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I told you last week that I didn’t get much time sewing or stitching this week.  Between family, a morning shopping, and time reorganizing I didn’t get much done.  Some though….

I’m so thankful this all isn’t a race or truly, I’d be losing.

I finished this….

It’s small.  It’s a little sock monkey throw that is entirely Minke.

Kayla doesn’t know about this but it’s for Jasper.  She’ll find out when she’s reading this…if she does.  You’ll have to leave a comment here Kayla if you do read it…or if it will be complete surprise when you get it.  Either way is completely fine.

I started this back in December.  Oh my.  When I bought this Kayla wasn’t expecting.  They were trying but weren’t having any luck.  I bought it two of them…said a wish and prayer that she might end up pregnant and a year later she did.

Kayla collects sock monkeys and I thought this would be so cute for her.

I don’t remember when but some time ago I made one of these kits up for a baby.  I honestly don’t even remember who anymore.  Anyway, it was my first real experience with minke of a kit like this.  Let’s just say this:  It was a HORRIBLE experience.  I cussed and cursed and I don’t typically do that.  The directions were terrible.

I chalked it up to being a newbie.  So with a some trepidation, I started this one for Jasper.  If you want to know how it went, note that I started this in December and finished it in March.  YEP…it went HORRIBLE again.  I read and reread and reread the directions and came to the conclusion, it isn’t me.  It isn’t me at all, the measurements in the pattern are wrong….I will not buy a kit like this again.  EVER.

But it’s done and Jasper can enjoy it…it is out of my closet and off my UFO pile.  YAHOO!!  It’s my second quilty finish of the year.

I did get a few more things done…. a backing for the mystery Frolic…and this….a backing for the Kaffe quilt I am working on.

Little by little things get done.  Like I said, thank heavens this isn’t a race.

The thing I wanted to get to, Jasper’s quilt, I didn’t get much further on…but I spent yesterday writing blog posts and have them scheduled out so my hope is to be able to find a few nights to work on it this week.  It supposed to rain so beautiful weather won’t call me outdoors.

I did get a little cross stitching done.

I had barely started this last week.  I should have it done next week.  I have the nest to do and then the umbrella, y and z to do.  That shouldn’t take long.  It’s been a fun stitch.  Rosie has been really good at stitching time so that’s helpful.

I started another cross stitch project too but only put about 50 stitches into it.  I’ll show you that once there is actually something to sew.  Wish me some sewing time this week.  I need it!!

7 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. I got out my ufo cross stitch yesterday and started outlining it after I read your post from yesterday! Thanks for the motivation! The sock monkey quilt is cute! I have only used minky for backing on a doll quilt. I can imagine piecing would be difficult since it is slippery.

  2. I confess that there are times I would just rather stitch or finish a quilt instead of going out. I always feel I’m behind on things. Or I feel rushed to get things done.
    I forget that it should be enjoyed. :-)
    Wishing you more stitching time.
    Love and prayers

  3. The sick monkey quilt is adorable. It will be so cozy for Jasper.
    Minkie can be hard to work with but we’ll worth it in the end. She will love it.

  4. Judith Fairchild

    That monkey quilt is cute. Thanks for the warning. I like that cross stitch you’re working on it’s so vibrant.

  5. I had to come and check if Kayla had read the post.
    I made a quilt from Minkee and hated doing it too
    The important thing was that the babes Mum loved it
    I sure Kayla will love this one.

  6. What pattern are you/did you use for your Kaffe fabric? I bought a FQ bundle of Kaffe fabric when we visited the quilt museum in Lincoln, Nebraska last September. I have some other projects lined up to do, but I am wanting to find a pattern for the Kaffe fabric and get it in the line:)

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