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I had a good week in the happy department…minus my bout with the flu and even that wasn’t terrible.  I needed a do nothing day..just wish I hadn’t been sick.  We, Karl and I, went to friends’ last Sunday and had a lovely time.  I was busy with family this week and finally got to town to get groceries.

Being I was sick, I did do a little cross stitch.  Here’s Rosie helping me.  Can you see her under my cross stitch.

This is Lizzy Kate’s Snowy String.  I worked on it a little bit after I finished my last Sheep Virtue.

I spent the last year working on these.  I really need to fully finish them but haven’t gotten that far yet.  I need to get through my stuff and see if I can find a good way to finish them.  I’m pretty proud of myself for going back to cross stitch and giving it another try.  I’ve never completed a series so for me, I’m impressed with that too.

My mystery became a top last week so that means I wanted to forge ahead and get it quilted…but alas.  That didn’t happen.  I did pick a backing fabric my stash and I did get the pieces cut but not seamed together yet.

If you’ve been reading the blog you know that I’ve been working on the baby quilt for Kayla too.  Well that stalled out because of this…see the blocks?  They are VERY white based.  All of the white fabrics have very white colored backgrounds.  See my striped fabric?  It’s very creamy.  Together, I don’t like it.

So I dug around to see what I had that might work….here’s a black and white stripe but no.  I didn’t like that.  Do you?I think the sashing needs more white.  The blocks were getting lost.

I went online on Etsy and found this…It’s very white based.  It’s a ticking look for the fabric.  Yep.  I liked that.  Just to confirm, I messaged Kayla to see what she thought.  Yep.  She liked it to.  So I ordered it.  I came in at the end of the week and I ended up not touching it as I was sick.   Waiting is okay though…I have other projects that really need to be worked on.  Actually it might be more accurate to say I have lots of projects that need to worked on.  My list of things I need donation and gift quilts for the next foreseeable time is really long.

I decided to keep back a few of the UFO projects a blog reader sent and finish them myself for donation quilts.  The fireman’s annual pancake fundraiser is the first Sunday in March so I might try to finish one for that.  Then they are having a benefit for my nephew who lost part of his right hand in April so I think I’ll finish one for that.  Having those started will really help me along.

With Rosie here I can’t sew in my sewing yet, she chews on too many things, so the running up and down the stairs to get things is a bit of a pain.  Having these here will really help me accomplish something more quickly.

Next up…I need a gift quilt for a baby that will be coming to childcare here in the future.  I bought fabric at Forest Mills Quilt Shop with this baby in mind.  Now I have to get to making the quilt…I don’t have a pattern so it’s going to be some mix of something.  I want it to have cows as the mommy is a dairy farmer…but I didn’t get to that.

Instead I started playing with on the of UFO’s I mentioned.  This one….

I loved this from the beginning and was so tempted to finish in.  Then one of Kayla’s coworkers who I’m met and talked with a few times had a little baby very early at 30 weeks.  A benefit is being held for the family with live and silent auctions along with a Chili Contest on February 22.  AH..that was short notice.  So I was going to scramble to make a quilt.  I decided these quilts were supposed to go for a charity and this qualifies as far as I was concerned so I started working on it.  I know Kayla will completely understand if I finish this before Jasper’s quilt is finished.

I have a very busy week ahead.  I don’t think I’ll get a lot of sewing time in but I sure am going to try.  With it already being the 3rd today, the 22nd is right around the corner.  So FULL SPEED AHEAD ON THIS QUILT!!  I’ll have a blog post about it later this week so you can see what I’m up to.

That’s is for now…

5 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. February is going fast, already the 3rd , and I just changed my calendars today. I can’t keep up. Your black and white quilt looks really nice. I think you do a great job making quilts for everybody, and they are very pretty. Your puppy is so cute and sound asleep by you and your cross stitch project.

  2. I love the cross stitch. I thought maybe I missed you finishing the December pattern of the set. When are you and the girls going to to do another Floss Tube. I do realize it has been non-stop go go go for all of you this last year. I am patient though. I am really liking how Kayla’s baby quilt is coming out.

  3. Judith Fairchild

    Jo, I normally don’t care for black and whites. Butt your baby quilt for Jasper is making me wonder. The stripes are so different definitely not a boring quilt. Your civil war prints quilt will be so cool. Have a great day.

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