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I had a busy week.  I started walking with a friend of mine again.  It’s all completely done in a social distance manner.  Waucoma, where I like is a small town with little traffic on the roads.  She walks in one lane of the road, Rosie and I walk in the other.  That’s been taking up an hour or so of my days during the week.  I’m SO happy to be doing it.  I need the fresh air.  Rosie needs the fresh air and I need adult conversation with someone who isn’t my kid!!  Trust me, I love my kids but hearing about life outside of my bubble is awesome.  My friend that I walk with has very limited people in her life as well so I feel comfortable with our walking.

Buck and his kids came home for the weekend.  It was WONDERFUL.  I’ll tell you more about that coming up.  That means I didn’t sew over the weekend but enjoyed family time instead.  PERFECT!!

While the kids were playing on Sunday I did a little counting.  Two blog readers sent me their mystery leftovers that they did in batiks.  Between mine and theirs, I had 131 triangles already made.  I quickly cut out the rest that I needed.

I’ll finish them up this week and move on with the new release.  It was great to be able to use up the extras in a quilt.

I’m getting excited to that we’re getting closer and closer to an end on the quilts I started sewing during covid.  I’m ready to pick my own project to sew.

Did you see that the Old World Fantasy quilt from Quilted Twins was revealed?  If you missed it, here it is….

I didn’t get all the triangles finished from the week before.  They are sewn but not pressed.  I snuck ahead and worked on the chain blocks.
They are all sewn but not pressed.I have to say, I really like the quilt and am really glad I participated in the mystery.  Becky did a great job and seriously, I didn’t have any idea on how all of it would come together.

I will keep working on it but it’s going to take me a bit to finish it up.  Normally I hate sewing blocks on point…I do it but it’s not my favorite.  I’m happy that these are big blocks as it will make sewing them on point much easier.

Other than that, I worked on cleaning the sewing room some more.  I got more totes in so more organizing happened.  YAHOO!!  I’m so pleased with how it’s looking.  The closet is finally looking like the storage space I dreamed of.  I’ll show it all off when I’m done and answer the questions I got about storage.

I also have a quilt on the frame…
I’m getting towards done but this thing is a beast.  I didn’t realize it was so big.  UGH.  Hopefully that will get done and I can load the next one that is EXACTLY THE SAME QUILT on the frame next.  More UGH.  One is Kelli’s.  One is mine.

Seriously, this block of the month quilt has really taught me a lesson…and it’s a big one.  NEVER DO A BLOCK OF THE MONTH!!  I know many of you enjoy them but I now know.  They are not for me.

I’m hoping to get a little more accomplished this week.  Last week was a big week in many ways for me.  Follow the blog this week and I’ll tell you why it was such a big week.

9 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. I look forward to seeing your closet all put in order and hearing about how you do sort and store. The quilt looks great with Rosie and I cant wait to see it hanging on the porch for the final picture. Enjoy those walks while the weather is gorgeous, snow comes soon enough in Iowa.

  2. So glad you’re able to get out with your friend! I’m looking forward to seeing your sewing room. That block of the month will be very pretty when it’s done. The quilts twins mystery is really pretty. I didn’t care for the colors at first but they are so warm in the quilt! Looking forward to seeing that one too .

  3. Just have to say a big “thank you” for the closet storage post. My room is small and also is doubling as a work station for me so I was getting frustrated with the mess in it. I Sent your post to my hubby and we started working on the room. We got the shelving this weekend and the totes should be here tomorrow. I spent yesterday pulling out fabric I won’t use and am happy with where this is going. Without your post this wouldn’t be happening!

  4. Colleen Pflieger

    I am mailing out 2 boxes today. They go to sites you suggested and I am happy to send them out of my room!

  5. I can’t wait to see how Bonnie’s mystery quilt looks in your batiks. I know what you mean about block of the month quilts. I learned after having 4 unfinished BOMs in my closet that I really don’t like them and won’t make them ever again. I want to work on a quilt from start to finish and often dislike the look of 12 (or more) different blocks in one quilt. Good luck on getting the 2 quilts done soon.

  6. LOVE that red and mustard combo! Isn’t it interesting how a color combination can lift your heart and spirit?

  7. The I made the quilt that you have on your longarm a few years ago. I didn’t add the half square triangle border because I didn’t like it, but still it was too big for my longarm. It was the last quilt I paid someone else to quilt for me. I try now to pick quilts that have one dimension that isn’t bigger than 104″ so I can quilt my own quilts.

    I love my quilt now that it is finished, I hope you love yours too.

  8. Mary-Kay Colman

    I have that Civil War BOM and it’s still in the bags.A couple of things about BOMs. One is that usually when you join in to a BOM at a quilt shop, it’s just the blocks. No borders or setting, that’s all extra. The Civil War BOM is the entire quilt top. borders and all. Anyway, that’s the only good thing about it. Just thought I’d chime in with my opinion.

  9. Thanks for sharing the Quilted Twins mystery reveal, Jo. That quilt is gorgeous!! Now, I’ll have to fight with myself about NOT adding another project to my TO MAKE list. Sigh…

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