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This is another busy day on the blog.  New people are here visiting and checking out the mystery.  If you’re new, welcome.  We love visitors.  I hope you stop back regularly.  We put up new post every morning and evening.  I’d love for you to grab a cup of coffee (or whatever you drink-I’m not a coffee girl myself) and read on.

I’ve had a busy week.  I am an in home childcare provider by day and had childcare kiddos late a couple nights.  I’ve been doing lots of Christmas related things trying to wrap up everything I could so I can actually start trying to enjoy the season.

Christmas Cards went out…well not all of them.  I’m wrestling an address or two and haven’t done my personal ones-just the family ones.

I worked on this…

You might remember my blog friend Jean gave me the kit.  I saw hers and loved it and knew I wanted to make one for the lady that comes in and does farm to table for my childcare kiddos.

Well despite Jean’s PERFECT instruction and notes, I managed to screw up.  I sewed a row the wrong way.  Rather than rip it all out, I took the french fry one off and put it on the opposite side.  Then all was good.

In no time I had it on the machine.
I used a square motif.  I love doing this.  It’s so easy and likely one of my favorite motifs.

I’m gifting this on Wednesday.  Ah…Christmas is sneaking up on me!!  I need to bind it yet.  That job is set from Monday night.

As for the mystery quilt.  The #2 clue came out Friday morning.  I was up early at 5:30am and decided to look and see what the clue was.  Well it looked like an easy one and thought I would start on it right away.  Rather than cutting fabric, I checked out my Scrap Users System.  Yahoo.  I had lots of neutrals in there.  I know I’ll get this question so I’ll answer it now.  YES, I do have a batik only scrap user’s system.

This is perfect as I thought I was a little bit short on neutrals.  Having these will definitely help.

I cut my raspberry strips and was sewing in no time.

Then ironing and cutting.

Seriously, I think the clue took less than an hour.  I’m not complaining.  I’m thrilled.  I had a lot of Christmas stuff to get done.

Besides the food quilt and the mystery clue I had other things to do…These….Pillowcases for the childcare kids.  I made 4 the previous week- 4 more were made this week.
The kids who aren’t getting quilts are getting a pillowcase, a book and candy.  I didn’t bother with wrapping paper.  I think they look cute wrapped just like this.

I adore the dog fabric.  The childcare kids saw it and were swooning over it.  I didn’t tell them it was going to be pillowcases.  I got it from Quilted Twins.  Find it HERE.  I liked it so much I ordered more.

Here is the pillowcase tutorial I used.

I loved the tutorial and will always make mine like this now.

This week I also got this put together.   The neighbors were expecting a baby girl and I thought to make and gift it to them.  But plans changed.

Remember my Wild Child quilt.  Read about it HERE.

Well Kelli suggested that I gift this quilt to my childcare kiddo whose mom is expecting.  Then if they have a girl to gift the baby quilt to them.

The borders are different but the blocks are same.  I liked that idea.  BUT now I need a baby quilt for the neighbors.  They had a girl…so at least I know the sex.  I have something in mind so that’s okay.  I don’t mind a bit having another baby quilt to sew.  They go together so quickly.

Here’s the baby quilt I made for the sister….Read about it HERE.

I’ll do something like that instead.  All around I think it’s a good plan.

I hope to see you back here again.  I am answering follow up questions on my longarm quilting machine in tonight’s post.  I did a fun post for Wednesday.  Everyone asked how I always get so much done in a day.  I took pictures and explained a typical day at my house.  It was so fun to write the post.  Make sure to be here Friday to find out if I got the food quilt finished in time.  It’s always crazy around here.

Saturday is my birthday and rumor is that some of the kids will be coming home so I don’t know how much I’ll get done.  This is why I pushed so hard in October and November to get my Christmas quilt gifting things together.  I’m looking forward to seeing the kids.

If you’re looking for all things mystery quilt related, check out this link.

11 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Sounds like a fun week… or at least productive. Thanks for the pillowcase tutorial. I’ve always wanted to try that and now have a source to spur me on.

  2. I love, love, love your Wild Child quilts. I don’t generally do scrappy quilts, but those are amazing! The Kaffe borders are perfect!

  3. Kathie Castricano

    Thank you for the pillow case tutorial!!! I’ve always struggled with adding the trim to pillow cases. It is so nice to have a pillowcase that coordinates with a quilt and I like to do this. I learned how to make a French seam in my high school sewing class back in 1964!!

  4. Mary Ann Mettler

    Cute pillow cases Jo and the quilts are beautiful. Happy Birthday to the busiest lady I know – Love your energy!!

  5. You put quilts together so quickly! You’re amazing. I do almost have Clue 2 done for Frolic. It’s the first mystery I’m actually doing, although I’ve purchased fabric for other ones.

    Your quilting gifts sound perfect. Good suggestion from Kelli.

  6. You are a high achiever for sure and very creative. I love those personalized quilts. How is Puppycat? Our beagle is still sick, but she is finally getting treatment.

  7. Kelli’s idea about the Small Wild Child quilt is BRILLIANT!! Winnie’s little sister is going to LOVE the quilt that you make with her own name on it. :o))
    That IS what you’re going to do, right?!?!

  8. Would you happen to know the manufacturer of the dog fabric you used for the pillow case? It would be perfect for a quilt for my new great niece. I checked the Quilted Twins website but couldn’t find it. I thought if I could get the manufacturer’s name and could track it down. Thanks!

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