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I’ve been showing you quilts as I finish them.  Can you believe that I finished three quilts this week that I’ve shown you…I have another one for tomorrow and two more that I haven’t taken pictures of but are finished.  That’s what happens when I have time.

I even put out a tutorial on making this quilt….

You can find that tutorial HERE.

I’ve been busy on the mask front too….

I made 25 one day…then made 25  another day.  My total is up around 170.  I had made 50 for the nursing home that Kelli works at.  This week my goal is to make another 50 for them.  I’ve had lots of family and friends request them too.  Little by little, I’ll get masks to all the people I know who need them.

Here’s the pile I’ll be working on today.

I’m finding that more people who are working day to day and not in the medical field are wanting some now too.  I really think it’s going to get to the point that they want people wearing them when they go outdoors no matter what your job is….

So, I make more masks.

I don’t do it all day long…a couple hours a day is enough.  There is a real thing I’m calling mask fatigue…and it really is a little depressing making them.  But 2 hours is do-able and helpful most days but today, it’s time for an all day affair of making masks so I can get them to the nursing home.  I want to keep everything there safe but there is a lady there that I’ve loved since the moment I met her.  If she was able, that lady would be making masks like nobody’s business…so I make them for her.

I do have to say that every batch I make goes a little faster.  I learn how to do a step without pinning…I attach the ties a different way.  It just seems more and more fluid.  I can make a mask from start to finish in 15 minutes now.  I think it’s a little faster if I do it more assembly line though.  This is with making the ties.

I shipped some fabric to my great nieces.  They have been making some.   You might remember those are the girls I gifted a sewing machine to a couple years ago.  I’m so proud of them.

I’ve wanted to work on my mystery quilts….here is the next clue from the mystery from Quilted Twins….I’ve sewn nothing on it.

I wanted to Quiltville’s sew along but that hasn’t happened either.  I’m making masks.

Temecula Quilt Company has a sew along too.  I did manage to get two of the blocks done….See?

I’ve been cross stitching too….I’ve been trying to do some every night.  An hour or so before bed time listening to a show on TV is just what my brain needs to calm before bed.

I got this finished…well almost.

Here is the pattern.  It supposed to say “Pins and Orts” in the center.  Well  I was thinking about putting a big “K” in there instead for Kramer.
Heartstring Samplery Pins & Orts image 0
But I haven’t taken the time find my alphabet cross stitch book to see if there is something I like…maybe I should just stitch the “pins and orts”.  Hmm.

You might remember that I was so nervous about stitching that piece as it was on 40 count linen which makes the design smaller and more challenging to stitch.  I was worried it would be too much for my old eyes…but…I LOVE IT!!  I actually enjoyed stitching this more than I have ever enjoyed stitching anything.  It’s much slower but I don’t mind.  I love using one thread only.

While I’ve been stewing on that, Kelli sent me a link to a cross stitch piece.  this….

Counted Cross Stitch Pattern Seeking Refuge Sampler Floral image 0

It says, “When the world seems to be out of control I find a way to nurture my soul seeking refuge with needle and thread the angst and anxiety no longer I dread”.

Oh my word.  Is this not the perfect thing to stitch at this time in our world?  Well Kelli and I broke into our joint bank account and bought a kit for each of us.  We bought a couple other things but I’ll show you that another day.

Glory be…this is also designed for 40 count.  I started stitching it and…I love it.  The fabric is awesome.  The pattern is great.  I love stitching it…even though I’m not very far.

That’s three episodes of stitching….Like I said, I’m not speedy but happy and that’s what counts.  The cross stitch is giving me a little me time after spending the day making masks.

I had an amazing weekend with the Karl and Kalissa’s family.  I’ll have to tell you more on that later…

13 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. The pins and orts center is cute, but I absolutely love your idea of the K in the center of your cross stitch. It would really make it so much more special and personal. Like you, I love the higher thread count because it brings out more detail. Everything you do is amazing! I just turned 72, but when I grow up I want to be just like you. :)

  2. Your Pins and Orts is darling – love the idea of K instead.
    I’ve made a couple of masks but it’s been slow going – for some reason it takes so long to get one done. Maybe it’s the pattern itself. Maybe it’s because I have to improvise with straps instead because of having so little sewing stash. Anyway, I keep plugging along.
    Love and prayers

  3. I’ve been working on masks only and you’re right, it does get depressing. I was hoping to do Bonnie Hunter’s new sew along but not finding the time. My family wanted masks and it’s taking awhile to do them as some wanted multiple masks and with my husbands side of the family, there are a lot to be made! I too have made changes to the masks as I’ve gone along and finding it’s faster to do them in batches. I mailed some out Friday and hoping to get another batch out today. After I’m done with the family then I can get to other folks’ needs. I do feel good being able to do something.

  4. I agree. Working on masks is depressing.

    Love the pincushion. I think the K is a great idea.

    Have a great day!

  5. Judith Fairchild

    I would put the K on. May I share the picture of your daughter’s cross stitch piece? It’s so right for these times. Thank for posting it either way. Making masks is depressing untill I remember who they’re for. You are doing great

  6. Claire Lonergan

    Jo I agree that mask making can be depressing, give yourself 2 hours every day to make some and then stop. Make those mysteries that you have been looking forward to…you will feel so much better for it. You have given so much of yourself, it is time to give to yourself….replenish the well that is running dry!

  7. Where did you find the kits for the cross stitch piece? I looked for the pattern and it was out of stock at my usual online shops. Not that I don’t have other things to work on; like masks. I have done about 25 now and have more “orders” and still need to make masks for personnel use. I also have “tweeked” the pattern but want to try some of the more fitted masks. Has anyone given any thoughts as to what to use for filters and how to get them to fit well into the masks? Sent my prototype off to my brother today and will see what he thinks.

  8. HI! I’m sure I missed the link to the pattern you are using for your face masks! Is there one! If not, which pattern are you using? I love that you are using shoe laces (at least it looks like they are shoe laces. Anyone have a pattern they absolutely love? Totally overwhelmed with patterns but I totally value YOUR opinion!!!
    Stay well Praying for you and your family!

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