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Last week was busy so not a lot of sewing happened during the week.  Kalissa and Craig were on vacation and I had their dog Betsy.  She does not like Rosie.  She snaps at her in a way that is not playful.  It’s a very defensive snap that makes me really nervous.  I had to kennel Betsy upstairs and Rosie downstairs.  That was the only way I could make it work.  It’s weird because Betsy liked Ruby. She likes Puppycat.  I don’t know why Rosie is such a trouble to her.

I went to my great nieces basketball games one night.  Two of them played and both of them did an awesome job.  One is a senior, the other a junior.  It’s hard to believe they are so grown!!  The game was an hour away so there was no sewing that night.

I’ve been behind writing blog posts so a couple nights were spent trying to catch up..again no sewing.

Friday I finally got sewing time.  This is how far I got on Sunday night.

I started in on the other half on Friday night.  I sewed and sewed until I realized that I was short on block and one setting triangle. AH!!! So frustrating!!  It was 10pm and I decided to just be done and I’d deal with it the morning.  I can piece way into a night but I can’t bring myself to make all the pieces of for a block or anything else that requires much thinking.

I went upstairs and on a whim, I checked the sewing room.  YAHOO!!  There was the block and attached to it was the setting triangle I was missing.
Saturday I woke up and immediately started sewing.  I had this little helper….

…and this company.

Kalissa said she missed me and wanted to hang out.  I said sure but did she mind if I sewed.  She didn’t.  We chatted and talked while I sewed and the boys played.

I got the center of the top together…see??

I made lunch and then we were going to part ways…but I suggested we go for a drive to the farm just south of here that makes yogurt..and we did.  It was really nice and Kalissa is going to write a blog post about it.

Shortly after I was back…I tried to decide what to do.  I need to make Kayla’s baby quilt and planned to but was frustrated with that.  The fabric I had planned for sashing I don’t like.

So…as long as I had it all out, why not finish this mystery quilt? I started trimming.  I passionately hate the pressure of trimming this.  UGH.  But I did it.

…and ended up with this.

I debated about ending it right there…no more borders.  I messaged the girls to see what they thought.  It was mixed.  Then I asked myself what are you going to do with all those triangles if you don’t put them on the quilt..so I started working on borders.  Rosie wanted to help.

She wasn’t the being the best but okay….

I went on and completed the borders.  I wanted to take a picture of it out on the floor so I let Rosie outside long enough to snap a picture.  Just then Karl came home from his Saturday night adventures.  He said, “You don’t have a dog on the quilt.  Let me do it!”  Oh Karl.  He keeps me laughing.  So here’s Karl posing on my quilt.  

So here it is all together.  The lighting is terrible…I’ll get some good pictures outside once it’s quilted.  For now, I’m happy.  One more project that can be cleaned up!!  YAHOO!
That’s what I accomplished this week in the quilting department.
I’m happy with it for the most part.  I think I picked poorly for my green.  I should have had more contrast with it..but I’m okay with it.  Had I had the chance to see the finished quilt, I know I would have picked a lighter green….but that’s what a mystery is all about…RIGHT??

So this week I’m hoping to get this loaded and all the way finished…I’m also hoping to get Kayla’s baby quilt into a top!  We’ll see.  I’m still trying to figure out what to do for sashing.

28 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Beautiful quilt. I was going to congratulate Rosie for her natural posing talent but Karl outshines her. So congratulations Karl. Keep up the great posing.

  2. Its beautiful Jo and I love the green with it! I wasn’t struck on Bonnie’s quilt as much as I like yours. I think I may continue on with it. I was doing a complicated tester quilt and had to finish that before I got into the mystery so I only have about 4 clues worked on. Maybe I’ll test a couple of blocks and then go from there. Now that the reveal is done, I know what I have to do and can adjust making them. Might not finish up all those raspberry HST that havent been made yet.

  3. I also have to say, Jo, that I haven’t liked the other mystery quilts this year either. Somehow, the raspberry against the blue grated on me. Now looking at your quilt, I really like the teal/aqua color around the blue/raspberry centers, and the darker green makes the “background blocks” recede so the blue and raspberry don’t fight the green blocks. Your blue doesn’t seem as bright as others. I hope it isn’t just the lighting.
    Karl makes a great substitute dog.
    I like your quilt much more than the others I’ve seen!!

  4. LOVE your mystery quilt. I am working on mine too and I really think its the hardest one ever. Mine is all scrappy except the greens. It seems to take so much concentration to get things right. I do like the color combo Bonnie picked. Wish I could sew as fast as you!!

  5. What a beauty! The green looks great. Karl makes a funny sub for Rosie but he’ll never replace her! His ears don’t hang down far enough! Lol!

  6. Great version of Frolic, and good for you for sticking with it to finish.

    I am wondering if Betsy doesn’t like Rosie because she is “invading” the space that belonged to Betsy’s friend Ruby? If it persists, it might be good to ask the vet about it.

  7. I’m going on 5 years of quilting. I think its amazing you can sew together a small pieced quilt that size so quickly. It looks very cozy and pretty.

  8. I love your quilt! I think that the darker green gives it a more muted look…my kind of quilt! Great job, Karl! The tongue hanging out was the cherry on top of the whipped cream!

  9. The quilt looks great! Glad you added the borders, it adds a lot! Karl is a natural stand in for Rosie! You will have to use him more often! You won’t have to worry about him peeing on the top either!!!

  10. I love your quilt! I only have 4 blocks completed. I had to go back and redo lots of the flying geese. I’m better at them now, but still could use a lesson. I would have used a lighter aqua and all dark blues, but since we don’t know, we go with it. It’s my first Bonnie mystery and hopefully I can stay focused enough to finish it.

    Karl makes a great puppy! Good job, Karl!

  11. SusanfromKentucky

    I love your quilt! You always make the prettiest versions I see.
    Karl had me burst out laughing when I saw the picture of him sitting on the quilt. Thanks so much for a good belly laugh! What a personality he has!!

  12. Cheryl in St. Paul

    I love the quilt and the border. Karl on the quilt is a hoot and on a day when I’m trying to help my husband recover from a nasty flu, that picture was just what I needed! Thank you, Jo and Karl.

  13. Judith Fairchild

    Your dark er green sets off the other colors so we’ll. I like your quilt those borders are a great finish.

  14. Your quilt colors are the best I have seen. Did not care for the lighter green at all. And the borders really do set it off. Good luck with the baby quilt.

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