What I’m working on….

I still don’t have my sewing room all the way cleaned and I want it, but day by day, it gets a little closer to what I’d like it to be.

Today I haulted cleaning and was busy working on my Quilt Square Quilt Along blocks…I can’t show you those, but I can show you what I sewing as my leaders and enders…

Perkiomen Daydreams!

Here’s a sneak peak at my sewing room…

CRAZY..isn’t it.  I am cutting up the bright scraps and crumbs that people have been sending me.  They are going into my scrap users system…what a job!!  It’s been fun seeing all the different scraps and pieces..chuckling at some…wondering at some.  The latest scrap donation came from my friend Laurel who has been trying to talk me into attending her retreat next spring.

I can’t wait to get some sewing done with these scraps…but not much sewing is getting done until I have the rest of the scraps sorted.  Oh I love scraps!!  Scraps just make me happy.

Today is the last day to sign up for the Ecolux Light Giveaway…the St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway will be going on until Friday.  Come back tomorrow and see the latest thing I am “Trying on Tuesday”.

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6 thoughts on “What I’m working on….”

  1. I have been doing the same…I had so many scraps that I did give away a bunch of scrap bags but still have a bunch. I made a scrappy 3 1/2 inch tumbler very long lap quilt and yesterday I played around with a strip scrappy strip block runner (love it) I still have so many scraps. Next I will make a large strng scrappy quilt. It feels good to making the scrappies….no waste, no more spending for a bit and I can experiment. Best of all….it cleans up the room. Happy Quilting!

  2. I have been cleaning my sewing room for three weeks. Trying to sort things in a better manner. I purchased a open shelving unit. I need to see what is on the shelve.Boxes are
    marked with a bright color index card telling what is in the container. i have way too many odd shape pieces of fabric scraps. I will have to get Go out and cut some strips and squares out.

  3. I kind of organized my scraps into colors. I made a pile each of orange, red, yellow, green, black, white, turquoise, purple and brown. I then put each pile in a big plastic bag and threw the bags in a big laundry basket. I keep the basket nearby and when I need a certain color, I don’t have to sort through piles and piles of scraps.

  4. Laurel from Iowa

    Fran, that’s similar to how I sort my scraps only mine are in quart-sized Ziplocs tucked in some Sterlite containers I got about 15 years ago at a Dollar General store. Sorting them by color sure does make it easier to find what you want, doesn’t it? I like the laundry basket idea but I’d have cats fighting over who got to plop in there first! Jo, keep thinking about that retreat. I’ll send out the letter in January 2013. I mentioned it to Gladie, too, so maybe you two could carpool!

  5. Just home from vacation and wanted to let you know I received the book you sen – it’s wonderful bedtime reading. Thank you so much. You are brave to show your sewing room – I wouldn’t show mine – it’s a disaster zone. Every day I say “today’s the day” but somehow it never happens. It better soon though, or I won’t be able to get in there!

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