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I’m all aflutter.  I can’t focus for a second.  I have lots of projects I am frantically trying to tackle but I haven’t had a lot of time to tackle them.  Most everything I have going on is for someone else.

Remember I was making this???
(More about this quilt in another blog post)  It was nap time at childcare and I got to thinking about what things I have lined up that I need quilts for.  I looked at the the UFOs that Roxanna had sent and I pulled these half square triangles thinking that I would just count them and see what would be needed for them.

I only have about 20 minutes before the kids were waking and didn’t want to be making a mess.  Making a plan with for these would make perfect use of my time.  I counted.  Hmm.  There are a lot…over 250.  I started calculating how big of a quilt that would make.  Then as I was looking at the blocks, I realized all the fabrics were Kaffe fabrics.  Hmm.  Yes, I could make this into a nice donation quilt.  At first I thought I would make a single sized quilt.  I thought I would just lay out the triangles and sew them together and straight and in a row…just boring.  I thought, “oh the prints will just have to shine”.  Then I started playing with the blocks and laid them out like this….
Hmm.  Yes.  This was better.  I notice that the fabrics were mostly blues, green and purples.  I liked it.

So I laid out a few more half square triangles….

YES…I love this!!  I can see this doing well at a benefit auction.  I am going with this design.  Keeping in mind that this will be a benefit quilt, I quickly started thinking…maybe I should try to make more half square triangle blocks so I can build it up to full to queen sized.  That would be easy enough.  I’ll pull some of the Kaffe fabric you all have been sending me.

But that would have to wait.  The childcare kids were awake so it was back to work for me.  I left the blocks that were sewn on the kitchen island and then over the next couple days I trimmed all the blocks.
I was able to find a matching white background fabric, pulled the Kaffe fabrics I had and I cut out 140ish more blocks over the next day at nap time.

Then Thursday night and Saturday morning I sewed all I could.

I have to sew the last seam on many of the blocks.  I should get that done tonight and hopefully rows sewn together.

I did check my stash and I have a Kaffe fabric that I think will be perfect for the border.  I didn’t have a matching fabric for an inner border.  I ended up getting a box in the mail from a blog reader.  Inside was, you guessed it, solids and two the matched really well  (THANKS BETH!!!)  I haven’t even blogged about the goodies from Beth but I think knowing this is for a little boy who was born at 30 weeks, I’ll be forgiven for using the fabric before I blogged about it.

I’m not sure which I’ll be using but both match.  Once I have the quilt together, I’ll audition them.  The colors are warmer that the picture shows.

I’m starting to feel like I can finish this.  I need to finish it this week and get it in the mail by absolutely no later than next Monday.  The benefit is February 22nd.  I’ll try to get some good pictures of the quilt before I send it so the organizers can plan ahead to advertise and find a way to display it.

It’s been so fun to be working on this.  THANKS Roxanna and Beth.  Your donations are doing some great good.

For anyone wanting a pattern, I’ll write one up for this when I’m done.  As for the other quilt I was working on, I’m still going to get it sewn up but it will work better for another donation project I have going on.

16 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. Love this quilt, Jo! Don’t you just love it when things fall into place? Hope it continues to go well as you put it together.

  2. You are quite an awesome lady. I would struggle for months with this and you pull it together in 30 minutes ,at least the main idea. What a gift you have. Bless you.

  3. You have so much inner strength you blow my mind!
    Isn’t it awesome to have your quilt interest to help keep you going. God bless you

  4. That pattern looks fabulous. I wish I had half the energy you do to work on these projects.
    Can’t wait to see the finish.

  5. Don’t forget that next Monday is a holiday, so no mail. You amaze me at how much you get done! And, you have such a giving spirit! Thanks for inspiring me! HUGS… and stitches

  6. I love the quilt that you said you had been working on. The quilt you would talk about in a later post. I am
    sorta new to quilting. I will keep looking at your page.

    Thank you Marilyn

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