Done” before I can put the next quilt on.  So far I haven’t put a single stitch in it yet.  I put it on my project list for this week. Hopefully I’ll actually do it.

I have squeezed in a little time for cross stitch but not a lot either.  I’m really wanting to finish this piece up.  I’m getting close.  If I can get the house section done, that’s one more page stitched of the 6 page project.  
This chart is Scarlett House’s Seeking Refuge pattern.  I adore it and am so glad that I jumped in and started it.  I have had so much fun with this.

People often do the sayings:
Chart  $17
Linen  $18
Floss  $12

Creating the piece…Priceless.  I really feel this way about this piece.  I have about $50 into the piece but I so love it.  I’m sure I’ve spend more than 50 hours stitching on it.  When I stitch I’m watching TV and stitching, so it’s not a concentrated effort…but kick your feet up kind of stitching that I love.  If it all was $50 for the supplies and it was 50 hours to stitch it, at $1 an hour, that is some mighty good enjoyment I’m getting from this.  What else can you do for $1 an hour that’s entertainment??

I keep telling myself I need to just write a day off and stitch the whole day and see how close I can get to finishing it.  We’ll see.  I still have to stitch the “mortar” in between all those bricks so it might be a bit before I’m finished even if I do stitch a whole day.

I have several projects kitted and waiting in the wings for this one to be finished and the new project to start.  Maybe I’ll have to do a blog post about the kitted project waiting in the wings…maybe you can help me decide which one to do next.  I did pre-order another chart in anticipation that I’ll have this finished and it was my treat for finishing it.  The chart is releasing soon so I have to hurry.

This is the chart….

I’ve gotten so I love Teresa Kogut designs.  A couple of the other charts I’m considering doing next are hers.  I’d be tempted to start this but…I know I won’t be able to finish it by 4th of July.  That’s okay.  That gives me time to kit it and find the threads by next spring.  Maybe I’ll stitch on her then.

I’m not sure what’s happened to me but I’ve turned into a cross stitcher that loves big pieces.  Maybe there is a sampler wall in my future.

..but first, that Texas Braid quilt…right??  So many hobbies…so little time.

12 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. i will love seeing that beautiful Texas Braid up close when you finish it. It looks amazing even at this magnification.

  2. That’s how I feel – cross stitching and quilting. I just want to sit and do it all!
    Your braid is gorgeous – looking forward to seeing your quilting done on it!
    Love and prayers

  3. I love samplers. I stitched a few and my husband said he didn’t want ABC’s on every wall. Party pooper.

  4. Love that cross stitch you are working on and the Texas Braid too! That’s another quilt on my list. I understand the fear of doing feathers. I want to do it on some quilts and haven’t loaded them. I’m wondering what kind of feather you’re thinking of doing on it but if you had the room I wonder if loading it the other way would make it easier. Then you wouldn’t have as many starts and stops all along the quilt.

  5. Lisa in eastern Washington state

    Jo, don’t forget that Mary Etherington has posted about the next Dirty Dozen! I hope that you are ready. PS Don’t stress about the feather quilting, just do a practice row and go for it!

  6. Mary Ann Mettler

    Beautiful quilt and cross stitch. Will look forward to the big reveal. You do wonderful work Jo.

  7. That patriotic sampler is so pretty. Back when I had a Ravelry account I said something similar to what you said… so much making to do and so little time. I guess I need to try harder to improve my time management skills!

  8. Shaaron Boughen

    Wow that quilt is amazing Jo. I think I’d go blind trying to do all of that cross stitching! Can’t wait to see them finished. Take care with the virus out there.

  9. Too bad the quilt didn’t fit the other way, but I’m sure it will look beautiful when you do your magic.

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