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I really didn’t think I would get any sewing done this week.  I had a busy weekend planned.  Buck and Lora’s kiddos were going to be coming on Saturday.  Kayla and Spencer were hosting baptism for Jasper on Sunday.  It was supposed to be one of those weekends that we needed the week to recover from the busyness of it.  In the end we decided to cancel it all.  The health fears going around with COVID-19 won out and we decided to go with the safe option.

That stinks for the Grandma in me but was awesome for the quilter/crafter in me.  (One of the many reasons I love having a hobby..there is always something to do)  Well I have a large stash so there will always be something to do.  Today I didn’t need to look very hard to find that at all.

On the top of my pile was this…

Jasper’s baby quilt.  This has been hanging over me for a long time.  Being I had a big chunk of time for sewing, I really wanted to concentrate on this project…

But..I did have big chunk of time so I really thought I could wrap up two projects.  I could leader and ender them right??

Earlier in the week in an effort to try to wrap a few things up, I started working on this quilt again….  This all started with a box of UFOs from blog reader Roxanna.  She had many of the pieces…I added on to what she had making the quilt bigger.

I had several rows sewn together and realized it wasn’t long enough.  I planned on donating this quilt for a fundraiser auction and those seem to go better if they are bed sized.  I wanted this to be single sized.  So I needed to add one more blog to each row along the bottom.

During nap time this week, I cut out more pieces and that evening I sewed them together to find that I had reversed them.  UGH.  So seam ripper time.  That happened the next day when I was sitting with Carver trying to get him to sleep at naptime.

I resewed them.  I didn’t have the quilt top all together so I stopped where I was and added the bottom row onto the main part that was sewn together.  Oh what great colors!!

After that, I added blocks to the columns that I already had sewn together.  I actually got Jasper’s top finished on Saturday and this top too.

Then it was ironing time.  I had a little helper.

I’ve been really working with her trying to get Rosie to pose and she is doing really good.  I love the picture below.

This next picture made me laugh….
Here it is, all a top!!  I really like it.  There is no rhyme of reason to how it’s laid out.  It’s not rainbow order.  I had three gray rows and three pink rows.  I just tried to space them apart and let the others fall where they may.  This needs a backing now.
A blog reader Laurie wrote that she believes the idea for the pattern came from HERE.  I HIGHLY encourage you to really check out this blog if you haven’t.  Oh my word…I love it.  There are so many ideas for great quilts here!!  HERE is the link for the site.  I really want to dive in deep to this blog…you know, start reading from page 1.  Oh my.  I did add Me and My quilts to the blog roll here so you will have a link to her.

I really do like the use of color in the quilt.  There are so many possibilities for this quilt…Take out the pinks and purples and it would be more boyish.  Do a team color quilt…I’m originally from Minnesota so a purple and gold for the Minnesota Vikings would be cool.

My sewing time didn’t stop there.  I started in on these blocks.  Originally I was thinking this would be a baby quilt for Buck and Lora’s baby.  They don’t know if it’s a boy or girl.    I thought this might be okay but it’s looking very boyish now.  I think I’ll muddle along and keep making the blocks.  After all, I have a 50% chance of being right…
This is going to be a Crocked Courthouse steps block with a Mickey in the center of them all.  Buck’s family are all Mickey Mouse fans.  A blog reader I think Carla, sent me a piece of fabric that was all Mickey.  I fussy cut the Mickey’s out.  I don’t have very many Mickey’s though.  If it turns out to be a girl, I can turn this into a quilt for Scotty.  I can just add more blocks that are the same color but don’t have Mickey in the middle.  I think that would be okay.

I do have some girlish Mickey Mouse fabric.  If it ends up being a girl, I can make one of those.  The good news, I love making the courthouse step blocks.

Either way, I don’t have long to wait.  The doctor said she can go in and get induced anytime after April 1st.  Let the countdown begin!!

I ended up with a wonderful weekend of sewing that was really productive too.  All in all, that’s likely what I needed more than anything.  I had a tough week…it was way to busy and I was overbooked.  As much as I hate the COVID-19, I am appreciating the excuse to stay home.

14 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. Love your quilt! Hope it brings lots of money at the auction! Rosie is so darn cute even if she’s a handful! The Mickey quilt is adorable!

  2. I love this quilt. Perfect use of all the scraps I recently received from a quilting friend “cleaning out.” Margaret has cancer and is giving me her scraps. A little sad but I made your Rainbow Connection from first patch for a fundraiser.
    What are the measurements of the rectangle, square and final block please?

  3. There was a cruise ship that had to be quarantined and they interviewed different people who had to be isolated in their cabins. One lady actually took her sewing machine and quilt stuff, and felt kind of silly at the time taking it, but ended up having all this time to work and being thankful she brought her stuff along. I’m new to sewing and have enjoyed making garments, but your quilts definitely make me want to dip my toe into the quilting world. I’m just afraid I’m going to go fully into the dark side and become obsessed. Sending you and your family, particularly your nurse daughters and their families love and prayers!

  4. I don’t know where I first saw that block, but I’ve been working on a quilt using those blocks for at least 7 months… I didn’t have room to work on a big quilt, but scrappy blocks here and there – they happened! Not sure yet if I’ll sew it up in colour rows, or just randomly scrappy. I’ll have to get the last 2 piles of blocks pressed first!

  5. Love the quilts and Rosie posing. I did notice in one photo that Rosie’s nose looks pink in the center. It reminded me of a wonderful dog we owned that had a very black nose that turned pink. Took the dog to the vet and he commented that the nose was also slightly swollen and diagnosed his condition [ I am not kidding] as plastic dish syndrome. We had been feeding him using a plastic dish and he had an allergy to plastic. The pigment never returned to his nose, but the inflammation did go away. Just thought I would mention it in case you are feeding Rosie from a plastic dish. We only use metal dog dishes now and we have never has another problem.

  6. Jeanne McArdle

    Dear Jo,
    Came across your site and would love to send a box or two of fabrics ( lots,). So if you could email your address a box two or more will be on the way. Also,I just sent a box to Ronda.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Xxooalways Jeanne

  7. Patricia Boelens

    Surely there is some Minnie Mouse fabric somewhere so both could be in the quilt and then it would be good for either sex. Really cute blocks. And I like your version of the rail quilt better than the original. Easy stash buster for sure!

  8. Jeanne Mcardle

    You are most welcome Jo. I am blessed that the fabric that am sending is part mine and lots of my quilter friends give me,so I am happy to share.

  9. Jo can you tell me the size of the white square and the colored strip. That looks like fun and I need something like that right now to work on. Thanks, Daisy

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