What I’m Working On…

I’ve been busy in the sewing room still.  A lot of quilt folding and more sorting has happened.

On Saturday I felt like sitting and doing nothing…I didn’t though.  I really want to get as far as I can on the sewing room this month.  I’ve promised myself I need to accomplish something every single day this month.  I’ve discovered, it doesn’t happen on it’s own so whether I want to do it or not, I do something.

I told myself if I didn’t feel ambitious, that was okay.  I could sit and watch television but then I’d have to sit at the sewing machine to do it.  So, I looked around the room for something I could get done to clean the sewing room and that could sit at the sewing machine to do so I could still laze a bit and watch TV.

There was a project I’ve been putting off for some time…napping mats.  Some time ago before Covid I was at the thrift store and bought a rainbow striped quilt that was quilted with a big stitch.  I ended up buying it with the intention of cutting it into fours, adding a pillow to them-then adding a binding to the two cut sides to make a napping mat with attached pillow.  I thought it would be quick and then I would have four mats that were all the same…less fighting.

I had gotten this far.  The quilt was cut into fours and I had purchased the fabric.

Then it sat.  Well Saturday was the day to tackle them.

I cut 18″ width of fabric for each pillow.  I sewed around the edge on three sides, trimmed, turned right side out and stuffed them.  Then I sewed the opening shut.

I pinned to the mat
Then I sewed the binding down with my machine just like I do for quilt binding making sure to catch the pillow in the seam as I bound.

This is what they look like all finished….
I think they are so cute…and to prove I didn’t only make one but indeed did all four, here’s a picture of me holding them!!

I gave them a good wash and dry and now they are rolled up and ready for use.

I’m sure someone is going to wonder why I made them as I’m not doing childcare anymore…answer, grandkids.  They will still get used and played with.

Once they were done, I didn’t feel anymore ambitious than I did before so I looked for something else I could do that would allow me to sit and the machine and watch television so I tackled this…
Yep the block of the month is bound…I’ll wait to show it to you until I have both of the quilts done.  Oh my, this took a full 10 strips of binding to bind that beast.

After that was done, I decided to make the binding strips for the second block of the month quilt top that isn’t quilted yet.  Rosie was napping while I was doing that.

About then Kalissa called and asked if I wanted to hang out.  PERFECT timing.  I was done with two project for the day and did the binding for a third project.  That’s enough for one day..especially when family calls.

I feel like I’m not getting a lot done but the I try to remind myself that I’ve been busy at the long arm and binding as well.

I do feel like the room keeps getting a little lighter and lighter with more open space and less clutter.  I like that.

Next up, I’m going to be cutting scraps soon.  I’ve gotten lots of questions on how I cut scraps.  A week or so I showed a quick couple pictures of what I do and now I’ve gotten a request for a whole blog post about that.  What for that coming soon.

…and just in case you missed these two beauties that were finished this week…

This was my Unity Quilt Along Quilt….You can read about it more HERE

This was my String Star Quilt….You can read about it more HERE if you missed it.

I have a few plans for the week but nothing really big so hopefully more progress will be make in the quilting room.  I used up one set of totes and had to order another set…they won’t be here until June so I know it will be at least until then before I’m finished.

16 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Love the napping mats. I can see all the grands spread out on the floor, giggling and having fun. By the way, seeing all your beautiful woodwork makes me drool, it is so classic!

  2. You really accomplish a lot. I didn’t get any sewing done today but a couple masks. The nap mats are really pretty and colorful. Your grandchildren can have a slumber party.

  3. Love your idea with the napping mats. So enjoy all your posts and your flow of writing. Feel likeI’m right there with you.

  4. The napping mats are adorable. And I immediately thought, grandkids! You’ll have more visitors, especially when this pandemic is over. Good thing you made 4!

  5. Jo, your accomplishments are an inspiration to me. My sewing room has been a total disaster for at least a year, but after reading what you have been doing, I did make an attempt. I can actually see most of the floor now! And I have decided that the piles of fabric everywhere means one thing……I’m just not sewing fast enough!!!!! LOL

  6. Jo, Show us a picture of your progress, before and after. You are doing so much, yes, you are. All these quilts, finished! And other projects. You feel you are stymied, but all that you have accomplished is impressive. Now, show me before and afters!

  7. I’m with Maureen I just love all the woodwork in your home! I’m thinking it would be great to see a video of your sewing room when you have it just the way you want it. Maybe a narrative about everything?

      1. Rosie really is a little darling. You are so lucky to have her. She gives you so much companionship.

        Our third Shetland Sheepdog left us last August at 14 and as it is so hard to loose them, my husband does not want to get a new puppy, though I have wanted one. We are older now and taking care of a puppy would be harder as we are not as mobile now.

        Puppies are so fun to be with, even though they can do some strange and annoying things at times. One afternoon, I was sitting doing needle turn applique, with my thread case opened up on my lap. So all the threads were hanging out, as I was stitching away. Our second Sheltie puppy decided that he wanted to play and ran up to me, put his front paws on my lap and ran off again.

        Only problem was that my silk threads were now caught in his nails and as he ran all over the downstairs, my threads rolled off their spools and went with him. So I got up and chased him as he ran, trying to catch him, he ran faster. A lot of beautiful silk threads were no longer usable.

        I have sewed two of the byAnnie Thread Dispenser Sewing Cases, to hold my hand applique threads. As the threads hang out through a strip of ultra suede, it is easy to pull a thread to the length that is needed and cut a piece off, without having to unzip the case and take it out each time you need more thread.

        I really recommend the case for hand sewing, but no longer believe it is a good idea to sit with the case open on one’s lap as they sew. I am laughing as I say that I have learned. Puppies can teach their owners, too.

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