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Well…I’ve had an extremely busy week on the quilting front.  Here’s the reason.  On Wednesday night we had a flux quick five minute or so rain and storm come through.  Seriously, five minutes was about all.  I was at the quilting machine working on a quilt when I heard a HUGE pop and the electricity went out.  It was the kind of pop that makes you jump and wonder if your appliances are going to be okay.

So I went downstairs and tried to find things to do that didn’t require electricity.  I waited and waited and finally an hour or so later it came back on.  I started checking the appliances.  Everything was good.  Whew.  I really was nervous.

After supper I sat down and decided to get some blog posts written.  The internet didn’t work.  Hmm.  After talking to Karl and a little investigation, we discovered that the storm and that POP I heard blew out the modem for the computer.  Darn.  Seriously, it’s the third time it has happened since we’ve lived here.

Our modems are owned by the internet company so I called to get a replacement.  I knew I was going to be waiting.  UGH.  I was on the phone for an hour and was assured one would come two days later.  It didn’t come.  I called again.  I was assured it would come the next day.  It didn’t come.  I called in again.  I was assured it would come today.  Fingers crossed it does.

Well in the meantime, I have a blog and if I miss a post, people miss me.  I get letters and comments from people wondering if I’m okay.  For this very reason, I write posts ahead of time and schedule them so should something like this happen, you all know I’m okay.

Well I had things covered for the most part for a couple days…Kayla came to my rescue for Friday morning’s post..the rest I’ve had previously scheduled.  Well that’s great but by Sunday, it had been four days since I wrote anything….I needed to write something or once I do get a modem, I was going to really be behind.  So Karl suggested using the “hot spot” on my phone…and that is allowing me to write this post.  US Cellular, our cell phone company, is apparently waiving overage charges while Corona Virus is here so I’m not worried about going over my data.  Whew.  I didn’t know all of that on Wednesday night, Thursday, Friday or Saturday so then I stayed in the sewing room and did I ever get a lot done!!

Round 4 is done on my Unity Quilt Along.

Some happy news about that….Deb, a blog reader from Owatonna Minnesota had recently sent me her Frolic Mystery quilt leftovers.  The pink half square triangles in round #4 are from her!!  YAHOO!!  That cut down on my sewing time.  I’ll have to remember to check if any other goodies from the mystery can work their way into this quilt.

I tackled a UFO box that was in my closet.  When I say tackled, I really truly did.  All of these packs were in one tote and that tote was taking up space on my shelf.  One of my goals for my “war on my sewing room” was to make sure all of them things had shelf space.  To do that, some things had to get off the shelf.  That tote with these, was my target.

I bought these at one garage sale in 2016.  It was time to tackle them.

Here’s what was in the bags.


As I type this on Sunday, these scraps and blocks are now two complete quilts and one quilt top.  You’ll have to keep coming back this week to see the work I did being I had no internet to distract me.

Here’s a sneak peek of Rosie with one of the quilts….

Isn’t that a precious picture.  She can be really cute!!

This is another of the garage sale UFOs…not quite a top yet but close…

I was on such a roll with getting all those quilts done that I didn’t keep up with the Temecula Quilt Company sew along.  I can get caught up on that quick though….In fact, that is the evening plan for this day.

As for my Quilted Twins Mystery, I don’t have that done yet either.  I was on SUCH a roll with finishing quilts.  I machine quilted and bound FOUR quilts this last week and three of them weren’t even tops as of last week.

Stay tuned, I can’t wait to show you.

19 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. Love your garage sale quilts! Such bright, happy quilts! Those would be great for kids! I see you only paid 2.00 for that peace sign fabric!!!! Are you going to use it for a backing? Looking forward to seeing all the other quilts! I have been sewing up a storm too! Trying to get my sewing room tackled!

  2. Awe Rosie looks so sweet and innocent…lol.
    I’m sure she was just trying to be her best for you. I had some of that peace sign fabric.
    I used it in a quilt much like yours with lots of colorful fabrics.
    Take care and hope your computer gets fixed quickly. Can’t believe how much you accomplished – I can’t remember which fabric artist it was that said “ Stay off the internet while you’re sewing if you want to get things done”. It’s so true…

  3. Some homeowners insurance cover (pay for new) appliances ruined by power outages. We once lived on the “end” of line between two power companies. Constant power outages. Blew up a fridge and a freezer. Essential items. Both were replaced with current models. Check with your insurance if it happens to something large.

  4. You are on a roll! I quilted a large quilt on Saturday, then a smaller wall quilt on Sunday. Then I put binding on three quilted items Sunday evening. It feels so good to get some of those things finished.

  5. Seriously, Jo?!?! Lose internet for a few day and you’ve got FOUR completed quilts to show for it??? The think that blows my mind even more than that it they some were just packs of pieces and parts. Go, Jo!! Attack that sewing room!!!

  6. You really are on a roll! Someone is going to be so happy to get those quilts!
    Interesting that the internet company takes so long to replace a modem. And I’ll bet they won’t take those days of lost internet off your bill. :-/ The modem that belonged to our internet provider way back when used to do that even when plugged into one of those power strips. Hope it’s up and running soon.
    Love and prayers

  7. Marlene Clausen

    Wait . . . what!? You can make a puppy from garage sale fabric??? Are there ones that make kitties, too? Really, that is one adorable little puppy dog. Am sure she kept you entertained through your communications blackout. Haven’t had any of those, but for some reason the enforced stay-at-home has me concentrating on UFO’s, both the only-need-to-quilt kind and the need-to-finish-cutting-and-piece kind. New rule: If I piece it i am committing to quilting it right away. (If anyone saw my stack of tops, the need for this rule would become clear/1).

  8. SusanfromKentucky

    Wow, can you rub some of that “get it doneness” off on me? Looks like some beautiful quilts. I LOVE how your Unity Quilt is coming along. The picture of Rosie IS precious! I would have to have that printed and framed if it was me! Can’t wait to see all your finishes!!!!

  9. Ann Bryner Hedington

    1. We bought our own modem after getting tired of paying “rent” on the cable company’s modem, so that’s something you may want to consider (fortunately, my husband can do the techy stuff, so that’s a plus)

    2. You are crazy productive! I’ve done some outside work, some housework, (people insist on wanting dinner!) , and, unfortunately, played lots of computer games…. covid-anxiety is a thing. :-/

  10. Judith Fairchild

    A good surge protector helps cut the damages most of the time. Get a heavy duty one so that you have extra protection. My daughter gets her tv programs through the internet when something went wrong with the box they were here the next day. I guess that happens with different companies.
    I really like your yard sale quilts. You are keeping your promise to yourself. WY to go Jo. Praying for all of you.

  11. Carolyn Sullivan

    ARGH computer issues! I actually bought my own router and modem. I didn’t want to rent them from the internet provider. Since we don’t have cable either it is a win win for us. The last time our electricity did that, I thought I was going to have to replace it, but it turned out that our router needed an update. LOLPandemic fun!

  12. Jo, you are such an inspiration in so many ways! From books you have read to the quilts you are doing to how you feel about and deal with things. I have no plans to do the Quilted Twins mystery, but I went to look at it and while on the web site, found the free patterns. Two or three of them are calling my name! It is so generous of people to share so many lovely scrappy patterns.

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